March 27, 2009

Chapter Eight

As they climbed out of the cab for the third time that day, they were left in front of a suburban house in Robin Hood Drive, deep in Sayreville. This was the most surreal day, and honestly what could get worse meeting his parents now? They didn’t approve? Well join the club, there certainly was enough of them to start one.

“What are you doing?” she asked him as he was busy examining the bottom of his shoes making sure there was nothing on them.

“Cleaning – my mom likes a clean floor.”

She had to laugh, how could she not? Rock star concerned about pissing his mother off with dirty feet. Seriously.

And what the hell was up with all the kissing lately? That had to stop and she’d make sure of it. Pretending or not, the way her body nearly crumbled under that last kiss. She just didn’t trust herself. It was all in the allure of being a rock star – that was it. Maybe good kissing just had to come with the package.

“Alright let’s do this. I apologize for whatever my mother says – although…” he cocked his head towards her and held out his hand. “You’re used to it with your parents.”

She took his hand as he led her up the driveway of a house that was fresh out of a suburbia-are-us catalog. The small split level house stood nestled within houses that all looked much the same.

“Do they know you’re married yet?” She flipped her hair out of her face with her free hand.

Jon never got to answer the question when the front door opened and a small middle aged lady stood with her arms folded.

“I take it that’s a yes…” she whispered as they arrived at the doorstep.

“Hi Ma!” he leaned forward to kiss her on the cheek but she stood frozen, her gaze fixated on Callie.

“And this is?” Her gaze didn’t move and neither did her face.

“This is Callie, I’m guessing you already know who she is…” he said quietly as he popped his knuckles.

“Hi Mrs Bongiovi…” Callie stuck out her hand politely.

“You can call me Carol” she returned the shake and nodded. “You both better come in, and I can start apologizing for whatever my son has got you into.”

She winced, well it had been her idea to get married but Jon never corrected her.

“John… can you come in here please?” She called through the house as they walked through the small narrow hallway.

“Ma – I can explain everything…”

“JOHN!” she called again more urgently when no response came from within the house.

“I’m comin’, I’m comin’” a low voice grumbled from the kitchen.

Callie followed Jon into the living area, and onto the corner couch. Walls were lined with pictures much like her own family’s home, but these ones weren’t academic posed ones much like theirs. More candid, relaxed pictures and half a dozen of Jon’s band photos.

She sat down and clutched her knees with her hands nervously. They weren’t her parents but she was somewhat cautious. Her gaze rested the man that walked in, Jon’s father. There was no doubt about the resemblance of the man to his son.

“Dad, this is Callie.”

He held his hand out to her and she shook it, his grip was firm but welcoming.

“Hi Callie, welcome to our home… “He stood back and crossed his arms. “So I hear a congratulations is in order.”

He smacked Jon on the back of the head. “You get married and don’t invite us son?”

“John, please… don’t encourage them. This is not funny.” Carol snapped.

“And what’s this about you announcing it had been intentional all along? What the hell is going on?” she added.

Jon rolled his eyes, Doc had called her. He was sure of it. Stupid man couldn’t keep his big fat mouth shut long enough for him to talk them through the reasoning of the whole damn thing. He rolled his hand into a fist.

“Ma, Dad… let me explain…”

Callie just sat there watching both parents face intently listening as Jon unraveled the whole story of the drunken marriage, meeting Callie’s parents and their decision to stay together. All except the part that it was her idea to get married in the first place. Drunk or not.

There was an uncomfortable silence in the room when he finished that was interrupted by the chirp of the cuckoo clock on the wall.

“So you’re a lawyer Callie? Can’t you fix this mess up cleanly? I mean surely you don’t want to stay married to my son who you hardly know…” Carol asked. Callie knew
Carol would have been more concerned that she was staying married to Jon so she could claim to whatever fame he had coming. It was written all over her neatly power puffed face. She was a show mom. For sure.

“Well…” It was the first time Callie had spoken apart from hi since they’d got there. She cleared her throat and used her confident lawyer tone.

“I am a lawyer, and I suggested we could get his sorted. There’s no way to dust it under the carpet that easy – so…” So what? Jon decided for her that they should stay married for her career? That and he wanted to prove a point to people than were running their lives.

It was time to take ownership in this situation as much as he was.

“It was my idea to get married, obviously I was drunk and I never drink… like that….we just decided that the best thing right now is to lay low and pretend that this was meant to happen – that way the effects will be minimal to our careers. I do understand how important it is for Jon right now.”

Carol’s lips curved into a smirk. “Yes – and what is more important is Jon honouring that marriage… did you think about those consequences Jon?”

Jon shot his head up. “What are you talking about, of course I will be.”

“Right so no more girls while you are married then right?”

John Bongiovi Snr let a chuckle slip.

“What? We’ve discussed this and have it under control.”

Carol paced the room. “Let me guess, he’ll be discrete?” she asked Callie directly.

“Mom! This is nothing to do with you”

“Like hell it is, as soon as you’re caught cheating on your “wife” do you think that it won’t be all over the papers? And how bad it will make you look – what if you’re at the height of your career? Thought about that? I didn’t think so.”

Carol was right, it actually didn’t bother Callie if he saw other girls as long as he didn’t bring them back to her apartment. That was going to be the rule. However, his mother was right. Not a good look for a band trying to make it. No matter how rock star it was.

John nodded, “Jon why don’t you take Callie into the kitchen and make us all some coffee. Looks like we’re going to need to talk about this.”

“Alright, come on. It’s this way…” Jon stood up and waited for her to do the same.

She managed a small smile at her in-laws and followed him down to the kitchen.

“Your mothers right Jon…maybe we didn’t think about this properly.”

He jammed the coffee pot onto the element and snapped shut the lid before hoisting himself in up into the corner of the bench.

“No, she’s not.” He raked his hand through that ridiculous mop of curls and sighed.

“We can do this, don’t worry about that it’s my business…”

It was her turn to cross her arms. “Oh right, your business. Yes it makes you look bad but how ridiculous will I look if my husband is cheating on me?” God, they were really stupid thinking this could work.

“Callie – it won’t happen and besides you’ll get the sympathy card. I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen. I made this decision and I am sticking by it.”

She fussed with the china mugs on the bench she’d plucked off the mug tree. “Yes, you made the decision to keep us together and I made the decision to get married. We’re a great fucking pair aren’t we?”

The gurgle and splutter of the perk was the only thing echoing the silence they both
sat in.

I really am fucking crazy thinking this will work. Seriously, and it’s been all of one day.

She tried not to notice the way Jon was sitting, legs spread wide open and the obvious bulge in his pants strained against the tight fitted jeans.

What would it be like? She briefly wondered if in some parallel universe what having sex with him when she could remember it was like. Her hands would have to be twisted up in that hair, her lips dragging down that ridiculous bottom lip of his. And her nails would claw their way through the dense amount of fur on his chest up onto those wide shoulders where she’d brace herself….

Her palms grew sweaty thinking of it, there was no doubt in her mind he could kiss. So could he complete it by delivering mind blowing sex?


She whipped her head around feeling the heat burn in her cheeks. “Sorry, I was miles away…”

He chuckled and popped himself off the counter flipping the switch off on the perk.

“I said, yes we are a great pair – but…” he lifted the pot and poured the coffees.

“We are in control of our destiny here…”

A smile played on his lips. Damn it, she was really going to have to snap out of the day dream thing. She didn’t even want to go there with him anyway. It was already a messy situation, so why in the hell would she want to complicate it further?

“Right – Destiny…”

“Are you sure you are ok? You seem—“

“I’m fine Jon, now won’t your parents want their coffee now?”

