March 22, 2010

Chapter Fifty-Five

“What do you mean you haven’t had a chance to look at the Hodge file?”

“Dad, I told you—I just got back from Chicago and I’ve got an assignment due tomorrow, and I have labs to prepare for.” Callie flopped down onto the couch stretching the phone cord as far as it could go. The flight home was hell, and the opportunity to read her text books turned into baby-hell all the way back to New Jersey.

“I didn’t think you were with that Jon anymore, so why on earth did you agree to support him. Sherwood told me you took over from him, Callie you’re a brilliant lawyer but Sherwood is the top in his field.”

Typical, he only compliments me when it’s something he approves of. “Yes Dad, he may be but his interests were in the wrong place. He wanted to make this a media sensation given that Jon’s band has just launched into stardom. Sherwood Manning only saw dollar signs and diamonds, not the core issue here.”

Pierce Richards chuckled, “oh Callie. Why do you think he’s the best at what he does? He chases the big cases, without an emotional investment in them.”

She rolled her lip under her teeth, her head already pounded and her ears still rang from the high decibel screaming baby. “I’ve got it now. That’s all that matters and my investment in Jon is none of your business.” Her eyes widened and she closed her mouth again, shit where did that come from?

“I beg your pardon young lady?”

She rubbed her temples, “look I’m tired Dad. I’ll get onto this stuff in the morning and have it to you by midday. I promise.”

The line crackled and fell silent for a moment. “Fine.”

Her lips curved into a smile as she hung up. No lecture? Well, shit. She’d managed to stand her ground just once without folding and feeling like crap. She actually felt pretty good about it. She popped the kettle on and slipped into slippers and arranged her books on her desk to do a couple of hours of study before she fell into her bed.

She’d just poured her tea when the phone shrilled again, Damn that was too good to be true. “Hello?” She knew her father well enough to know he’d stew over the way she spoke to him.

“Hey Baby.”

The knot in her belly curled and the grin escaped her lips, “hey you. You made it home ok?”

She slid down the wall, bringing her knees to her chest. “Yes, god—let me tell you that was a flight I do not want to re-live. Ugh.”

His laugh vibrated in her ear, “god Callie. When I am really rich I am no longer flying coach. I’m having my own plane.”

Her fingers curled around the phone cord, “oh yea? Is this along with the big rich splurging we’re doing when you start to rake in these millions?”

“Babe, I’m going to treat you like a fucking queen.”

Her gaze drifted over the large pile of books on her desk, “I look forward to it. You sound awfully chipper for no sleep? Where are you guys now?”

“Somewhere in the mid-west. You’re not the only one to notice, my asshole band-mates haven’t stopped giving me shit since you left.”

“Oh yea? In a good mood are we? What ever could have caused that?” She smiled and closed her eyes, she felt at peace. The world was still spinning outside her, and outside Jon’s world. But for now, the sound of his voice and the promise that they’d work through this—brought her peace.

Maybe he’d been the one to make her see what she wanted out of life, the one that pushed her with tough love to make the move. But now she was doing it by herself, god did it feel wonderful. Scary as hell, but empowering all the same.

“I apparently am an ass when you’re not around.”

“Noooo--you an ass?” She teased, oh my how things had changed since the air was cleared between them. A part of her still worried that he’d hurt her again, she wanted to believe he wouldn’t. She chose to believe him, but the comfortableness between them right now was something she’d missed for so long. Something she didn’t know she had ached for, until it was back.

“Hey now—just because you’re this hotshot medical student now, you can keep the smart assed comments to yourself. And besides, you sound like you’re in a pretty good mood for someone that had a screaming kid on a plane all the way home.”

“Ha! Well, Dad just called before. I actually thought that you were going to be him calling back.”

“Oh yea and what did my favourite ex-father in law have to say for himself?”

Callie paused, yes they were divorced again but she wondered what this meant if they actually managed to have a successful relationship beyond all this? Would they get married again? Maybe they could actually do this like normal people did, perish the thought. “He just wanted to know if I had done some work for him that I had promised, and I hadn’t because of well—you know. I’ve been tied up the last couple of days.”

