June 29, 2009

Chapter Twenty-Two

“Hey asshole-you’re in my seat.” Jon pushed his sunglasses further up his face to see Richie’s towering figure looming over him.

“I was here first Rich, sit over there.” He nudged with his elbow at the opposite side.

“I want the left side.” Richie dumped his bags onto the seat in front of Jon.

His head was screaming with a hangover, his eyes sensitive to light and his ears sensitive to stupid ass remarks from his best friend. “Look man, I’m not moving so fucking sit down there.”

“What’s with you anyway?” Not get laid last night?” Richie grunted as he moved into the seat across from Jon.

Jon looked out the window to where Doc was talking to a group of girls who crowded around him like he was the fucking messiah. “No I didn’t get laid, I was too fucking loaded for a start.” He rubbed his head. He couldn’t even remember stumbling back to his room after the gig. He woke up alone, with his pants still on so that was a good indication, he hadn’t got laid.

“Too bad dude, there were some primo chicks about. What was up with you? You were quiet last night.”

Jon looked over at Richie who was strewn back across the seats, had his legs hanging over the edge into the isle and shook his head. “Just tired, so what or who did you get into then you dirty fuck.”

Richie’s Cheshire cat grin spread wide across his face. “Two lovely ladies, one was tall big tits and the other a little shorter but she made up for that in other ways.”

“I just bet.” He tried to deny last night that the call with Callie played on his mind. She sounded so sad and not her usual self – even if half the time it was her snapping at him. He just had this feeling she was holding back something. His first thought was she had someone at the apartment and just lied about her father being there.

“Jon!” he looked back over at Richie.

“What?” he snapped.

“That’s the third time you’ve done that to me since yesterday.”

“Did what?” he cracked his knuckles and rolled his eyes. Jesus Richie could be a pain in the ass sometimes.

“You’ve been on off tra-la-fucking land. Ever since you rang Callie.” Jon’s head shot up.

“What’s that got to do with things?”

Richie folded his arms. “You tell me son – missing the old wifey huh? I didn’t think you two were together like that.”

He frowned, “we’re not. And no I’m not missing her. She just sounded off when I spoke to her that’s all.”

“Off as in pissed at you off?”

“Nah, well maybe. I don’t know honestly. She just wasn’t herself. We’re not together but I dunno, she’s still my wife.”

Richie swung his legs around and sat up. “Well what happened before you left on tour?”

Jon snorted and gripped the seat head in front of him. “I slept with her –and then left on tour. She can’t be mad at that can she? She doesn’t even like me.”

Richie chuckled. “Oh Jonny, so young and so na├»ve. Of course she’s angry at you. She probably thought this was the whole lets really act like husband and wife.”

“You really think so? That’s not Callie though… it’s just not her nature to get like that.” Was it? As far as he was concerned, he teased her relentless that she was attracted to him. In a way, he honestly thought she was. But most of the time it was just jokes.

“Dude, she sounds like she’s pissed at you. Trust me. I know women,” he winked and reclined back in his seat again.

He turned his attention back to Doc and the gaggle of women outside the bus. He took a double take when one of the taller one leaned forward and slipped what was undeniably money in his shirt pocket.

“What the hell?” Suddenly he had bigger things to worry about that Callie and the five women stepped onto the bus.

“Hi Jonnnnnnny!” the buxom brunette squeezed into the seat next to him.

“Uh hi – what’s going on?”

“These girls needed a ride to Missouri, so we’ve giving them one. I’m sure they’ll more than pay their own way.” He winked at the girls before walking back down to the front of the bus.

Richie had already squeezed two of the woman into the seat he was in, and Alec and David had the attention of the other two.

“Uh baby, I’m a little tired today – I don’t know if I’m going to be much –“ Jon groaned when her red painted nail hand clutched at his groin.

“Just relax then, and let me do the work.” She purred sliding off the chair and onto the floor below.

“Oh god,” his head tipped back hitting the seat as she found his fly and in seconds she had him hard in her hot little mouth. His eyes crossed as he stretched back, forgetting about what he was worried about just a minute ago.

His hands caught fistfuls of her hair as she bobbed up and down on him.
Jesus… in the back of the bus, with Richie --- he briefly looked over but Richie was too busy with his mouth on a pair of D-cup sized breasts to even care.

He hissed as his dick hit the back of her throat, over and over. There were so many things wrong with this, but he couldn’t seem to stop her. Gripping the armrests he bucked into her, stifling a groan.

“Oh fuck,” he slammed his eyes shut as he rode it out, exploding into her mouth spilling deep.

He slumped back into his chair and mopped away the sweat from his brow. Holy shit. As she resurfaced with a playful grin on her lips he smiled awkwardly.

“Uh thanks.” God please don’t want anything else. Not now.

“No problems Sugar, you looked a little tense so this will help you loosen up.” She retook her seat and tucked herself in under his arm. He closed eyes, as his eye lids finally grew heavy and wished just this once that the woman next to him was someone else.

Someone he was going to call when he got to Missouri.


Once they were there, Jon was just about first on the bus ready to check into the hotel that they’d arranged.

“Jonny!” Doc called as he hoisted his bag over his shoulder and bounced off the bus.

“What?” he snapped, he just wanted to get into the damn hotel room.

“Aren’t you going to thank our guest? They’re very big fans.” Doc said with a grin. Knowing that Jon would never turn away an opportunity to thank or address a fan – even if they’d just blown his load a few hours ago.

He turned to the ladies, and plastered a smile across his face until it hurt.
“Thank you girls for your most pleasurable company. I hope we see you at the show.” He threw a wink at the one that’d been with him and turned away again.

Christ he needed his hotel room.

“Jonny, you’re sharing with Richie.”

He groaned, damn it. He needed some privacy before ringing Callie. He stopped again and turned back towards the ladies that moments ago Richie was enjoying.

“Ladies, do you think you could keep my friend entertained for a few minutes more? There’s just something I really need to do in the hotel room – alone.”

He winked grabbing the arm of the woman that had given him the blow job.
“Sure sweetheart.” They climbed onto the bus. Doc gave him a grin and turned away.

He made his way to his hotel room, with the woman in tow.

“Sorry baby, there is something I do really need to do by myself – but thanks.” He unlocked the door and closed the door hard behind him leaving her in the hallway.