He placed the mugs all on the tray carefully and lifted it. “Of course, after you…”

March 24, 2009

Chapter Seven

Doc finally emerged from the DJ Booth slamming the door shut behind him.

“Well I hope you’re happy Jon, he’s already having calls into the station about your little stunt.” His eyebrows mashed together. “I don’t know what you’re playing at boy, but I swear to god if this hinders the bands chances… “ His hand curled tightly into a fist as he knocked it against the wall behind him.

“You!” He pointed straight at Jon, “can tell your mother…” He announced as he left them alone again in the lobby swinging the door on his way out.

He shook his head. Doc, always over reacting in some way.

He looked down at Callie, her dark hair sprinkled around her shoulder s and her chocolate eyes were wide with anticipation. She was still coming to grips with what he’d done. He probably shouldn’t have played cowboy and just made the decision but damn if he wanted some control in his own life and she needed to as well.

“We’ll work it out, alright?” he said ignoring Doc and propping his hand on her shoulder. She managed a small smile for him that didn’t quite meet her eyes.

“Sure, I don’t know how you’re going to make this work though. I mean where are we going to live?” she asked him.

Live? Well shit if he hadn’t thought of that in his quick thinking. “Um, well I didn’t …” he scratched the back of his head.

“Yeah I thought so.”

“Hey, well you can stay with me or at my place while I go on tour. I live with the guys so we’ll all be away so you will have the place to yourself.” That would work, but the way her eyebrows beetled he wasn’t sure she was buying into it.

“You want me to live in a house that’s been lived in by guys? Right, yeah like that’s going to happen…what happens once you all come off tour? I’m a built in maid? It’s not going to happen Jon...” She stormed out of the room past Doc standing there looking smug as hell.


“Nothing Jonny, welcome to marriage. Not always a bed of roses now is it?”

He didn’t say anything and followed Callie out the door to the main lobby; she’d come to a halt not been able to go out any further as the palms of young girls were pressed up against the tinted glass station doors.

“Don’t say a word. I can’t believe I even agreed to this shit Jon – now I’m going to get mobbed every time some recognizes me as your wife?”

“They’re harmless, believe me a smile there and a kiss there… keeps them happy. I’ve got that under control.” He walked up to her and folded her hands in his.

“We’ll work it out. I promise.”

“We can live at my place…” She sighed and looked up at him. “I live alone, it makes sense for you to move into there… so that’s what you will do.” She pulled her hands out of his grasp and folded her arms.

“But you’ll be sleeping on the couch.”

Jon chuckled, “Ok, ok… on the couch.” He smiled to himself as he couldn’t help but let his mind drift to the little possibilities.

“The couch.” She said again firmly as if she’d read his mind.

“Well this could become a little arrangement not just on paper if you wanted it to be,” he winked but no sooner received a punch in the arm.

“I was kidding, Jesus ---“ Note to self. Do not joke with the lawyer. Jeesh.

“Damn right you were,” she spun on her heel. “Just because we’ve slept together once, that none of us can remember – doesn’t mean that we need to do it again, alright?” she folded her arms and let popped an eyebrow.

“Besides, don’t you have all them at your fingertips for your perusal?”

Jon grunted and rubbed his arm. Damn for a little punch she got the right place too. “Yeah, I didn’t mean it like that and you—“

“I don’t care what you do with your cock Jon, just don’t do it in my house and we’ll get along fine.”

Christ, she was angry.

“Alright. I’ve got it – does that mean masturbation is out of the question?” When she whirled and started walking towards the back entrance he fell into a quick jog behind her. He was careful not to lose his footing at the distraction of the sway of her hips.

“Ok, ok no more jokes. Sorry, I just was trying to lighten the mood.” She didn’t stop so he grabbed her and spun her around at the two emergency steel exit doors and pushed her back gently. He moved a little closer and braced himself on each side of her.

Her eyes refused to meet his, so he tipped her chin with his thumb until they did. “Callie, I’m sorry – I’m an idiot and have no idea what I am doing here…this is all very new to me too you know.” He cracked a small smile when her lips twitched.

“Don’t disagree with me, will ya?” he teased.

“You are an idiot Jon, I won’t deny that for a second. I’m just – “she shrugged and searched his eyes.

“I just don’t know how we will pull this off without looking more ridiculous than we do already.”

His thumb swept along her cheekbone. “Well, we do have to get used to being and liking each other to a degree – so it looks real… and the rest well we can play by ear. But we will have to do a certain amount of pretending.” He moved closer, moving his hand to her neck feeling her pulse against his fingers.

She swallowed and still her gaze remained fixed on his. “Pretending?”

He took one more step forward feeling her nipples prick through the cotton she was wearing. His lips hovered above hers, his tongue running beneath her upper lip before letting them connect slowly. He swallowed the small moan from her throat dragging his hand up into her hair before she leaned into him.

Her hands moved to his waist scrunching up the baggy shirt as she clasped his hips. He let his tongue slide into her mouth tasting each corner as he took. Finally he pulled away letting their lips pop apart. Her eyes were closed but opened as soon as the parted.

“Pretending.” He affirmed pleased at the slight pink blush rising in her cheeks. He liked her, there was no denying it. Being his wife? Well this almost could be fun.

She placed her palms against his chest and pushed him back. “I get your point…” her dazed look was amusing to him. He hadn’t banked on the little spark that had ignited when they had kissed so this was going to be interesting.

He stood back and jammed his hands into his pockets letting the thumbs hook over the outside.

“Ok, well I hate to make this day even more traumatic but we need to go and my Mom and Dad,” his mother would have a fit. Doc was probably right about that but if Jon knew his mother well, she didn’t like surprises so the quicker this could be explained for his mouth the better.

She raised her eyebrows, “Uh are they like my parents?”

He laughed and took her hand. “A little but not as brutal, Mom will come around when I tell her the plan behind the idea… and ohh, I can show you my room.”

She snorted, “Ohhh yes, just what we need – for me to see your room. I did marry you and sleep with you, so it’s natural I not only meet your parents and see your room.” She hiccuped from the laugh she had cracked into.

“See, told you we were doing this all backwards Darlin’” he nudged the steel doors open with his shoulder and pulled her down the alleyway, they needed to find a cab and get to the safety of his parents house before it was too late.

March 13, 2009

Chapter Six

Doc spun around at her, his eyes burning with fire. “You! You told him to do this?” he accused.

“God no! I didn’t – I would of never—“ they were cut off by the DJ continuing to speak.

“You are? Well congratulations man, I didn’t think you were seeing anyone all this time?”

Callie and Doc both watched Jon lean back and grin. He flicked the hair back from his head and rubbed his chin with his fingers.

“Yup – we’ve known each other awhile. She’s just been standing back while my career has just started. Obviously deciding to get married was a very last minute thing but there are no regrets. From both of us.” He looked straight for her. Callie knew he was trying to do the right thing in a very wrong situation. But hell? Now what? It was good and fine telling the world they were married but they weren’t, how in the blue blazes would this ever work?

Richie nearly gagged, “well little lady, looks like you really are part of the family—welcome.” Richie scooped her in close in a bear hug.

She was shaking, processing what the hell just happened here and what he was playing at? They never had discussed this and already she was trying to make sense on how those words would play out to actions. They couldn’t live together? He was on tour; well she assumed that’s what he was doing. She had no idea. She shook her head. Was she now expected to make his dinner? How did he take his coffee?

I have no idea who my husband is
. How ridiculous is that?

How was this ever going to affect her career? She turned to face the dark beady eyes of Doc staring right through her.

“I don’t know what you said to him. But you will be telling him to fix this, he can’t be married – it’s just not on.” He rolled his hand into a fist and rested it against the glass as Jon continued to speak about the band and the upcoming tour dates.