“Was he angry?”

She laughed, “yeah—a little. And went on and on why I was helping you out so I told him, it was none of his business what my investment is in you, and that was that. He didn’t say a thing, I think he was in shock.”

“I bet he was, he’ll now be thinking I’m a bad influence on you. You know that right?”

She smiled, and it was quite the opposite. “Yeah, he can think what he likes.”

“I wish you were still here.”

“I do too, but I’m glad for the time to clear my head. I need to sort out my life Jon, and make sure I’m ready to take on your whirlwind one.”

“Whirlwind huh? I guess that’s what you could call it.”

It never occurred to her until now, maybe that was the appeal she had to him. His constant, in his crazy topsy-turvy world she was something normal for him. “I don’t know how you keep your head screwed on, or stay sober for that matter.”

“Well, sometimes you just want the high to carry on long after the show. It becomes addictive, really quick. Like the attention did.”

She nodded, “I can understand that to a degree like we talked about.” She pursed her lips before she continued, “Jon, I’m willing to work through this and work out us—but I want you to know, that I won’t stand for any cheating again. Ok?”

“And you don’t deserve anything less Callie, believe me. I meant what I said, what I showed you…we’re up against odds from hell I’m sure. But I want to make this work, more than I want my music to be successful.”

She swallowed the lump in her throat. “You don’t have to choose Jon. I’d never make you.”

“And that’s why I love you.”

She wiped her cheeks with the back of her hand, “stop making me cry dammit.” Her heart felt lighter than it had in months.

She could hear the smile in his voice, “I just want to you to know, I’m serious this time. That’s all.”

“I do, I just need a little bit of time to put this right in my head. But I do too Jon, I really do.”

“Good, because I kind of like the idea of a built in Doctor.”

Callie snorted, “That’s all I am huh?”

“Oh sorry and sex slave.” His voice went low and raspy in her ear, and a flash of him above her pricked the hairs up on her arms.

“That’s not nice Jersey.”

“You’re imagining it now, aren’t you? Me all over you, destroying every little inch of you.”

“You know that’s not fair.” She leaned back, relaxed against the wall as they laughed and talked. Like they used to. After thirty minutes his voice was beginning to crack.

“You should be going and drinking some tea and resting your pipes Jon.”

“Yea—another concert tomorrow. Just not a lot of time to rest.”

“Well make sure you do—how sore does it get?”

“It’s not that bad, just a bit raw sometimes.”


“Ok it’s been sore. I’ve got pain killers from Doc.”

Callie sat up straighter, “Jon—that’s not going to help anything, you need to get it seen to. When you’re back in Jersey for the court case I’ll take you myself. Try honey in the tea—and lay off the alcohol. It will numb it but not actually help it.” She’d seen the schedule he’d showed her in Chicago, Doc had them doing show after show for months.

“Ok, ok---see live in doctor.”

“I’m serious Jon, you need to take care of it.”

“I know, I know… I will and I’ll see someone with you.”

“Good, you only have one throat Jon so don’t try and be superman about it.”

“Yes m’am…god I’ve missed having you around.”

“What to boss each other around?”

“Works for me.”

She sighed, the books were calling her and so was her bed. Maybe if she went to bed now, and then got up an hour earlier when she was fresh she could re-focus.

“Ok Jon, won’t this call be costing you a fortune?”

“Doc’s paying—it’s the least he can do when you’re saving his ass.”

“Touché—but it’s your money Jon he’s probably using.”

“He says that when we get our monies through from the tour so far—we’re going to have heaps.”

Callie stood and stretched, “when that happens I want to know what you get and I want to know what he gets—and once this court stuff is over, we’re reviewing your contracts and putting you in the driver’s seat.”

“I did tell you I loved you right?”

“Yeah you did---now go and get some sleep. I know I need to.”

“Ok baby, and Callie…”


“Thank-you, for just being you.”

“You’re welcome now go and rest that throat, and that is a Doctors order.”