He threw his bag across the bed and dug out his wallet where he’d stashed her card in there. When he’d left that night he’d found one of her business cards on the bench and kept it, just in case.

Looked like just in case, was right now. He flopped back on the small single bed, sinking into the weak mattress. He swore to god one day he’d be laying on a king sized bed in the plaza suite. Not some battered old motel that looked freshly decorated out of the seventies.

Propping the phone on his chest he fingered the dial and called her firm.

“Jefferson and Callaghan law, Sarah speaking... How can I help?”

Ah Sarah, the cute little receptionist.

“Sarah babe, its Jon... Callie’s husband, is my gorgeous wife around?”

“Oh hi Jon – no she’s not. She’s off sick today.” His brow creased, off sick? That didn’t really sound like Callie. He didn’t think she would know HOW to be sick.

“Sick? Oh right – I’ll try her at home. I’m on tour so I haven’t spoken to her today yet.”

She giggled, “That’s ok – so how is the tour? Must be so glamorous.”

Jon’s eyes narrowed to the cockroach that scuttled across the kitchenette lino.

Yeah just fucking Glamorous.

“Oh it’s pretty good baby a lot of hard work but we’re getting there.” Damn he couldn’t even be bothered to flirt with her. Well, he did just blow his load in some chick’s mouth a few minutes ago.

“Ok – I’m going to go and give her a call. See you later Sarah.”

He disconnected the call and dialed her home number. It rang for what seemed like eternity. Crap, maybe she was sick and she was gonna be mad if he woke her up.

Finally the line clicked, “hello?”

“Callie – it’s me,” he quickly said. “I just called your work and they said you were off sick, are you alright?

“Yeah I’m just not feeling that great Jon.” The voice came flat and lifeless, and not like Callie at all.

“What’s wrong?” There was a long pause of silence before she took a deep breath.

“I’m just not feeling well, do I need to give you the medical run down?” she snapped.

He chuckled, “you can if you want to. It would be good practice when you finally go to med school and become a doctor.” There was stony silence again, was someone there with her? Maybe that’s why she’d blown off work, to have a tete a la tete with some guy.

He rolled his eyes, come on that is so not Callie.

“Callie? Talk to me.” The silence didn’t last as long this time before the sob hiccuped down the phone. He sat upright. Something was very wrong.

His face drained of all color – was she was pregnant? Oh Jesus – but they’d been safe. Oh god not now, a fake marriage and a real baby. Just what he needed.

“You’re pregnant aren’t you?”

“God, no... I’m not pregnant. Jesus Jon.” She sniffled a little and sighed.

For the first time in a long time Jon felt helpless. She sounded so damn sad. “Well tell me what’s going on, come on talk to me Callie.”

“I’m not sick – I called in sick because I didn’t feel like facing the world today.”

His finger twisted around the cord, “why? What’s happened?” Maybe this whole fake marriage thing was taking its toll on her more than he realized.

“I just don’t want to be a lawyer today.”

Finally she was starting to admit this, he had to wonder what the hell caused her to change her mind, then he remembered.

“Is this about your father the other day when I rang, you said he’d been around. What did he say to you?”

The line fell dead, again. Jesus this call was already going to cost Doc a pretty penny. No doubt he’d be yelled at when they checked out. “Come on Callie – you gotta talk to me.” From Jon’s brief dealing with her father he knew he probably had the power to cut down Callie in half if he needed to, or anyone for that matter.

“He told me he got me the job at the law firm, he set it up. Even though I went for independent interviews and they hired me for me, well so I thought.”

He closed his eyes. God, this just kept getting worse for her. “You didn’t know any of that? Aren’t they friends though?”

“No I didn’t Jon, ok? I didn’t freaking know.” Her voice wavered and he felt like a royal asshole.


“I’m sorry babe. That’s pretty shitty.”

“How would you feel if you kept getting told you’re where you are because of your hard work and your initiative to get you there? And then be told it was Doc that did it all, it wasn’t your talent that got you there?”

Jon sat up and swung his legs over the bed, resting the phone on his knees he leaned in closer to the mouthpiece.

“Hey now. That may have been how you got the job – but if you were crap they would have kicked you out by now right?”

“I guess so, I’m just so angry --- so fucking angry Jon,” she started to sob down the line and Jon felt his heart break a little inside. No one should have had to feel like she did right now. Her father was a bastard, she was one of the most intelligent girls he knew and she didn’t deserve this crap.

“Callie, listen to me. Don’t listen to what he’s telling you. You know you do your job and you do it well. Everyone in that law firm respects you for you. I could see that when I came in that day. He’s trying to undermine you so he can keep you exactly where he wants you…always trying to please him. Well it’s time to stop that shit, ok?”

“I can’t – you don’t understand Jon. It’s easy for you to say that to me. But you have no idea what my family is like.”

He snorted, “Yeah well I do. I was there remember and got looked at like I was second rate garbage. I know exactly what your family is like. Let me tell you this. You’re too good for them Callie. You have dreams and goals much bigger than they can give you, so tell me why the hell are you giving in to them?”

Maybe she had to learn a bit of tough love, in the right way. Not the way that kicked you in the teeth when you were down. How could she not see it right in front of her when it was so damn obvious how she was being manipulated?

“I can’t stand up to him.”

“Yes you damn can. This is your life Callie, not his. You’ve served his purpose – you’ve tried, so damn grow a pair and move on. You have to. Or you will be miserable, forever.”

She sighed and sniffed.

“If I was there, I‘d damn shake that into you girl. You’ve got far too much talent to waste on something you don’t want to be doing. What the fuck is the point of that?”

He fished for his cigarettes out of his pocket and fumbled one into his mouth. Flicking his lighter till it glowed cherry red, he took a deep inhale and continued. “Well?”

“Christ Jon. I didn’t know you cared so much.”

Cared? Crap, maybe he did. Well she was a nice girl and she had it in her heart to let him stay with her and use her money. If he could do something in return for her, so be it.

He took a deep suck of the tip. “Well I hate to see something go to waste Callie. You need to do what you wanna do – no one else. What’s stopping you? He wouldn’t cast you out of the family would he?”

“Well no, probably not. But it’s complicated… I just would have no support…years of training all over again and then doing internship? It’d be years before I’d get there.”