Callie didn’t like this man one bit, but she tried to compose herself. “Why do you automatically assume this was my idea? As previously stated marrying a rock star is not what I had in plans for my career so don’t turn this around on me” she snapped. She whirled around at Richie.

“Can’t you get in there and drag him out or something?”

Her heart was racing and her head was spinning, she actually thought she might faint. What was her father going to say? God, her firm? And he had to say they were together? How in the freakin hell would she explain this to people?

Richie laughed shaking his head. “This oughta be good.” He tipped his head towards the studio where the DJ had hit play on the song. Jon stood up and pulled the headphones off his head and headed towards the door of the booth.

His hair was all crushed down from being under the headset but right now, she didn’t care. She was too damn mad at him.

The door swung open and Doc launched himself in front of Callie. She took a step back annoyed the short stocked man had bet her to it.

“What in the hell was that Jonny?”

He wrapped his arm around Doc’s shoulders. “Relax old man, we’ll still sell the records. You’ll see.” His eyes traveled across the room until they met hers.
God damn him.

She didn’t get a chance to speak again due to Doc. “This is not acceptable Jon, you cannot be married just like this – remember what I said right from the start. It’s all about availability and you being married screws the whole damn system up!”
Jon pulled back from Doc and looked him in the eye. “Sometimes it’s not about the system.”

The DJ waved Doc into the studio so he walked away from Jon but turned back before he opened the door pointing a short finger at him and her. “This is not over, not over by a long shot.”

Richie patted Jon on his shoulder and took his exit just as quickly leaving just her and Jon.

Neither of them said a word at first, the silence was deafening. When he jammed his hands into his pocket and went to open his mouth she cut him off.

“What in god’s name was that?” she asked, she tried to keep calm but her arms just wouldn’t co-operate shaking as she spoke.

“I took control of the situation, for the both of us. Just until it blows over – right now if we get a divorce it will just be over the news constantly and like you said it doesn’t make you look good.” He walked towards her cautiously and his arm reached out for her but she battered it away.

“Don’t you even dare put this back on to me. Nothing is good for me, no matter how we look at it. And what about your career?” She nodded into the studio booth. “He seems pretty pissed about this. What if he’s right and this stops your career just because you can’t jump into bed with all those big busted girls huh?”

His jaw tightened as he followed her gaze to Doc. “He doesn’t get to make all the calls. We’ll sell the records. Don’t you worry about that. I’ll make sure of it to prove his point.”

“It’s not typical rock star behaviour being married at this age Jon… even I can see that.”

He finally reached her and took her hands in his. “I’m not typical. And that’s exactly the point. Don’t you want to take control of your life, not what you parents want or thinks is best for you? I know it’s not exactly the way I ever planned to do that myself, but we can make it work. Even if it’s just for a little while.” He squeezed her hands, and the small grin melted her anger away.

“How is this ever going to work Jon? This is absurd. What about all the girls? I mean come on, you can’t tell me you aren’t going to enjoy your lifestyle for the next two years?”

He chuckled. “Well no, I guess not but I will be discrete. And I’m going to be touring so much, we’ll be apart mostly right, so it will be easy. Just on the big things I am invited to you’ll have to come along…as my date since you are my wife.”

Her hand clutched her belly. “I feel sick.” What he was proposing was short of absurd. She walked backwards until her the back of her knees hit the chair. Jon helped her sit down. She couldn’t look at him, she couldn’t look at the man she was supposed to now pretend was her husband.

“That’s fine for you to be discrete but what about me? I don’t exactly get to go and date in secret, do I?” Not that it was an issue of late as her work pretty much tied her up but that wasn’t the point.

His hand rested on her shoulder. “Callie, we’d work it out. I promise. We just have to be good actors about it and soon honestly they won’t care what we’re doing… so it will all go away.”

She sighed. Her father would hit the roof. But he had anyway so what difference would this make. A small part of her wanted to see his face when she told him, as Jon was definitely not son in law material. Chelsea had married a wealthy banker and Daryl was married to Julia who had come from respectable old money. Both marriages had the Pierce Richard’s stamp of approval.

This one would never.

She liked being different. God knows, she’d tried her whole life till now to be different from the expectations of the family and still be successful and failed. They’d always had control in the end. Until now.

“What about the band Jon? It’s ok to say Doc didn’t care but what will the rest of the guys think?”

He shrugged, “they’ll be cool. It won’t change what we’re doing Callie. You’ll see.”
She finally met his eyes. “Alright, I don’t know how we will ever do this but I guess it’s worth a shot.” She couldn’t believe that the words came out of her mouth so easily.

He broke into a wide grin, “see I knew you’d see it my way.”

She folded her arms and leaned back taking him all in. Was she crazy? Probably.

Would this be a mistake? More than likely.

Was he growing on her? …the jury was still out on that one.

“This still doesn’t mean I like you though.”

He snorted and bumped his shoulder into hers. “Of course not.”

March 10, 2009

Chapter Five

They arrived back at the studio a little early, and took up residency in a nearby coffee shop until it was time for Jon’s interview. Once the waitress served the coffee’s, Jon leaned back in the corner booth they were in and stretched out his legs.

“Wow,” it came out as a gush of air, “what a day huh?” he asked. She’d been quiet the whole way back, and he knew she had to be still chewing over how her parents acted.

She cradled the mug in her hands, staring at it and nodded. “Yeah... tell me about it. I can’t believe I was so stupid in the first place. I don’t do this Jon. I’m not this sort of girl. I just don’t fail.”

He leaned over and tipped up her chin with his finger. “Hey – who said anything about failing here? Alright this is not the best situation for either of us, but it’s not failing Callie.” His eyes searched hers until she nodded.

“Yeah but if I hadn’t been so insistent, so it seems we wouldn’t of never got into this position. I’m really sorry. We’ll get the annulment and all this will go away.” If only she could reverse time and not have had that last drink... or five. God. Her father always had the most effective ways of crumbling her confidence. He really did.

Job chuckled. “Sweetheart, I’ve done some pretty dumb things in my life… OK none of which was getting married...until now... but seriously we’re both so early in our careers right? This will all blow over eventually and people will just laugh ten years down the track. Trust me.” He took a swig from his cup and rubbed his forehead. This hangover seemed to be a stickler. He was still amazed that she went from ball breaker to a sad sack of shit in less than ten minutes. Her father may have known best but still was no reason to treat her the way he did. If it was his father, he probably would have taken a swipe at him.

She knew he was trying to make her feel better and it helped, a little. “I bet you have. My father does love to over dramatize things. You should see him in court, I guess that’s why he wins so much.”

“Well, can’t say I would have let my old man speak to me the way he spoke to you.
But then my old man isn’t as lethal as he was. We’ll work it out, I promise.” He took a long draw on his coffee, “So you wanted to be a doctor huh?”

She half heartedly laughed, the sadness in her eyes was too obvious.

“Yeah – but my family all went to law school. It was just the done thing. So off I went.”

Jon curled his fingers further around the mug and slid it in close to him. “But a doctor is a respectable career? I’d say more so than a lawyer.”
He was never going to understand, and that was ok. Not many people did. If she’d gone to med school, she wouldn’t have received the financial help from her father so willingly and a number of other perks. Some could say it was blackmail, but Pierce called it a little incentive. Typical lawyer thinking.

“I know it’s ok. I do love law believe it or not. It gets a little tricky when you start talking about defending guilty people but more so – it’s pretty good. What about you? Always into music?”

“Yeah,” a smile spread across his face. How could it not, music was his passion.

“Always been tinkering around with bands and guitars and just decided to try and make it pay me money… its early days yet but we’re doing pretty well.”

“And the girls seem to loooove you,” she teased.