She crawled into her own bed a little later and smiled into the pillow as she hunkered down. Maybe things were going to be alright between them, she just had to get through the week and then get the court case out of the way.

Just maybe.

March 20, 2010

Chapter Fifty-Four

Jon rolled over, stretched and adjusted his eyes. The room was still dark, and the sound of rain pinged off the steel railing from the balcony. He reached out for his bed mate but cotton just bunched under his hands. He shot up, “Callie?” He squinted at the alarm clock, it was after three in the morning.

He ripped the blankets back and found his pants, cursing when he remembered they were his stage pants and he had no cigarettes on him. He stood at the edge of the open door watching the rain splash onto the terrace. He raked his hand through his hair and sighed. Where the hell did she run to? His dick was still raw, and the scent of her was stuck all over his skin.

He felt like they had connected, really connected back in there. He didn’t know what else he could do otherwise, to show her what she meant to him. He was in unchartered waters, he wasn’t used to being so serious about a girl and he didn’t ever expect it would happen.

He turned at the click of the door and breathed a silent sigh of relief when Callie slipped back into the room.

“Hey.” She shrugged her coat off and propped the two paper bags down on the counter.

“Where did you go? It’s blowing like crazy out there.” She dug into her pockets and threw him a packet of cigarettes.

“Thanks, you didn’t have to—did you get food?” He asked hopefully as his belly rumbled.

“Yea, I was hungry. I figured you might be as well.”

He edged across to her and took her hands, she backed away but only a step. His mouth found hers in a slow sweet kiss, “Thank you. I’m starving. I thought you’d gone to be honest.”

She pulled away and chuckled. “No, I’m not running. Not this time. I’ve got an early flight out I thought I’d eat. I couldn’t sleep anyway.”

“Oh?” he sat down on the edge of the bed and she flicked on the bedside lamp.

She handed him a bag, “burger. Just the way you like it.”

They were comfortable in each other’s presence but there was a thickness that still hung between them. “Why couldn’t you sleep baby?” What he really wanted to know is if they were ok, if his words last night were enough.

“You realize you’re still naked right?”

His lips curved, “competition for your burger?” He wiggled his eyebrows and took a bite.

She laughed, “Jon.”

Here it comes.

“Yea?” He took another bite and faced her. Her eyes were still a little sad, which pulled at his gut. He knew things couldn’t be fixed in the blink of an eye but god if she could just stop looking so sad.

“I want to be with you. I really do, but I just need to sort out all that’s going on in my life. Can you give me a little time?”

His heart sank, he couldn’t say no. He nodded, “I can do that. Do you forgive me Callie? For all this mess I got us into, and all the stupid mistakes I made?”

She unwrapped her own burger and took a bite. “Yes, I do. “

He licked the sauce off his thumb, “thank you.” He brushed away her hair and brushed his thumb along her cheek. “I am really sorry for being an ass.” Ok. So it wasn’t the outcome he’d wanted straight away. But he could live with knowing they were going to be ok, in time.

She was probably right, he was in the middle of a whirlwind tour, and she was studying her ass off. Plus they had the court case to get through. And god knows what the fuck was going to happen with that, but he trusted Callie to get them the best result possible. The Bongiovi stamp of trust didn’t come easily especially when it concerned his career. But with Callie, he had no doubt.

“I wanted to deny that I still felt something for you. I was certainly in denial that was the reason I came here to help you.”

He managed a small smile. “I hoped that was the reason.” They finished their burgers and Callie cleared away the rubbish. “Mind if I have a smoke?”

“I bought them for you didn’t I?”

“No lecture?”

“Not today, but once I become a doctor I will nag.”

It was his turn to laugh, “You’re going to make a great doctor. You know that right?” He grabbed her arm and drew her in closer. His fingertips drifted down her arm, “maybe I don’t need a smoke right now.”

“Oh really?” Her eyes sparkled back up at him, “if I didn’t know better I’d say that you were trying to get me back into bed Mr Bongiovi.” She smiled, and this time it reached her eyes. He’d been waiting to see that for a long time.