“You’d have me” It came out before he could stop it. Sure he’d support her somehow…even if they didn’t last. He’d be able to help her start the process. From what he knew about Callie, once she got familiar with something, she’d be fine.

“You would?” she asked like a small child.

God, it killed him that her father could make her this wallowing girl. She was tougher than this. She deserved more than this. “Of course, but you have to do this for you. No more doing it for anyone else now, ok?”

He frowned when the banging on his door broke the conversation.

“Hey asshole, Doc needs to see us.” Richie’s voice boomed through the door.

Fuck. “Callie, I’ve got to go. Doc wants to see us about god knows what.”

“Jon!” the voice shouted through the door.

He cupped his hand over the mouthpiece. “I’m coming ass munch. Give me a second.”


“It’s ok Jon, you go… you need to do what you do. But thanks for calling.”

“That’s ok baby. Just don’t let it get you down. And make a decision with what you want to do – or suck it up and be miserable... the choice is yours.”

“Ok, I’ll talk to you again, soon?”

He grinned tucking the receiver into his shoulder as he stood, “Absolutely. Next time I ring you better be back to feisty wife.”

She laughed, “I will try. See you later Jon.”

He finally hung up and jammed his cigarette into the glass ashtray. He cringed when he looked down to his fly still half open. He tugged the zip up and grabbed his wallet and headed out. Hopefully somehow he’d got across to her. She deserved more than that, way more.

June 27, 2009

Chapter Twenty-One

She slammed the door behind her and dropped her keys into the bowl that sat on the chest beside the door. Christ, what a day. Flopping herself along with her briefcase down, she sank into the couch wishing it that it might just this once swallow her whole. It had been one of those days at the firm. One of those days when she knew she hated being a lawyer.

It had been just under a week since he’d left on tour. Blissful nights of peace and quiet in the apartment, so she thought. Oddly, it had been quiet and she missed having someone to snarl at when she arrived home. Even that stupid smirk he did when he knew he’d pressed every one of her buttons, she kind of missed.

She shook it off, in reality she knew if he was here. She’d want him to leave again. Somewhere in her mind, she’d filed away the night that they’d spent together. Even after washing her sheets and remaking her bed that next night, she swore to god they still held his smell. It had to be her mind playing tricks on her. There was no other explanation.

She kicked off her heels letting them thud to the ground and was half rolling onto her side when the loud tapping at the door came. She groaned and hoisted herself up and padded towards the door.

Whoever this was needed to go away.

Swinging the door open she swallowed her words. Standing there in a neatly grey pressed suit was her father.


“Dad, hi.” She’d really not spoken to him since she’d seen him that day with Jon, she stood up and immediately straightened her ponytail.

“Can I come in?” he looked over her shoulder behind her. “I’m not interrupting anything am I?”

“No, not at all. Jon is away on tour.”

His eyebrow rose as she stood back to show him in. He unpinned his suit at the waist and strode in, her father never walked. He strode, at all times.

“I see, and enjoyed married life, are we?” the wry smile on his face was enough to make her cringe. If she told her father she was living in a new version of hell he’d gloat like crazy.

“As a matter of fact, we’re making it work. We’ve got our own space and things.” It was kind of true. They’d slept together, that was one step closer to being married right? Even if didn’t mean anything to him.

Pierce sat down in her arm chair and folded his arms. “I heard he showed up to the law firm.” Callie cringed, of course her father would find out about that. How could she ever think otherwise?

“Drooling all over the receptionist.”

Ok, what he had spies now?

“That’s just Jon. Do you want a drink?” she asked.

Pierce waved her away. “No, I’m fine darling. I just wanted to call in, your mothers worried about you, you know.”

Callie rolled eyes, “well she hasn’t called.”

“But seriously Callie, just be careful especially around the firm – I don’t want you damaging the good reputation we have and also the influence I had for you to get that job.”

She felt the blood drain from her face as she met her father’s steely eyes. “What?” She sucked in a breath to steady her heart, which was ready to leap right out of her chest.

He chuckled. “Come on, you’re not that naive are you? You don’t think Rookie lawyers land jobs like you did all by yourself do you?”

She applied for the job, she went for the interview. Yes she knew her father knew Mr Callaghan, but not like this.

“I applied for that job and I was chosen.”

Pierce just nodded and steepled his fingers together.

Her nails dug into the knobbly fabric of the armrest. “You mean to say –“she closed her eyes and put her hand on her chest. Her whole career so far had been a lie?

“Callie – you are the right person for that job. You’ve more than earned your place in that firm now. So what I’m saying is don’t stuff it up over this long haired boy wonder, who’ll be around for all of five minutes before the next phase he wants.”

“My whole career is a lie?” she asked, wincing when her voice broke.

“You just needed a push – I gave it. It’s no big deal. I did the same for your brothers and sisters.”

She laughed and shook her head. He didn’t get that she wasn’t like her brothers and sisters. Money and power wasn’t everything. She wanted integrity and pride in what she was doing and how she got there. “You really don’t know me, do you?” she asked sadly.

Pierce leaned forward. “Callie, honey of course I do. You’re just younger and a little lost. You’ll find your way. I made sure you did.”

She nodded, god she was speechless. She couldn’t believe this. All this time – and no one in her family even bothered to tell her? She was blind not to have seen this.

“If you didn’t think I could make it as a lawyer, why didn’t you let me do what I wanted?” she blinked away the tears that threatened. She was heartbroken. She’d given up following her dream to live a lie bigger than she ever thought was possible.

She smoothed down her skirt and met his gaze. He didn’t show one inch of remorse in those damn grey eyes.

“Callie – law has been in the family for so long... it was just a natural progression. You’re smart, there is no reason you can’t do this.”

“What about the one, I never wanted to? Sure law is great. But I wanted to be a doctor and I failed to see why this was bad, it’s a respectable career and some might argue more so than a lawyer.”

Pierce laughed, “Ok – don’t be going there with the lawyer vs. doctor respectability thing. It’s so not worth it.” He checked his watch and stood up. “I’ve got to meet clients for dinner, but Callie. You can do this... You’re good at it. Just don’t let him ruin how far you’ve come.”

How could he stand there like nothing had just happened, how he hadn’t just told her the only reason she was where she was. Was because of him? How in the blue hell could he do this to her? All she could do was nod.

She was a coward.