He snorted and lifted his cup. “Jealous there are we wifey?”

She nudged him with her boot under the table. “I told you stop calling me that!”

He chuckled and took another sip. The truth was he only did it to get the reaction he did from her. It was cute. In a line-up he probably wouldn’t have gone for her, she was gorgeous but she would have never have been the type of girl that threw herself at the likes of him. And that made it all the more attractive, he decided.
“Ok so how about Mrs Bongiovi?” he asked with a smirk. She slapped him playfully.

“God what a mouthful, Callie Bongiovi?” she asked out loud before shaking her head. What would being married to him even be like? She wondered. A nightmare, she tried to convince herself. If the lobby was anything on signs to come, she didn’t want to be a part of it.

“Yeah, not the best name. My stage name is Bon Jovi, so Jon Bon Jovi.” He said proudly.

“Isn’t that your band’s name?”

“Yup, and I’m the front man.”

“That’s a little presumptuous isn’t it, calling it after yourself?”

“It’s my band. I can name it what I want. Besides it was the record company that decided not me.” He muttered defensively

She held her hand up, “Ok I know, I know… just sayin that’s all.”

Jon looked at the clock on the wall, “shit we need to jet…time to go and face the shitstorm.” He popped up and waited for her and took her hand.

“C’mon then.”

Her belly was a knot of nerves, she had no idea why. It wasn’t as if she was the one being interviewed. But it was the fact that it was all about to come out. What they’d done, how stupidly, juvenile and irresponsible they’d been – Officially, and everyone would know.

When they arrived at the small radio studio which was nestled behind where the coffee shop was, Jon noticed her squeeze on his hand grow tighter. He squeezed hers back and smiled before Richie came busting out the door.

“Hey man, finally I get to meet the wife.”

Jon laughed as Callie rolled her eyes. “Callie, meet my best man in the world, Richie Sambora.” His deep jersey accent rolled the r.

“Hi Richie, pleased to meet you.”

“We met last night little Darlin’, obviously I didn’t make the impression I hoped.” Richie waggled his brows.

“It’s called alcohol and I can’t remember any of it, so I apologize, evidently I was going to marry your keyboardist.”

“David? Oh god, Callie, Callie…” Richie dragged her under his arm and pulled her in tightly. “I’m already upset you didn’t choose me, since it was me that saved you from your boring ass friends. I dragged you into our party and this is how you repay me? By marrying him? Jeesh.”

Jon snapped his head around. “Wait, it was you that snagged her? I wondered what happened. Obviously I can’t remember a thing…. How on earth did we get married?”
Richie laughed loudly as he led them inside. “Oh children, what am I going to do with you two huh?”

“Fu- shut up Richie.”

“Oh he must like you Callie, he didn’t cuss…”

They were boys alright. Her older brother Daryl had been through this phase, he was close to thirty now but oh... she remembered it all too well.

“So what happened? And how in the hell did you drag me away?” Callie asked terrified what the answer may be.

Richie like David jingled as he walked along, several trinkets dangling from various positions on his clothes and hair. The purple tights and loud zebra print shirt he had on screamed rock star along with his freshly spiked dark mullet. “We were in the bar and you were with your, ah friends. You looked bored as shit. So I said to Jonny I’d drag you away – there wasn’t that much talent in the place anyway, and we wondered with all those suits you were with, if you were just as stiff. But you weren’t. “He stopped at the studio door where Doc was waiting inside with the DJ.

“So – we drank, a lot evidently and you were a riot. Let me say that much girl, you were a hoot.”

Jon rolled his eyes, damn he wished he could at least remember, he remembered pieces of the night. Dancing, kissing and laughing but he just couldn’t remember the marriage part at all.

“Anyways, you said you wanted to do something crazy... that it had been far too long since you had, and David said ‘get married...we’re in Atlantic City’, and the whole thing transpired from there. You and Jonny here were all over the dance floor. And Jonny doesn’t dance, he sucks at it… but he was too busy sucking face with you to care. We looked around after awhile and you were both just … well gone. So we figured you’d gone to do the nasty, but obviously you pit stopped the chapel on the way huh?” Richie grinned broadly.

“Alright – alright we get the picture Rich, come on Doc look’s pissed.” Jon shoved the door open and walked in forcing a smile for the DJ. Doc’s face tightened when he saw Callie follow in behind them.

“So what happened?” he hissed as the DJ walked back around to get set up for the show.

“Relax man, it’s sorted. No need to worry. All taken care of.” Jon whispered.

“Really? So this will go away? Just like that?” Doc asked eagerly.

“Uh huh – it will go away.” Jon confirmed looking back at Callie. The sadness in her eyes now, back at her home and the coffee shop, played on his mind. She looked so deflated. He wanted the Callie he woke up next to, back, the one with fire and stubbornness.

“Good, great. Go get ‘em Jonny, Runaway is climbing up those charts.” He said excitedly.

“Alright Doc.”

Callie sat down in the room opposite the studio, separated by a large glass window she could still see right in and the audio came out into speakers in the room. Richie stayed out with her.

“What, you don’t go in too?” she asked looking up into his deep brown eyes.
“This one’s for Jonny, he does most of the interviews. He’s good at it. Hates it, but he’s good at it. Doc wants him to stand out a bit as the front man for now.”
She just nodded as the DJ introduced Jonny and the interview began. Doc stood a few metres away from him, watching intently.

“So Jonny, welcome to KWRBB first things first. I hear a congratulations is in order.” The DJ swung around in his seat, his voice matching his animated actions.
Jon laughed nervously. “Thanks. Yeah, I got married last night.” His eyes met hers and she smiled briefly, the whole thing just seemed surreal to her.

“Did I hear correctly this was a spontaneous decision and you both are regretting this and will be filing for grounds for annulment?”

Callie watched Doc nod, and Jon nod back before his eyes held hers as he spoke. He paused leaning into the mic, “No, that is not correct. I got married because I’m in love and it was for all purposes intentional. We love each other.”

Callie’s eyes popped open and her jaw dropped. Her heart banged against her chest so loud she swore to god everyone in the room could hear it. What the hell had he just done?

March 9, 2009

Chapter Four

The drive across town only took a few minutes, and soon Callie and Jon were standing at the gate outside a comfortable split level house. She didn't know why he'd come with her, but she was glad in a way...she was not expecting what was about to unfold was not to be pretty.

“You still live here?” Jon asked curiously as they walked up the driveway which was lined with roses, carefully manicured. Someone had put a lot of time and effort into keeping the garden looking as pristine as it did.

“God no, I've been out of home for a few years. I don't live too far away from here though, and I do come home often to see them.” She fished around the bottom of her purse for the key she still had. Her hands were trembling, god she had no idea what her parents were going to say about this.

“Hey, you ok?” Jon asked. She visibly was anxious, evidently when it came to her parents she wasn't as silver tongued as before.

“Yeah, just nervous I guess. My family is very big on reputation... I'm not sure how they're going to react to be honest. I’ll apologize now for anything that might be said, they're going to be angry, so please don't take it personally.” She found her key and slid it into the lock.

“Here we go...” she took a deep breath and walked into the hallway that was lined with family pictures from the decades, in chronological order of course. Her mother was meticulous when it came to anything to do with organizing. Callie called it anal, but Shirley Richards took pride in it.

“Mom? Dad?” she asked into the empty hallway.

Jon looked around, the home was very classic, wooden paneling inched up the walls to waist level and the hundreds of photos that lined the walls all the way to the living area were amazing. He felt a little overwhelmed, like a high school kid going to his girlfriend's parents to ask permission to take her the school dance. Well it was kind of the same, except he skipped about five important steps along the way.

“How many people are in your family?” Jon whispered still looking at the numerous photographs that lined the walls.