He cupped her neck and leaned in, she still smelled fresh from the rain and sweet like Callie. His mouth settled on hers in a slow kiss. “Maybe I am.” She squealed when he scooped her up and headed back towards the bed.

He lay her down and crawled over her, kissing her gently. His half hard cock bumped against the denim of her thighs. Clothes were now an inconvenience as he quickly made light work of her jeans. His mouth fastened onto hers and she coiled her arms up around his neck.

“Any problem with that?” His brow perked and his gaze fell back to her lips.

“None.” He dragged her top up kissing her belly up to her breasts, she moaned and closed her eyes as nudged her nipple through the lace. He rested his elbows at each side of her head and braced her gently.

“Look at me.”

He slid into her and groaned as her mouth parted, his movements were slow and fluid began to build them both up all over again. Time could stand still as far as he was concerned, especially when he had looming more concerts than body parts to count them all on. She tightened around him and their kisses became faster, urgent and in time with their rhythm.

She fell over the edge and he shattered curling her around him, as they both rode through it. Sweat and skin mixed together in cocktail of sex and rain as they both drifted off, contently.


She yawned and stretched into a cocoon of heat and fur what had to be a few hours later. The sun started to peek through the high windows as she cracked an eye open to look at the bedside clock. She groaned and slid out of his grasp, quickly redressing, her flight was in just a couple of hours.

She carefully scooped up her things and tried to pack quietly, which didn’t go to plan when her hairspray canister smacked the bathroom floor and rolled. “Shit,” she gathered the rest of her things and picked up her hairspray and walked back into the room.

“I woke you didn’t I,” she dumped the things in her bag and zipped it up. He was sitting up with his knees up, the sheet pooling around his waist.

“It’s ok—I wanted to see you before you went.”

He rubbed his eyes and she slid her shoes on and perched on the side of the bed.

“You should get some more sleep, you move onto right?”

He nodded, “yup. Another town, another couple of concerts.”

Callie laughed, “Just every day for you now, your reality, superstar.” She lifted her hand and brushed his hair back and cupped his cheek. Something had shifted between them last night, something Callie thought was good. She needed a bit of time to get herself together but once the court case and things had settled down. Maybe, just then maybe something could work with them.

He chuckled, took her hand, kissed it and held it. “Thanks for coming out here, and sorting out something that I just had no idea how I would have, without you.”

“Your welcome. Can you just keep an eye on him? And make sure he stays out of trouble. Or my case won’t stand up.”

Jon nodded, “don’t you worry. I’ll be keeping a fucking eye on him.”

“And, do I have to go and see Richie and ask him to keep an eye on you?” Jon looked up and met her gaze, his blue eyes were dull and tired.

“No, I will. I don’t deserve you Callie.”

She smiled and leaned in, their noses bumping. “You do. Just look after yourself Jon.”

“As long as you do it as well, Doctor.”

Her eyes flicked down to his mouth and back to his eyes before she pressed her lips against his. “Deal. Now see you in a few weeks when you get back to Jersey for the court case.”

“Can I call you?” he asked bringing his hand around her neck and drawing her in.

“I expect it.” The kiss was slower, softer as she closed her eyes and let his tongue slide through her lips. She moaned and her hands shot up into his hair. He shifted her forward onto his lap so her knees straddled his waist. His mouth left hers and slid down the long line of her throat. His tongue traced back under her ear as she buried her face into his hair. Her toes curled as she savoured this last moment with him, she needed her heart to be sure so she needed just a little more time that he’d agreed to.

How could a man do so much to someone? Infuriate the hell out of you, with his honest comments that were always right. He knew her so well, and that still scared her. But then she had to remember, she knew him so well and knew that he was stubborn and would never give up on something he wanted, at all cost, even if it killed him.


He locked his hands on the small of her back and held them there for a moment. “I do have to go Jon, I haven’t even had a shower and I’ll miss my flight if I don’t leave soon.” Her skin still smelled like him, she must have looked like crap but right now she didn’t care.

“I know,” he pressed his forehead against her and their lips met in a short sweet kiss.