As he left she closed the door behind him and slumped back against it. Sliding down to the floor, her chest gave way as the sobs wracked her body. She wasn’t poor, she had a good family for the most part and she was well. But on the inside she was aching.

She didn’t almost hear the shrill of the telephone over her misery, she stumbled up and made her way into the kitchen. If this was her mother, she was going to hang up.

She wiped the tears away with the back of her hand and picked up the receiver. “Hello?”

There was a sharp crackle and then the background noise came in. “Callie?”
She raised her eyebrows, “Jon? Is that you?” it sounded like he was in the middle of a football field or god knows where.

“Yea! Can you hear me OK? Sound checks behind me.”

She pressed the handset to her ear, “yes but only just.” What the hell was he calling her for? If it was to rub her the wrong way she was so not in the mood for this.

“Hang on,” the sound muffled and then stopped. “Is that better?”

“Much better, what did you do tell them to stop?”

“No, I stretched the cord around into the storage cupboard.”

“You’re in a storage cupboard talking to me?” the image in her head made her laugh.

“Hey now – you can hear me now. How are ya?” his voice so bright and bubbly she could of cried inside. He was having a blast.

“I’m fine – what about you? How is the tour?” She reached for a tissue across the counter and wiped her eyes.

He chuckled, “Callie – it’s amazing. The crowds are just eating us all up. I’m killing it on stage… and they’re sucking it all up.”

“That’s so great.” She forced the smile across her face, he was having the time of his life and she was living her own personal hell. “Where are you?”

“We’re in Tulsa, performing tonight – and then we’re off to Missouri tomorrow, Springfield I think. Ask me this in a week’s time and I’ll have no idea where we are.”

She twisted the cord around her finger and leaned back against the counter. Clearing her throat she continued, “Wow – that’s great. You sound so well. Not partying every night?” she asked curiously.

“Ah, now it’s a call to my wife, of course I’m partying. Managing ok at the moment. Doc’s got us doing promo’s left right and center so there really hasn’t been a lot of time to much else in all honesty.”

She wanted to ask about the girls, but after today she couldn’t bear if he had stories about that. Or worse, if he attempted to lie about it.
She’d know, she was a lawyer after all.

“What about you? You sound quiet? Everything OK?” just the words were enough to have her biting her lip desperate to fight back the tears.

“I’m fine Jon – just tired. It’s been a long day.” She forced it out without any emotion.

“Are you sure? You don’t sound yourself.”

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “I’m fine, Dad was just around that’s all.” That should be enough to at least explain an off mood without going into detail.

“Oh really? What did he want?”

“Just to say hi, I haven’t seen him since you went off at him.” She couldn’t bear to tell Jon. Not because she didn’t want his sympathy. She was ashamed and he’d been right all along. It was enough just hearing how happy he was out there doing his thing.

He snorted, “I guess so – what did he say about us? Anything?

She shrugged, “just how was it going. I said fine and that you were on tour. He heard about you coming into my work. He was digging for more but I didn’t say anymore than that.”

“Ah, see that’s my girl. Much better. Don’t let him get to you that is what he wants.

No shit.

Her knuckles were turning white around the cord, “So yeah that’s all. So nothing new. Pretty quiet back here.”

“Great, glad to hear it – oh Callie that’s the beep I’m running out of coin. I’ll call again OK – I just wanted to say hi.”

She smiled, in a way that in itself was a sweet and unexpected thing. Maybe he was doing for show purposes on his end to Doc, but his voice was a strange comfort to her. “Thank you Jon was nice to hear from you. Keep safe OK?”

He laughed, “Babe I’m superman. I don’t need to be safe – you keep doing whatever you’re doing – whatever case you’re working on.”

She nodded, god she didn’t even want to think about work. “Thanks, I’ll talk to you soon?”

“Yea, I’ll call again, you’re voice is a nice change to these fuckers.”

She laughed, so charming was her husband. “Say hi from me – even to Doc.” Knowing how much that would piss the man off.

“Oh I will – OK gotta---“ click.

And he was gone.

She replaced then receiver in its cradle and sighed. Well that was unexpected. A good unexpected? Maybe. She headed into her room and stripped out of her clothes before hitting the shower. Lying in bed later that night she was restless, still remembering the laugh in his voice. He was so happy. Damn if she didn’t want that for herself.

She tugged the covers up around her neck and hunkered down into her bed, wishing that when she woke up. This had all been a nightmare.

June 23, 2009

Chapter Twenty

It felt like only moments later when she woke, but the dawn was already creeping across the battered hardwood floor. She groaned and adjusted to the light, before realizing where she was. A heavy leg was draped over her hers and she was pinned on her back to the bed with a body sprawled across her.

Oh no, oh god, oh crap.

It all came rushing back, this time she could remember every single detail.

Well that’s something.

She didn’t even like him. Well, she didn’t hate him – but oh god, this was a mess.

She rubbed her head, and tentively reached out for his shoulder but curled her fingers back into her fist. What was she supposed to say? What did this even mean?

It means nothing Callie, he’s going on tour and soon he’ll be out of your hair and you can get back to normal.

Normal? What part of this was normal? She was married to a guy she hardly knew, a guy that pressed her buttons relentlessly and now she’d slept with him and had great sex.

She swallowed, damn it was great wasn’t it? She slammed her eyes shut as she tried not to remember his hands all over her and his lips sucking the life force from her. Her thighs twitched remembering how he felt buried deep inside of her. She hissed when she moved and nipples scraped against the soft fur on his chest.

God, not now. I just need to get out of here.

How? You’re in your bed, in your house for god’s sake.

He mumbled and moved his head into the crook of her neck, resting his cheek on her shoulder.

“Jon,” she whispered.

“Mmmm,” was all that rumbled from his chest.

“We need to- I need to get up.”

“Why, it’s still early?” he murmured, his breath hot against her skin. He rolled further into her, his arm that was sprawled out clasped her hand.

“Besides,” she closed her eyes again as his lips grazed her neck. “I haven’t had my morning sex yet.”

She curled her fingers tight around his hand, “Jon – we’re not having sex again – we shouldn’t have had sex last night either.” He chuckled as his head, full of mussed hair finally popped up to meet hers.

“Callie, we’re naked – I’m getting a hard on – your nipples are pinching into me – we’re gonna have sex again.”