“Six. Mom, Dad, Chelsea, Daryl, Michaela and me, the youngest.” She explained. And she had big shoes to fill, “My brother and both of my sisters are all successful lawyers, though Chelsea is taking some time off on maternity leave right now...she just had a baby.

“Holy smoke, bigger than mine – I've got two younger brothers. Pains in the ass as well,” he chuckled.

“Callie?” a voice boomed from a room further down the hallway.

She winced, her father's addressing tone was always something that you didn't want to be on the end of.

“That's us. Come on.” She led them further down to his study, and when they walked in, it was nothing short of a firing squad. Her mother was standing there leaning against her father's desk with her legs crossed and her father swung around in his large leather swivel chair. The steel look in his eyes, matched the tone of his voice. His brow arched however when his gaze fell behind her to Jon.

“Callie –“ He stood and Jon was taken aback by the tall elegant stature of the man. His silver hair swept neatly back from his face and his proud jaw line suggested nothing but power. He felt like he had to make the first move to not be eaten alive. It was true, lawyers really were sharks.

He leaned forward holding his hand out. “Hello name is Jon, I” but
he didn’t get to finish.

“I know very well who you are son, and I want to know what business you have marrying my daughter?” his voice boomed accusingly through the room like it did so many times in court.

Jon retracted his hand, “Uh – we didn’t, we-“ But again he was cut off. The man ignored Jon and turned to Callie.

“And what did you think you were doing? Was this your payback for us making you go to law school? To do something that is ridiculous and careless. I suppose now you’ve come here so I can wave my magic wand and make it all to go away. Right Callie?” Her father was always tough on her, her mother always told her it was because he believed in her the most out of all the kids.

“God, no Dad. How could you even think that? I went out with the guys, and I drank too much. I never drink all that much, and well…” God how did she phrase it any better. “I woke up married next to him.” She chewed on her bottom lip. He was mad, Doc may have had that protruding throbbing vein in his neck but Callie’s father had a gaze of steel that could floor her in an instant.

Pierce Richards laughed and shook his head. “Brilliant, a drunken mistake. Even better Callie, Jesus Christ what am I going to do with you, girl?”

Jon felt bad for her, this wasn’t all her fault. He was involved here too, and she was taking a pounding from her old man.

Callie tightened her fist. “You’re going to do nothing Dad, we can sort this out.”

He folded his arms. “And just how do you propose that? Do you know how stupid you are going to look, married one second and then divorced the next? Even with an annulment Callie, people talk and they will know what disgrace you have brought on this family.”

Her arms were shaking, she expected nothing less from her Father. He was more straight laced than she would ever be, with a streak of mean to go with it. When she’d gone to law school she had been angry, but determined to show them how much her talent and dedication was wasted in law.

“And what’s worse is, it’s HIM, I mean why couldn’t you marry someone like Jack, then at least it would have been explainable. But this? Well I just don’t know what to say Callie.”

“You make it sound like I went out and married a criminal, Jon has been nothing but understanding it’s not exactly the best news for his career either. As an up and coming musician it’s not the best PR he can get at the moment. So it’s not just you Father that this affects.”

Pierce waved his hand their way and scoffed, “please. Rock stars do this all the time and then get divorced, it will launch your career son. More than I can say for my daughter’s.”

Jon felt awful, this man was a monster. Most of what he was saying was right. For Callie, early in her career this probably wasn’t the best of situations. But there was no reason to speak to her like he was. It wasn’t just her fault.

“If I may sir, this is not just Callie’s fault. I talked her into this last night, and she was clearly intoxicated, as was I. So if anyone is to blame for this stupid mistake it’s me.”

“Jon, you don’t have to do this.” Callie muttered watched him try and stand tall. He was the same height as her and like her, was dwarfed by her father’s stature.

“No, let him take responsibility for taking advantage of you. The only decent thing he could do now would be to stay married to you until this all blows over. You can divorce a couple of years down the track when you’re established enough in the field, that stupid scandals such as this would just slide right off you.”

Her heart pounded hard against her ribs and her jaw dropped, that was the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard. “You cannot be serious?” How would that even work?

Jon snorted, “No offense sir, but don’t you think that’s going a little too far. Wouldn’t it just be worse when people knew the marriage was a sham?” Doc would have a fit if he stayed married to her, he couldn’t help but laugh to himself as he thought it over. Hell she was beautiful, but his wife? He hardly knew her.

“Better than it looking like a juvenile stunt to get attention don’t you think?”

“We didn’t do this for the attention Dad, and stop talking to us like we’ve done this on purpose, Christ!” She needed help not a crucifixion which is exactly what she was getting here. Jon stood up for her, it was odd. In some strange way she already felt a connection to him, she couldn’t explain, and he was so not her type.

“Callie don’t talk to your father like that. He’s just trying to do what’s best for you, and …” she watched her mother eye Jon up and down. It actually gave Callie satisfaction to watch her mother’s gaze fall upon him and determine that he was clearly not what she and her husband had ever expected her daughter to bring home.

“Jon.” Callie finished for her.

“Ah, right yes. Jon. Well young lady, we’ll have to call in some help and see what grounds we can get you this annulment on – intoxication is my bet here. The quicker we are seen to deal with this, the quicker it will go away. Even if we are sweeping it under the carpet. We really have no choice here, do we Pierce?”

Pierce wrapped his arm around Shirley’s waist. “Unfortunately I don’t think so honey. We’ll sort this out Callie. God knows we sort everything else out. I wish you had some of the killer instincts your brother and sisters have.”

She gritted her teeth, she was always the one they picked on. She loved her parents, she really did but at times when they treated her like this, like an idiot, she wanted to scream. “Thank you, I’m sorry I disappointed you father but seems that’s what I normally do, so why are you surprised?” And with that she spun on her heel and left them all there.

Jon nodded to them, obviously they never really wanted to hear him out, and followed her out. He caught up quickly and reached for her shoulder.

“Hey – you ok?”

She stopped at the end of the driveway and spun around. “Just fine. Sorry they were such assholes, but I expected nothing less. At least they will sort this out and it will be over soon enough, for you.” She was going to have to live with this one for awhile she suspected.

“I wish I could have made them see this wasn’t your fault.”

“They do just want the best for me, I’m the youngest in a long line of successful lawyers… I just have a lot to live up to. That’s all.” She managed a small smile.

“Come on, come with me to the interview. See how it all works, I need someone with attitude like yours around,” he quipped lightly punching her in the arm.

She laughed, “Thanks Jon. I appreciate it… you know for what you tried to do back in there.” She looked back up at him with a grin. “Doesn’t mean I like you though ok?”

Jon snorted, “Fine. You don’t know what you’re missing baby.” He winked at her as he hailed the cab that was headed down the street. Callie Richards was an interesting young woman to say the very least. Rockin’ body, but it was her strong mind that had him intrigued. Very intrigued.

March 8, 2009

Chapter Three

The cab finally came to a stop outside a house along a tree lined street. Callie sat nervously, not really sure what to expect. In a matter of hours her life had changed dramatically and a whole new world had become her reality. One she had never dreamed would. He climbed out of the cab and waited for her, his hand out stretched, palm up for her to take. She paused and brought her fingers to her lips still remembering the kiss. She was crazy. He wasn't her type, well what she knew about him. In a crowded bar, she wouldn't of given him a second look.

“Are you coming?” He ducked his head back into the cab with a grin.

She looked up snapping back into reality. “Ah, yes sorry...” She scooted across the seat and stepped out of the cab, taking his waiting hand.

“No I’m sorry, It’s time to face the fire I'm afraid.” Using his other hand he flicked his hair out of his face and tugged her up the path.