“Call me tonight?” She leaned back, still locked in his grip.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

March 11, 2010

Chapter Fifty-Three

Callie melted into his arms as he turned her and slowly pushed her back towards the room. His mouth, hot and lethal burned down her neck. She gasped as she bumped into the door and he pressed his body against hers pinning her. Her heart thundered in her chest, could she really give herself over to him again? Could she really risk having her heart smashed into a billion pieces again?

Her belly flipped, and her heart sank. His genuine eyes and warm smile lured her in head first. “I-I-I.”

He cupped her jaw and kissed her, “I want to destroy whatever was Callie, so all you know, is me.” He punctuated each sentence with a kiss, her knees grew weak like arrows had been shot through them.

She wanted to be destroyed, in only a way he could. His thumb swept away her tears and his hands dragged up her body peeling her top off up over her head. His mouth followed slowly sipping from her. Her hands wound themselves through his hair, and his clever mouth found her nipple beneath the lace of her bra. She crashed against the door, hoping it would hold her as long as she needed to while she was coming under assault from his mouth.

The night howled around them but it didn’t matter, she stood in the eye of the storm where the sheer force of him could have flattened even the strongest structures. His fingers hooked under her knee and locked her leg up over his hip, giving him full access for maximum damage.

Fingers slid through denim until he found lace and heat, and her head fell back against the door. “Jon,” her breath stumbled in her throat and her eyes slammed shut he licked, nipped and teased the holy hell out of her. His thumb flicked her clit, and everything inside of her curled in and tightened. No one could touch her the way he could. His breath was hot against her neck and white-blinding heat bubbled up inside her as her last defences shattered in his wake.

Their eyes met and his lips curved, “clothing is now optional.”

She nodded as her hands bunched in his shirt, and fumbled with his buttons. She yanked it off his shoulders. He lifted her up and she wrapped herself around his waist, rain dripping off them leaving blotches all over the carpet. “I should get some towels.”

Her ass hit the bed and he arched over her flattening his hands on hers, “don’t care.” The kiss was slow, and his tongue curled around hers tasting every corner of her mouth. The smell of rain and sex swam between them as he popped open her bra clasp and filled his mouth with her breast. The room spun and she started to unwind, ten months of being wound up tighter than a spring had taken its toll. Why could he always make her feel

Her worries and her fears floated away as he made quick work of her jeans and boots, kissing down her belly. He opened her up and crawled back up over her bringing his mouth down to hers and flooding her with him. They met in a long slow kiss and she wound her arms around her neck and sank into him. Spice mingled with rain slicked hair as it fell down around her. It ached in her gut that she still loved him, as she’d lost the fight to not.

He pushed her hair back with his hand and kissed her forehead, nose and then her lips again. She reached down to his jeans and tugged on the buckle but he backed away down her body. She rolled her lip under her teeth and sank back into the pillow as his hair tickled her thighs, followed by his tongue.

“Oh god,” it rushed out of her as quick as the sensation of pure unadulterated pleasure winged up her body. Just them, just Jon, and god how much she’d missed that man. The one that could tilt her axis right off the scale in the best way. His thumb rubbed at her centre, while his tongue teased her slit. She arched at each flick, each precision of that glorious tongue driving her higher.

His fingers splayed out on her belly and the pressure from his mouth nearly spilt her in two. She reached out for him but only found sheets. “Jonny,” she propped herself up on her elbows and looked down the bed to two blue eyes glinting back at her. She bucked again when he took a long hard lick down the centre of her. Barely able to string a thought together she lay back and took his slow, long strokes.

She rose and she fell twice, shattering her into a million pieces. She needed him, more than she cared to ever admit to anyone. She loved the woman he made her feel like when they were together, and no one had ever made her feel that way before. She wanted to touch him, feel him close, and wrap herself around him until there was nothing but them.