God he was such a pig to assume that she’d even want to – he rolled off her and linked her other hand in his, holding them both flat on the bed at the level of her eyes. His lips millimetres from hers, he stopped and flicked his eyes back to hers.

“So, how about it?”

Her heart drummed loudly against her chest. Just say no, god – say no Dammit.

She swallowed, evidently speechless as he back of his hand traced along the soft curve of her breast.

“Seems such a waste, you’re naked – I’m naked, we’re alone.” He nipped at her chin and she sank further back down against the mattress desperately trying to ignore the tingling in-between her thighs. He rolled forward and bumped his cock at her entrance.

“I want you, and I know you want me too Callie.”

God, so much hair, and sex – right above her that she couldn’t think. She couldn’t move, she couldn’t do anything but freeze. His hair fell forward and tickled the tips of her nipples, it was enough – just enough for her to snap inside and lean upwards into his kiss.

He released her hands for a moment while he sheathed himself with a fresh condom. Before she had time to think time to get an out he’d grasped her hands and slid back inside of her. Her toes curled and she bit on her lip as he began to move.

He bumped against her and chuckled, “you hate you’re enjoying this… don’t you?” his husky breath teased her neck as his rhythm fell long and slow. Her knuckles went white, gripping his hands as her moan vibrated against his mouth.

How could she hate him and like this all at the same time?
Her thoughts fell silent, the only sound left against the dawn was the sound of skin slapping against skin and the hitched breaths that she managed.

Her body began to burn with the need to release under him. He groaned her name over and over against her ear, each time becoming more desperate and husky.

“Oh god, oh –“she bucked upwards and it ripped through her like a tsunami. Dots burst before her eyes as she slumped down under him. He soon followed suit pounding hard into her before the cords in his neck clenched and he shouted against her mouth.

Slick with sweat and god knows what else, he rolled right off her panting leaving her there trying to make sense of what the hell just happened – again.


Raking his sweaty hair back from his face he rolled on his side to face her. He couldn’t help be proud watching her, utterly destroyed plastered against the mattress with nothing to say.

“Now we can get up.” He popped himself up off the bed and padded towards the bathroom to take care of business. Cranking the tap back off, he shook his hands and caught himself in the mirror. Part of him, the part that hated the black rings still under his eyes – dreaded going back on tour. The other was excited, bouncy to get back on stage and make something of the talent he knew he

He just wanted to skip the bullshit. The sucking up to record execs, Doc calling all the shots – he just wanted to play music with Richie and have the freedom to do what he wanted. Glancing over his shoulder back into the bedroom, he grinned.

Callie was so brutally honest with him. And that was something, he knew he’d value as long as he knew her and this marriage thing was on. He just didn’t want to admit that to her just yet. Somewhere inside of him, this was beginning to feel like home.

He walked back into the bedroom, where she was sitting up, and the sheet strewn tight around her body. He snorted, “Anyone would think you didn’t want me to see you naked.”

“Well I don’t – I just ---“she stuttered. Best part about this arrangement. She may be able to tear him down in words, but he could do it to her in sex. “Can you just get dressed Jon?” she asked not looking at him.

He walked around the bed’s edge, and stood in front of her, “come on now – you’ve seen it all before. Don’t get shy now. You know you can touch it whenever you want to.” He caught the pillow she tossed his way and laughed.

“Alright, I’ll put clothes on. Won’t change that you slept with me though,” he winked. “Twice.”

She dragged the sheet higher and rolled over away from him. “You really are an ass Jon.”

“Yup I am. But an ass you’ve had sex with,” he laughed when she didn’t reply picked up his clothes and redressed himself. He needed to get down to see Doc and Richie to find out the plans for the next day, they were leaving that night on some cheap flight that left in the middle of the night to fly across country. And so it began all over again.

He leaned over and swept her hair back from her face and pressed a kiss to her temple. “See ya later little lady, I’ll be back tonight before we leave to shower and collect some things together.

“Good, the place is already overflowing with your junk,” she grumbled into the pillow.

“Have a good day at work Callie.” He left her there, flicking on the coffee pot for her on his way out.

Life was good, friends with benefits.


She closed her eyes and breathed out when she heard the front door close.

What have you done? He wasn’t supposed get this close. That wasn’t the plan at all. She rolled onto her back pulling the sheet up to her neck. What was the big deal? It was just sex right? They just had to move on, and make sure it didn’t happen again.

Unless he wanted it to happen again? Did she?

“Uggggggggg!” she slammed her head into the pillow. She just had to forget this and get on with her life. Distance was a wonderful thing and with him going away… It would be a good thing to put some space between them both.

How she ever was going to concentrate on her job today – she had no idea.

She finally dragged herself out of the bed and reached for her robe. Left behind on the sheets was the reminder, two limp latex sleeves. God, he couldn’t even dispose of them? She huffed and dragged the sheets into her arms, still heavy with the smell of sex and him. She stomped across floor to her laundry tub and threw them in.

Picking up her box of laundry power, she laughed ironically at the name. “Vanish,” if she sprinkled some of herself, could she erase the night’s events like a bad stain?

Worst of all, did she actually want to? What was he thinking after all this?

So many questions and not enough answers.

Slamming the lid shut she cranked the dial and walked towards the bathroom. Now she needed to have a shower and get rid of last night’s memories.

As the suds dripped off her shoulders, she was torn between the world she knew and the world she was starting to know being with Jon. Her world was so stainless steel and stable, where his was colourful and fragile as a kaleidoscope, with every turn changing everything.

Part of her deep down wanted to run with it and see what happened, the excitement of it all. And the other part of her knew it was just wasn’t her to do so.

She wanted her own kaleidoscope.

She wrapped a towel around herself and set about getting ready for work. By the time she’d buttoned her suit jacket and picked up her briefcase, she’d decided that there was no point obsessing about this. It was just wasn’t something that she could afford to do right now.

It was a one night stand, that’s all. There was no way he’d see it any other way and she wasn’t about to ask him. He was away on tour. End of story.

It really couldn’t have come at a better time.

She was late home that night, subconsciously on purpose. She
dropped her keys against the table and flicked on the light. There was a single note in the centre that read.

Hi Callie,

All packed, spending the night at the guys so I don’t wake you when we leave for our early flight. I’ll call you on the road. See you in a few weeks.