They hadn’t even made it to the door before it swung open and a guy in tight white jeans, cowboy boots and a black ripped shirt strode out. His hair, a wavy golden brown mullet hung to his shoulders.

“Hey there he is! Jesus Jonny, about time. Doc's broken out the whiskey...what's going on?” He slapped Jon on the back as they climbed up the porch.

“What, he didn't tell you?” Jon asked surprised.

“Nope. Just said we needed an urgent meeting and fast. Richie's here but Tico was unreachable, probably got himself buried in some tight pus-”

Jon held up his hand to stop him, Christ even he knew how to act in front of a woman. “David, this is Callie. Callie, this is David. My keyboardist.”

She just nodded, “Hi.”

“Callie...” David stood and folded his arms in, his brow creased. “Now, I do remember you from last night – you blew me off. For this...?”

Oh god, what did you do last night Callie? Seriously? Five years as a straight shooter in law school, and then one night you let your inhibitions loose and can't remember a damn thing. “I – I can't really remember too much about it.”

David chuckled. “No surprising with the amount of rum you were drinking...” He widened his stance. “So are we getting married then?”

Jon and Callie's eyes both widened. “What are you talking about Dave?” Jon asked cautiously.

“Callie and me – she told me she'd marry me if you wouldn't do the deed with her. I'm not really into being your sloppy seconds but how about it little lady?”

As David winked, she felt all the color drain from her face. She didn't. It was her idea to get married? Oh fuck, seriously? Where were your brains last night Callie. She glanced sideways at Jon, whose smirk had just grown wider.

Down his throat – that's where.

“She can't – she's already taken.” Jon said proudly flashing his hand in front of David.

“Ohhhh, man! This is so what Doc's all pissed about isn't it? You got hitched!”

Callie rolled her eyes, now they were proud? Good grief. She snatched Jon's hand away from David's. “This is not funny Jon.”

“Oh I think it is. YOU wanted to get married. YOU, not me.” He flipped her grip and braceleted her wrist leaning in closer.

“Was it funny when you kissed me back in the hotel?” he whispered, a quirk twitching at the side of his mouth.

She pulled from his grasp, her heart drumming loudly against her chest. “That, like this marriage. Was a mistake.” She hissed.

Jon let her go and just nodded, mistake my ass. Her flavour had stayed on his tongue the whole way over, he wanted more. He wanted to know if her skin tasted the way her kiss did.

“Whoa, watch out Jonny. She's a ball breaker.” David teased, as he stood back the jingle of necklaces swayed on his chest.

“So who is this Doc? The devil or something?” she asked mercilessly trying to change the subject.

Jon snorted, “You could say that. But nah, he's our manager he's mostly a good guy. He knows what he's doing. We're going to be world famous don’t ya know?” He held out of his hand to lean himself against the porch post.

Callie smiled, as much as she hated to admit it. These guys were nothing like the cliché she had built in her mind up about these sorts of boys. Cocky, yes. But there was something genuine under all those colors and chains.

As David opened the door, he paused. “Did you guys register? Do I need to get you a present?--Ow!” Jon's fist connected with his arm as he held out his hand for Callie and let her inside.

They walked in and Callie was presented with a short stocky man making inroads into the carpet as he paced. He looked up when they both came in and stopped.

“Nice of you to fit us in to your busy schedule. Are we not off on our honeymoon today?” He asked sarcastically.

It'd been just seconds but Callie had taken an instant dislike to this man.

“Look Doc, we'll sort this out. It was just one of those things. We were drunk and well decided somehow it would be fun to get married. It was stupid we know but it’s done now.” Jon sat down on the oversized leather couch and patted the space next to him for Callie.

She joined him and stayed silent to see what played out, trying hard to concentrate on the conversation at hand, while in the back of her mind she was wondering if her family and her firm had heard the news. She was going to have a lot to answer for that was for sure.

“One of those things? You have no idea Jonny. It was careless and stupid alright. We have to front up to the radio station in less than two hours with a plausible story around this. How could you do it? We just got Runaway out there on the waves, and you go and do this.”

“Doc, listen, Callie is a lawyer, and she’s going to talk to some of her people about this. See if we can resolve this quickly or something...” He wanted to shake Doc sometimes. He knew Doc knew the industry a lot better than he did right now, but man he swore one day he wouldn't be jumping through god damned hoops for anyone.

Doc raised an eyebrow. “A lawyer huh? Well that could work in our favour. And you think you can clean mess up and quick?”

Callie nodded, “I can try – there are a few clauses around marriage and annulments but I can see what we can sort out.” She glanced at Jon, his playful cockiness had vanished. He was as serious as Doc was in this matter, maybe his career mattered more to him than she thought.

“Right ok – so are you able to go and sort that out right now? I need to know what's happening before this interview at noon. The airwaves are going crazy, about your so called marriage. Did you freakin’ broadcast it to the masses last night or something?”

Jon shrugged, “I guess we did. All I know is we woke up in bed. Married.” And damn it, I can't even remember sleeping with her.

“Alright, well you get out of here, go see who you have to see and do what you have to do, so we can sort this mess out once and for all?”

She nodded, “Ok. I'll catch a cab.” She said standing. Why she felt compelled to say it she will never know. “Don't be too hard on him sir, it wasn't his entire fault.”

Doc's lips curved into a grin. “I bet it wasn't. You saw who he was, and thought what a good meal ticket huh? I know what lawyers your age are paid and its shit. What better way to secure your future than marry an upcoming rock star, who if I can help is on the verge of making millions.” He pointed a short stubbly finger at her. “And if you think you're getting one cent of it, then you're wrong. So don't come to me with all your law bullshit about having what's owed to you. I'm no fool.”

She was taken aback, how the in the holy hell could he think she married him for that?

Jon shot up off the couch and put his arm around her shoulders, out of instinct but she didn't stop him. “Hey now, don't fuckin speak to her like that. She's not in it for the damn money – we have no money remember?” he spat at Doc. He had no fucking right to assume she'd do that. He knew her better than that already.

“Jonny, Jonny don't be so naive here. This is what I am here for. To help you think with your brain and not your cock. She's pretty, I'll give you that but I'm just protecting you.”

“You're the one that will need protecting shortly,” she huffed and gathered up her things. “Where can I call you when I have news?”

“I'm going with you.” Jon said.

Callie's eyes widened. “What? You don't have to do that Jon. I can handle it.”

He shook his head. “Nope, I'm coming. It's my mess too. Besides...” he leaned forward and whispered into her ear. “I wanna get out of here for a bit. See that vein in his neck – when it's like that - it’s a sign to get the hell out of here.”

She stifled a laugh and nodded. “Thanks.” She couldn’t believe that he really wanted to go with her? She wasn't sure how to react to that. He was a decent guy obviously. And she sure wasn't looking forward to the wrath she knew was about to come from her parents. She could do with the moral support.

“We'll go to my parent's law firm. Dad will know the best way to deal with it.” She swallowed hard. The disapproving stern look of her father flashed before her eyes, the same one that she had when she originally wanted to study medicine instead of law. The one that said, you should know better than that Callie.

“Ok, let’s go then.” He led her out, Richie was coming back into the room but he didn't have time to explain.

“Hey Jonny, who's the little lady?” He ushered her to the door and looked back. Doc stood with his arms folded.

“Two hours Jonny.”

He nodded and glanced at Richie as Callie walked out to the porch.

“My wife Richie. She’s my wife.” He closed the door behind him and took a deep breath, somehow he knew that Callie's parents would be even tougher than Doc. It was time to go and face it.

March 5, 2009

Chapter Two

Callie shook his hand, and then lifted her hands to her face. “God, what are we going to do?” This was bad, really bad.