The rain splattered against the windows and the wind chased through the open door and swirled around them, but they didn’t care. All that mattered was them, in this moment. He rose back up across her and she wrapped her arms around his neck, the last ten months had been hell if she had to be honest with herself. She broke herself apart trying to balance everything, she needed to do it, and she needed to see what Jon saw in her. What she was capable of achieving, on her own.
He chuckled as he kissed her tenderly on the lips, “just us.” She sighed and let her hands drift over his shoulder to his arms.

“Just us,” she repeated. She tugged on his jeans and he groaned, arching into her as she found him hot and hard in her hands. She massaged gently from base to top, scraping her thumb over the tip eliciting a groan from him. Could there ever change be just them? His life was so crazy, and it wasn’t about to change anytime soon. Her life was just the same, a mind fuck at times...could they really work? Could she LET them work?

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath and rolled him over, skin pressed against skin as kissed down his neck nipping over the Adam’s apple. His moans vibrated against her mouth as she headed south down his throat to his chest. His arms coaxed her gently across her back as her mouth roamed around his pecs licking the tips of his nipples. His dark flavor both excited her and made her feel alive, like no one else ever had.

His cock bumped against her ass as she moved slowly down him, tracing her tongue down the smooth groove of his v. Hands gripped her shoulders, and their eyes met. She raised an eyebrow but he pulled her back up onto his chest.

“Jon, I want to—“

He smiled but it didn’t quite meet his eyes, “No, not this time. I want you here.”

She relaxed against his chest and their noses bumped as their mouths met. His hands glided down her back and over the curve of her ass, cupping it. “I want to be here,” she teased her tongue over his bottom lip. He rolled her and locked her legs around his waist, resting at the entrance of her.

“Beautiful.” He shucked his jeans off and his lips buzzed down her neckline and
around to her ear. He linked his hands in hers and pinned them beside her on the bed and slowly entered her. She stretched around him, and accepted him whole as he swelled inside her. Her fingers tightened around his as he moved slowly keeping the movement minimal but intense. Her breaths hitched as he moved forward, driving deeper into her.

“Jon,” she whispered and swept his hair back, taking his face in her hands, angling the kiss.

His hands cradled under her back, scooping her up into his arms, she wanted to let him take, take all of her in this moment. Her fingertips dug into his shoulders as they found their rhythm with the new angle. She pressed his forehead against his, “faster.” Her breathing caught in her throat and she closed her eyes.

“I need to see you when you cum.”

Her eyes flew open, her lips curved, and he tucked a ropey strand of hair behind her ear. “I always feel so safe with you.”

His eyes locked on hers and he smiled. “Ironically, I do too.”

She moaned against his shoulder as he drew her in closer, her nipples sensitive against the soft downy fur on his chest. He cupped her ass and lifted her, dipping his mouth down to her breast. Callie shuddered as his hot wet mouth rocked her into another orgasm, still pumping inside her. Her teeth scraped freckled shoulders as he rolled her flat on her back and lifted her leg over his shoulder.

“Oh god,” overwhelmed by sensation, he kissed away tears that rolled right off her cheeks before meeting her mouth as he rolled his hips in tight. He was destroying her, little by little.

He leaned over her, increased the pace and groaned when she tightened around him once again. Sweat splashed down on her skin from his, the sound of skin against skin, and heady breaths outweighed the whistling night. She was annihilated but held on for more as his grunts grew louder, they both shouted into the night before he collapsed to her side. Her legs were tangled in his, and she binked away stars that burst before her eyes.

The sheets stuck to her skin, and soon the bitter night air chilled the sweat. She tried to roll, but her arms and legs felt like sand bags.

“Hey,” an arm reached out for her and rolled her in. She curled into his side, hooking a leg over his.

“It’s cold, “she whispered, her hand sliding into his chest hair.

“Blanket.” He heaved the blanket from the bottom of the bed and wrapped it up over them to their shoulders. He was still warm and she could feel the steady thump of his heart against her cheek. She didn’t know what this meant, had she let in back in for good? Had she forgiven him after he admitted where they went wrong? More importantly, could she really go back there, for good?

Only time would tell.

Their breathing settled and he planted a kiss on her forehead as he tugged her in close, “mine.”