Take Care,

She folded it and slipped it in her pocket confirming one thing. That this hadn’t meant anything to him at all. She forced a smile and look around her apartment, her space her sanctuary back. But it felt oddly empty without the boots strewn over the living room floor, or his ripped shirts hanging over the chair. She couldn’t even curse that he’d left then place a mess. Everything was exactly where it was meant to be. Kicking off her shoes, she grabbed a beer popped it open and sank into an armchair in the living room.

She just had to get back to normal now he was gone. Back to being her. Taking a long swig she sighed, closing her eyes. It had been a long week.

June 15, 2009

Chapter Nineteen

She took a step back and he followed, one by one her feet shifted backwards leading them into her bedroom.

Was she crazy? Probably.

Was she able to think at this moment as his lips destroyed hers?


His hands ran down her sides as he lifted her mouth with his in a slow kiss. His thumb traced up the line where her shirt met in the middle and hovered around the button at the top.

He popped her buttons, one by one and his gaze fell, dipping to the space between her breasts. She was assaulted by a shiver as he took her all in. He trailed his finger around the black scalloped edge of her bra and his eyes flicked up and locked with hers.

“Sexy,” he murmured fingering the lace with smirk.

Sexy? She’d never felt sexy in her life.

His eyes fell back down to her front clasp, she held her breath in and her eyes focused solely on him and in one swift flick, it popped open. She gasped, sucking in a quick breath. Breathing had become optional.

So had thinking. All she could concentrate on was him and what he was doing with that hand.

“Close your eyes.” His husky breath was like dynamite against her skin.

Oh god.

She closed her eyes and sank back into her pillows. Wet, hot delicious lips scraped across her breasts till they found their prize. She fisted at the sheets beneath her, it wasn’t enough

This wasn’t enough, she wanted more.

She raked her hands into his hair as the first brush of his mouth was soft, slow and teasing. Christ, he was a stupid tease in the bed as well. She should have known.

“Jon,” but he didn’t give her a chance as he took her nipple deep, swirling his tongue around the tip. She arched up, her hands moving down to his shoulders, nails finding skin.

For such a straight thinker, she was a twisted mess of emotions as he continued to suck. Hard.

Her body lifted up off the bed, as he sucked her will away. She’d given in.

She knew she had, and it felt too damn good to care right now.

He shifted to the other breast nosing her nipple first, keeping his cockiness alive between them. She gasped and before she could curse at him, he’d taken her whole again.

“Oh god,” she wriggled against the bed as her thighs started to buzz with the need to have him there. All of him. His fingers fumbled with the zipper on the side of her skirt as he tugged it down, revealing black lace and skin on her hip.

He grinned again, “matching,” he murmured as his mouth followed the open zipper all the way down. She hiccuped when his tongue swirled down the crease in her thigh as he tugged the linen skirt further down.

How did she go from eating Doritos on the couch, pretending to ignore him to now being half naked, under him – wanting him to do whatever he wanted - to her? She bit down on the corner of her thumb as his hair pooled around her belly and his chin bumped against her thigh. Maybe she wanted to know what all the fuss was about when it came to him.

When tongue hit silk, she cried out into the room and lost the war to sit up, sinking further into the pillows behind her. His thumb hooked around her panties, opening her enough for him to taste.

“Jon, oh Christ!” She giggled sinking further back into the pillows where flicks and strong slow licks brought her an amazing amount of pleasure in one hit. Nothing should feel this damn good.

He thumbed her thighs wider open, as he shifted in closer taking more from her if at all possible. His other hand snaked up over her flat belly and cupped a breast, scraping his thumb over her nipple. Her chest was becoming heavy and her hair began to plaster to her jaw.

There was a fine line between distraction and pleasure and she’d bolted right over it. Her body gave in as every sense on burned as the first orgasm suckered punched her from nowhere.

Shaking she gripped his hair, as he lapped up her cum and finally looked up. That same blue gleam in his eyes, and the corners of his mouth curved.

He crawled back up her meeting her lips, as he dug down and unbuttoned his jeans. She could feel his hardness when he bumped into her thigh. Lifting his arms up, she helped tug his tee shirt up and over his arms. He slipped off her open shirt and bra, letting them tumble to the ground before his mouth locked with hers again.

Her mouth flooded with the heady taste of sex and him. His flavor was dark, exciting – not what she expected at all. Her arms wrapped around his neck as she pulled him down, pulling his body against hers.

His lips scraped up her jaw to her lobe. “Touch me,” his voice hoarse in her ear as she nodded and let her hand search out what he most wanted her to.
He bucked forward to meet her, as she curled her fingers around his shaft.

“Yesss” he hissed as she tugged lightly and he kissed his way down her neck. He groaned against the center of her breasts as she started the rhythm, and slowly his tongue followed her throat to her chin. Mashing his mouth against hers, he sucked and teeth met skin as she kept pumping him.

And the more she pumped, the more desperate his kisses, licks and groans became above her. When he snatched away her hand she looked up at him, and frowned.

“I want the first time to be inside you Callie.”

She clawed her way up his chest through the thick fibres warm, like silk against her hands.

First time? The thought vanished like a puff of smoke as she nodded. Needing to touch him again she lifted her hands into his, god so much hair. She was destroyed. He had her right where he wanted her.

He rolled her and lifted her, so her knees locked on each side of his hips. His eyes followed her body up to her eyes and he grinned again. She was stunning, under all that fucking law-tastic suit, she had a body to die for. Slim but curvy, and breasts full enough to make his cock ache to be inside of her.

Her wavy dark chocolate hair spilled down her shoulders and sprinkled around her nipples, as she waited for him to make the next move. The head of his cock, bumped against her ass as he shifted her back and gritted his teeth. When the fuck did he grow some patience?

“I need a condom,” he nodded to his jeans and as she reached back his thumb hooked under her hood finding her tight little knot. She gasped as she nearly lost balance, palming the bed behind her to keep her steady.

“Now, put it on me baby.” He winked at her, and relaxed back to let her know it was ok to take her time. Besides, he was enjoying the fucking view as her breasts bounced each time he took a swipe around her clit.

She fumbled with the wrapper, biting down on her lip – she was determined to keep composure but her body trembling above his, told him otherwise. She was close to snapping, just like him. She found the tip of his cock and threaded the condom over, and rolled it down sheathing him in one move.