Jon’s eyes narrowed as her sheet slid down her body without the anchor of her arms, the tips of her pink nipples coming into view. She had a rockin’ body as well, too bad he couldn’t remember doing much of anything with it.

Callie looked up when he didn’t answer her and scowled when she caught his eyes trailing down her body. She tugged the sheet up and tucked it firmly under her arms. “C’mon.... are you kidding me?”

Jon held his hands up, “Hey you’re gorgeous, can’t blame a guy for looking. Just wish I could remember last night,” he grinned wiggling his eyebrows.

She huffed, rolling her eyes. Hell she wished she could remember, worse wished she had some self control. Married, Seriously? She needed to get out of there and find someone that could fix this. And fast.

“Well I wish I could too – for different reasons, obviously. I need drive back into town and sort this out.” She stood from the bed and waited for him to stand, her clothes were still strewn on the floor leading a pathway from the door to the bed.

At the silent pause Jon looked up and snapped back into reality. “Oh right, you want some privacy?” he winked standing up and taking a step back.

Callie nodded and turned her head away as his full naked form stood in front of her, “and for the love of god put some clothes on.” She shielded her eyes as she waited. It had only occurred to her now, what with the drama of finding out they were married, that he was naked. Hairy... and naked.

Jon snorted, “alright alright. Not like you haven't seen it all before you know.” He reached for his jeans and shucked them on, sucking in his gut to tug the zip up. “It's safe now.”

Callie steadied herself and looked up. Well shit, she didn't know what was worse, him naked or him in those jeans, they were skin tight and showed off one amazing curved ass. “Thank you I just-” she was cut off by the shrill of the phone.

Jon held his hand up, “Just a sec Cal.”

“My name's not--” she mumbled but he'd already picked up the receiver.

“Hey Doc,” a pause, “yeah sorry I didn't know I'd be here either.” She watched as he stood with the phone tucked under his shoulder and his finger twisting through the cord.

“WHAT?” It made Callie meet his eyes, wide and stunned.

“Shit, hold on – OK we'll be right there.” He slammed the phone down and raked his hand through that excessive mop of hair.

“What's wrong?” She dared to ask. And why did he say “We”?

“That was my manager, we've got to go. The press found out about the marriage. It's all over the radio stations.”

Her eyes widened as now it was her turn to stand stunned, “they what?” she whispered. Oh crap, the one thing she didn't want was her family to learn this the hard way. “How the hell do they know? We didn't send out a fucking press release!” she snapped twisting the sheet tight in her hand.

“I know, I know – we must have... I don’t know... told some people I guess. We were both pretty drunk right? Shit. Doc did not sound impressed either.” Jon grabbed the leopard print shirt off the floor and shrugged into it.

“We both have to go?” she whispered.

“Yeah he wants to see both of us, sorry... worst thing is we've got a radio interview in a few hours so we need to get a story together.” Doc not impressed was an understatement. He was furious. Everything like this had to go through Doc – it was an unspoken rule. Jon knew he was in trouble but also he knew he had to protect Callie as well. The press were ruthless. In his short time in the limelight he knew it already.

“Shit.” She muttered as she collected her clothing and waited for him to disappear into the bathroom before redressing.

Jon finished a quick clean up and stood folding his arms and leaning against the door frame not being able to help stop the grin across his mouth. His suspicions about what had been concealed beneath that sheet had been confirmed – she was gorgeous. Her curvy shoulders melted into her slim waist, and more freckles scattered along tanned skin. He licked his lips as she adjusted the black lacy bra, his tongue already itching to taste those pretty pink nipples that strained against the see through material. Fuck not remembering last night. He'd bet she was good in bed too – even with her no nonsense attitude.

She shrugged into a bright red shirt and knotted it loosely at the front before she caught him standing there. Had he been watching her? “What are you looking at? Wait no, don’t answer that. Just get me out of here,” she snapped, scooping up her bag and jacket and waiting for him.

He waggled his brows pushing himself off the door frame. “Alright, come on then wife let’s go and see Doc – he’s gonna kill me but least with you there he might have some manners before throwing me to the lions.”

“Don’t call me that,” She clicked her jaw. She was not ready to be anyone’s wife..let alone someone like him. They needed to get this sorted out and fast.

He snorted, he already liked her. She was a ball breaker but he bet she had a soft side that she only showed to people she trusted. Even now he knew he wanted to see that side. “Alright Callie let’s go.”

They took the lift down to the lobby and he ordered a cab to take them across town to Doc’s place. The minute the lift door’s pinged to the lobby a sea of female faces greeted them, lunging forward. Callie had no time to think let alone breath as one of the girls grabbed her hand that still had the wedding band on it.

“Oh my god it’s true you did get married!” the gaggle of girls started to shriek in disbelief, and Callie flinched as it pierced the sound tolerance of her ears.

“Hey now ladies, just calm down. Plenty of Jonny to go around.” Well fuck, what else did he say? He had no idea that there would be people here waiting for them.

Callie rolled her eyes – her husband was just charming wasn’t he? Married and promising there was more to go around. Don’t be jealous, that’s just ridiculous. You don’t even know him. But Jesus Christ they did all want a piece of him.

“But Jonnnnnnnnnyyyyy you were supposed to marry me! You promised? Remember the show last week?” the busty blond maneuvered her way to the front of the gaggle and just about knocked Callie out with her fake over-sized boobs.

Jon plastered a fake grin, one he was learning to use a lot and took Callie’s hand. He needed to get her out of there before these woman ate her alive. “It will all work out – now if you excuse me ladies I need to get – my wife home.” He clasped her hand tighter as they fell into step across the lobby.

“She’s not even interested in you Jonny, she’s trying to get away from you!”

Callie stopped dead in her tracks, tempted to turn around and clock the bitch but instead she looked up and grabbed a handful of that hair and dragged him to her lips in a kiss for all to see. She had no fucking idea what she was doing, and she was probably crazy for even encouraging him.

His lips were soft, wet and inviting as she was enveloped into his heat. This was not right, why did she do this again? She couldn't think as her body sank into his by force and not by choice.

His eyes shot open at the intensity of her kiss, he knew she was pretending but fuck if he wouldn’t have a little taste of this. Her flavor was much darker than he remembered. His arms dragged her in closer to him lifting her heels of the ground and pressing her perky breasts up tight against his chest. His tongue broke past her lips and he swallowed the little groan she gave - probably out of surprise. Finally he pulled away and grinned as she took more than a few seconds to open her eyes.

“I—“ she breathed, her lips still buzzing at his touch.

Jon winked at her and turned to the crowd of on-lookers now looking more than convinced they were an item.

“She’s a good kisser,” he winked at them and took her hand tugging her out through double doors into the crisp Jersey morning.

She couldn’t say a word. She wondered if she’d just made a huge mistake in her little public display of affection – she didn’t want him to think—god... she didn’t want him to think she’d actually enjoyed it...even if deep down she had to admit she had. They settled in the back of the cab, and as it pulled away the girls all waved them off. I need to get out of this, this is crazy – we need to get divorced and fast.

March 4, 2009

Chapter One

Monday 21st October 1985, 1.37am.

Atlantic City, New Jersey.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride!”

He leaned in close, the grin spreading all the way up to his eyes. “Hello there, wifey—“ He giggled as he leaned forward and tilted her chin with his finger as he kissed her, in a way husbands were meant to kiss their wives.

His lips were soft, like she remembered and as he deepened the kiss she melted, his arms curling around her dragging her close.

“Husband indeed,” she chuckled against his cheek and hiccupped. She squealed when he hooked his arms hands under her knees uplifting her into his arms.

“We're off – to consummate” his brows waggled as he strode out the door.

She shrieked with laughter as the colors in the room spun like a kaleidoscope as he carried her out.


Monday 21st October 1985, 11.02am.

She cracked her eyes open and stretched; she frowned when the heavy fog on her head didn't lift from a forehead rub. Christ Callie, what did you drink last night? Just one night to let your hair down, sure last time she listened to Jack. But hell he was the Firm director’s son, so it was important to go and play with the big boys. She rolled over to check the time, her arm flying out and connecting with something --- or someone.

A grunt propelled her up dragging the sheets around her. She was naked? Oh god, Oh shit. She didn't!

He rolled over shielded his eyes from the light, “Oh hey.” His sleepy grin was warm, his long honey brown hair scattered across his shoulders.

Yep. She did.

She raked her hair back from her face, “Hey...” Hey? That's all you can say, you're wrapped in a god damned sheet. Please have clothes on...please have clothes on under this. She lifted up the sheet and peeked down.


He chuckled and sat up, scratching along his chest. “Don't do this much?”

She shook her head, “Nope – can't say I do.” Callie wiggled across to the side of the bed. He just shook his head and laughed.

“I don't bite, well at least I don't think I do.” he checked over the tanned skin that was visible to him and smirked.

Oh God, and he has to treat it like a big joke. Of course. Typical male. What the hell was with his hair? Was he some sort of rock-star? Her mind flashed back to the night before. Dancing, there was a lot of dancing. Singing – yes there was that too. How on earth did I end up with him?

She was gorgeous, very girl next door with her long way brown hair that scattered over her freckled shoulders. Her soft brown eyes he remembered being one thing that dragged him into the pool of lust last night with her. But she was different, unassuming of herself. Not like the wanna be groupies that had graced his bed in the past. The long line of her neck was distracting for his mouth. If she wasn't so tense and in post-regret mode he would of suggested another tumble in the sheets. One he could remember.

Coming home to New Jersey was always fun, he looked around the room and rubbed his eyes. What hotel was he even in? This wasn't where they were last night?

“I'm going to the bathroom -” Callie dragged the sheet firmly swaddled around her leaving him with nothing.

“Oh it's like that is it?” Jon chuckled. She didn't get a chance to reply as the phone buzzed loudly on the table next to him. He reached over and tucked the receiver under his chin.


“Mr Bongiovi – this is the concierge. We're just wondered if everything is up to your standards and whether you will be needed anything in the suite, for yourself or your wife.”

Jon snorted, “Hold up – need anything for me and who?”

“Your wife sir! I’m sorry we just assumed since you asked for the honeymoon suite when you booked into the hotel...” Jon shook his head as he trailed off. Stupid shit, what else have you said when you were drunk? Really got to watch that. Doc would have a fit if he even pretended he was married, with the delicate state the band was still in.

He curled the cord around his fingers. “No we'll be checking out shortly – my...friend... and I.”

“Very well sir. We'll see you shortly.” With a click he was gone. Hotel staff always assumed the most stupid things. He was about to place the phone back in its cradle when a scream from the bathroom shot him up off the bed.

Callie had taken care of her needs and was now working on waking herself up out of the roaring going on inside her head. Damn hangovers, she was studying herself in the mirror when the glint of gold from her finger caught her eye in the mirror. She pulled her gaze down to her hand. There was a gold plain band on her wedding finger! What in the hell? Like a movie on rewind it splashed through her mind the night. As previously established there was dancing and singing – but there was more. Kissing, lots of kissing. Flirting – and drinking.

Oh god, the drinking.

She tried to steady her hand, as parts of it came back to her. The laughing, how it would be fun to get married for the 'night'. She screamed, slamming her eyes shut as the bile in her throat bubbled. She dove for the toilet, feeling her gut clench. This wasn't going to be pretty. How could you be so stupid?

The door swung open behind her, “hey you alright?”

Her husband, evidently.

She banged her forehead on the rim of the porcelain. “No I'm not.”

She felt his hand on her shoulder but shrugged it away, “Please don't.” Her mind was trying to make sense of how to approach this. What to do? But the logistics of the situation left her wanting.

“Least let me hold your hair, back – you don't want that in the way. Believe me I know.” Jon said sifting his fingers through her silky hair. It was then he saw it. His wedding finger, the same band that was on a finger curled around the edge of the porcelain.

“What the fuck?” he pulled away holding in front of his face. They didn't?

Oh fuck, they did.

Callie recomposed herself and pulled up to look at him, tugging the sheet with her. “You don't remember either?” He was staring at his finger as if three heads had popped out from his hand. Nope, he didn't remember either.

“Well shit, we got married?” he asked, he didn't know what else to do except laugh.

She snapped her head up to his. “We've just made a stupid mistake and all you can do is laugh?” What the hell? Didn't he realize what this meant, they were screwed. Well she was.

“Hey – calm down ---err....” Holy fuck, he didn't even know her name. This was insane, she was now his wife and he didn't know her name. He snorted and held out his hand. “I'm Jon, and you are?”

She gathered up the sheet from the floor and stormed right past him, how the fuck could he possibly think any of this was funny? “I'm pissed,” was all she could say as she marched back into the bedroom.

Jon rolled his eyes and chased after her, “hey, ok ok. I'm sorry. You're obviously annoyed at this but we can fix it, I promise.”

He was thrown off balance when she whirled around and pointed her finger at him. “Fix it how? Wave a magic wand and it all goes away? Tear up the marriage certificate...God only knows where that is. It doesn't just go away Jon.”

“C'mon, I know that. I'm just trying to keep it light. We'll get a lawyer and sort it out.”

She raked her hand through her hair and sighed. “I am a lawyer Jon, and we're screwed. I'm screwed.” She did not need this, Callie Richards had come fresh out of law school and straight into the pit of hell. As a rookie district attorney from a long line of respected and successful lawyers in her family, she did not need this. It was already hard enough being a woman in a male dominant profession as it was.

“You're a lawyer?” He couldn't help not picture her in a tight fitted business suit with her hair pulled back and her mile long legs stretching out under a short skirt.

“Yes, I am. And it's not that easy to fix this.”

“Well do you have contacts that you can ask, you know to sweep this all under the rug?”

She chuckled, who the hell was this guy? Apart from the obvious.

“No Jon, it doesn't work like that.” She dumped herself down on the bed and closed her eyes.

He sat down beside her and put his hand on her sheet covered knee. “I'm sorry – I don't remember why we decided to get married. Believe me it's not in my best interests to be married right now either. My manager is going to have a coronary.”

“Your manager?”

“Um yeah...I front a local rock band. Our first song was a big hit locally....Runaway?” He explained.

She shook her head, unfamiliar with the tune.

Ooh, she's a little runaway
Daddy's girl learned fast
All those things he couldn't say
Ooh, she's a little runaway
Daddy's girl learned fast
Now she works the night away.

He sang some of the chorus.

“Hmmm sounds kind of familiar...what the hell...”She looked up at him, meeting his gaze. Was he kidding? Like this could get much worse. She was not only married to a complete stranger, but he was a rock star? Well that explained the hair. It was ridiculously overgrown. She ignored the impish grin on his mouth, and the baby blues he probably pulverized women with all the time.

“Well least that's one thing we agree on – we have to keep this quiet as possible. Least till we figure out what to do.” Her mind derailed at the thought. She had no idea what she was gong to do. Who she could even tell? If word got out that Callie Richards had got married to a wannabe rock star on a whim...her career would be over.

“You got it wife.”

She managed a small smile. She wanted to hate him, god she did. But it seemed she was just as much to blame for their situation as he was. She held her hand out to him.

“Callie. Callie is my name.”

He took it, wrapping his hand around hers and shook it. “Pleased to meet you Callie."