He closed his eyes, fuck nothing was going to be better than exploding inside her in a few minutes time. She finished and he laced his fingers in his before she could do anything else.

“C’mere,” he pulled her down and let his mouth graze against nipple before finding her warm mouth. Her full lips were pink and swollen. He’d give anything to have them around his cock, but he didn’t want to push it. It’d taken hell to freeze over to get her this far.

In one motion, he flipped her again landing her flat on her back as he pressed against her. Her skin tasted as sweet as it smelled as he tasted from her neck once more as he shifted himself, before slowly entering her.

She clamped around him, causing him to groan. Fuck, she was tight and so wet.

He dragged her left leg up over his hip as he seated himself deeper. She moaned and closed her eyes, tilting her head up – exposing her neck for more tasting.

“Jon –“it was more a whisper than anything else as he began to rock inside her. God he wanted to drive her home, make her scream. But in some small way – he respected her not to rip her apart. Their nipples rubbed and he growled, the sensitivity hitting them both.

He hit her hard, and he hit her true --- the gasps became moans and the moans became screams as they both started to build. Her walls shut tighter around him, and she gasped for breath under him. He pushed her hair back and kissed her again, god he needed release. This was somehow stronger, more intense. But he tucked it away - and put it down to the mad tension between them.

Her fingers gripped his biceps as her other leg found his hip wrapping herself completely around him. “God, oh god -- oh yes…” he was surprised how fucking vocal she was in bed, and the more she moaned and cried, the more he tightened inside her.

Rolling in hard and deep he felt her snap, and her body quake under his. He followed suite and let himself go slamming and shouting her name. Slumping down against her, he sucked in his breath.

Well fuck
. He did not expect that.

Her skin slick and her eyes dilated so he rolled her over on her tummy. She fisted the pillow and sighed, while all he could see was her little ass bobbing upwards. What was it about her? The lawyer thing? He’d conquered her straight shooting attitude and got her in the sack? He’d won?

He shifted forward and held his dick, rubbing it against her slick opening.
She snapped her head up but didn’t stop him when he slid easily back into her once more. She propped herself up on all fours, and skin found skin as it slapped hard through the room.

“Fuck,” he muttered. She was so fucking wet and still soaked with her cum.

He gripped her hips and found their rhythm, this time it was quick and dirty. Nothing elegant about it as he let his own orgasm take her over the edge. She collapsed into the pillows and rolled onto her side away from him as he slotted in behind her.

She fought for breath as he wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his nose into her hair as he settled against her.

She was already drifting away as he nosed back her hair and kissed her neck. “Are you still angry with me?”

She reached out for the spare pillow and clutched it. “You’re still an ass you know.”

He chuckled against her ear. “But an ass that’s good in bed right?”

He didn’t see the pillow coming for him.

“Hey!” He soon had her shrieking as he found her soft spots at her waist and under her arms.

He rolled her back into him, as they laughed and re-settled. This time, her arms snaked around his waist and her cheek settled against his chest. Short nails stroked her back as she fell heavy against him, and he soon following with a contented grin spreading across his lips.

He always got what he wanted.

June 4, 2009

Chapter Eighteen

Jon left the office and made his way back to her place with every intention of packing up his things and going back to the house. This wasn’t going to fucking work. Why on earth did he ever think it could? They were two very different people for god’s sake.

He almost wished in some way he could go back to the night at Atlantic city, and see exactly what the hell attracted him to her in the first place.
Her tits and pussy you moron. That’s what. You just made the fatal mistake of marrying her.

He didn’t know if he was more fucked off that she thought his career was no better than hers because he didn’t have status and he didn’t have stability as she so bluntly reminded him. Or if it was that she was so blind to see exactly what she was doing and how unhappy she was.

He pulled his denim jacket tighter and fished for a cigarette as he picked up the pace along the sidewalk. She didn’t lack passion, the only time he’d seen it from her was when he challenged her. Part of him liked she wasn’t afraid to tell him where to get off and defend herself, as he could lay money on the fact she couldn’t do that to her father.

It was ridiculous, she could go to med school if she wanted, hell she had the cash. But no she was short changing herself and her dream. People didn’t know what it was like to work for what you really wanted. And he was prepared to do anything, and he meant anything to get what he wanted.

He didn’t need her to get what he wanted. The marriage was sham, and he wanted to teach a few people lessons about who was in control of his life. And that was him. He was lucky that his parents supported his chosen career, but even if they didn’t, he still would have done it.

He found his key and let himself back into their, well her place. Jamming his cigarette out in the sink, he shrugged off his jacket and threw it across the room. Fuck. He should leave, do them both the favor and move on.

He wasn’t going to deny that the physical attraction was there for him with her, she was cute in that girl next door kind of way and when she smiled or god forbid laughed, there was just something about it that got to him. Hell, he’d have plenty of other chicks that could smile and laugh. So why was she any different?

She was smarter in some senses than anyone else he’d met. And she didn’t want him, well told herself she didn’t. Was enough to keep him amused.
Grabbing his duffel bag he started stuffing his clothes inside. The only thing that was pissing him off more right now, was the thought of Doc’s fucking, I told you so face. Fuck, he was going to go and on about this one if they did divorce. It’d been not even a week for fuck’s sake.

He stormed into the bathroom and collected his couple of man products, when the phone shrilled through the apartment. Once he dumped them into his bag he picked up the receiver.


There was a long pause and he was about to give up and slam the receiver down.


. He hoisted himself up on the counter and rested the phone on his lap. “Yeah, I’m packing now and no, I won’t take anything that’s not mine.” God he wasn’t in the mood for another fight. He had the freaking tour to think about, not this petty shit.

“That’s not why I called dammit. Jon – look…” the long pause again gave him satisfaction. She didn’t want to admit she was wrong.

“What do you want Callie? I think we both made it clear where we stand with each other, don’t you?” Was it her remarks that he’d fail hit him harder than he thought? He wouldn’t fucking fail. But of course that horrible niggling feeling ate at his gut. What if he did fail? Music was all he knew, if he didn’t have a guitar in his hand and wasn’t constantly thinking about what to write or sing next. It would never be right. He was born to do this.

“Jon don’t make me apologize.”

He twisted the cord around his knuckles. “I’m not going to make you apologize, for the first time you spoke your mind. How did that feel?”

She sighed, “I said some things I should have thought more carefully about. I was an ass. And so were you.”

He resisted a chuckle, she was right he was an ass. But he was a right ass. “Am I still movin out then?” he asked.

“Do you want to?”

He looked around the apartment. They were so different, but he was going on tour soon so he’d be out of her hair.

“Depends on you babe. Your place. Can we make this work or not?”

“We’d look too stupid to end this now, Doc – my father…”

“Stuff you’re father Callie. What do you want?” the words just flew out before he could stop them.

“I don’t want to look stupid Jon. I don’t want you to look stupid either.”

He let a low whistle out with his breath. “No we don’t want that. Ok , I’ll stay. You think you can handle hating me but still wanting in my bed?” he smirked waiting for her answer.

“I can try – what? I don’t want in your bed Jon, newsflash, you’re arrogance and cockiness is not attractive to all of us. Believe it or not.” He laughed taking great satisfaction in her sitting in her chair squirming in her seat. As much as their ideals clashed the unstable chemistry between them, was most definitely there.

“Ok, whatever you say Darlin, whatever you say.” He held the phone away from his ear as she screamed at him. He did enjoy winding her up. Maybe if he could enough she’d fight for what she wanted. Who the hell knows.

“Look Jon, just stay… you’re going on tour soon so we’ll get a break and we can just have some space.”

“Ok. I’ll stay. Only because you want me to though.” He bit his lip as she growled.

“You keep on dreaming Rock star –see you at five.”

*click, and she had disconnected the call.

He popped off the counter and placed the phone back into the little cubby hole. He threw his duffel bag down and before he sank into the couch, he flipped the dial on the TV. He rolled on his side and then his back. He grunted when he couldn’t get comfortable.

“Dammit,” he sat back up. Same crap on the TV. Man, he needed to do something. He didn’t know how to sit still sometimes. He grabbed his guitar from the battered case and filched a note pad and pencil from her desk.

He was surprised when he heard keys jingle in the door, in what seemed like an hour later. Fuck, he’d been writing and tinkering for hours. The eight pages of scrawled note pad scattered around him on the floor certainly suggested that.

“Hey,” Callie gentled her case on the ground and shrugged off her coat, slinging it over the arm chair.

“Hey –got a little carried away here.” He went to get up but she waved him back down.

“Don’t move on my account. I need a drink. Want a beer?” she held up the brown paper grocery bag he’d just noticed tucked under her arm.

“Sure.” He watched her make her way to the kitchen and pull out the six pack of beer and a bag of Doritos before returning to the living room.

She’d pulled her hair out let it fall around her shoulders, her cheeks were a little flushed as if she’d ran to get home. Ok, so she was cuter than he first tried to dismiss.

He reached and wrangled a can out of the holder, popping it open. “You don’t have to keep buying stuff for me…”

She did her own and sat down, crossing her long legs as she too, popped the bag of corn chips. “Who says they were for you, it’s been a rough day.” She took a sip of her beer and then a handful of Doritos.

“True, are you still angry with me?” he asked pulling his knees up to his chest.

“Maybe.” The loud crunch of chips and his occasional slurp of beer broke the silence.

“Good, you should be. I was a bastard.” He winked and rested his can on the top of his knees.

“What were you writing?” she asked as she crumpled the bag digging for another handful.

“What these? Just some riffs and things. Nothing amazing – yet.” He looked over the scribbles he’d been making. “Are you gonna offer me some chips, or eat them all?” he teased.

“You don’t deserve any,” she brushed him off and pointed her beer towards his guitar. “Play me something.”

“I want some chips, you’re making me hungry.” He leaned over but she snatched the bag out of his grasp. He frowned and crossed his arms.

“Aw come on now, you don’t want to deprive me of food—I’ll get it off you, if it’s not offered I will use force. Make no mistake.” He twisted around and crawled closer on his knees. But she held them above her head.

“Touch me and die.”

He rested his beer on the coffee table behind him and one swift motion he made a grab for the chips, tumbling on top of her in the chair.

“Hand them over,” he growled bumping his chest into her face as she started to laugh.

“Jon, my beer will spill…”

“”I don’t care about the damn beer, hand over the chips woman.” She squirmed under him so he poked her ribs with his fingers until she squealed.

“Get off me!” she shrieked, “I’m serious Jon if I spill this-“he crawled higher until he could swipe the bag right out of her hand. Looking down their eyes locked, he flashed a victorious grin.

“I told you I always got what I wanted.” Their bodies were pressed tightly against each other as he sank further into her. The pull of the plush chair under them, sucking them in.

“You’re heavy!” she pushed her palms against his belly.

“Oh great, now she’s calling me fat.” He went to twist but his knee only dug deeper into the chair locking them together. As he was still above her he took advantage of his dominant position, hell he’d probably get another slap for this but he was willing to take the risk. He dipped down and mashed his lips against hers. She murmured against him but he didn’t give her chance to take a breath as his tongue plunged into her mouth, then came the thunk of her beer can as her hands shot up into his hair.

Maybe it was still the anger fresh in his mind. He should not be finding her hot as hell right now. He left her lips and trailed down the high curve of her neck. She arched her body further into his. His cock was growing hard under his jeans, as anger and frustration warred with his arousal. The sweet scent of her crashed against him as he popped her first button of her shirt open, kissing into the v of her shirt. He waited for the push, or the slap but it didn’t come.

Well, fuck me.

He went back up to her lips and pushed back the hair from her face and kissed her again. God, if she stopped him now he’d be pounding out an orgasm himself later. The tips of her nipples grew hard against him as he tried to roll her off the chair into his arms.

He pulled back when she murmured. Here it comes.

She looked up him and rested her hands on his shoulders, “I’m getting crushed.”

His laugh came from relief, “we can’t have that now can we?” he shifted himself back and stepped back onto the floor and pulled her up with him, straight into his arms. He needed her not to think, as ten seconds to process this and she’d stop it.

His hands glided up her sides and came to rest on her hips. He needed to take her to the couch or the bed, anything that involved her taking her clothes off. He decided to try his luck with the bedroom and took one step forward forcing her backwards.

“I thought you wanted the chips.”

“Not anymore.” He took another step back and kissed her again. He’d show her once and for all, he’d get he ever wanted. Now, and forever.