June 29, 2010


July 1996

He dumped his bags, keys, and kicked the door closed. "Honey, I'm home." He ignored the red flashing light on the answer phone, flipped off his shoes and padded to the kitchen. Coffee gurgled in the pot, he noted the timer had been set to five minutes before he'd arrived home. "Cal?" He frowned and poured himself a coffee and leaned against the counter. Home, after a gruelling tour fresh from the two months in Europe, he was finally home.

Where on earth was she? All he wanted to do was crawl into bed and die but he needed to see her first. He wondered back through their expansive New Jersey home, medical text books were stacked high on the dining table like jenga towers. God, she never stopped. He chuckled, like he could talk. Callie was in her final stages of her residency and when she was done they were taking a long holiday where the words "hospital" and "tour" would be illegal.

He headed upstairs to their room and laughed, the blankets were rolled back and the curtains drawn. God, she knew him so well. She must have been still working, her hours were crazier than his tour schedules. He dressed down and sunk into the bed. Her scent was buried deep in the pillows, yup he'd missed her. He didn't remember falling asleep as the light of the en suite burned against his face. He squinted, "Callie?" He rubbed his forehead, sat up and groaned.

"Relax, lie back down, I'm joining you in two seconds flat, I'm dead." She was a vision even in her blue scrubs. Her dark hair that had been bleached by the sun tumbled low around her shoulders.

"Do I even get a kiss?" He reached out and hooked his arm around her waist, she squealed as they both tumbled back into the bed. He locked his hands at the base of her spine and he groaned as her soft body pressed against his.

"Jon!" She giggled and their noses bumped. He captured her mouth in swift kiss and tasted her. "How was the hospital?"

She sighed into his neck, "exhausting but good." He stroked her hair, she was amazing and she never complained. She was doing what she loved, and like him sometimes it came at a price. He'd learnt it the hard way after the New Jersey tour which reduced him to shreds. Callie had been there to pick up his sorry ass and kick him back into reality. She was his girl and after seven full years together he knew he was a lucky man.

"I'm done," she murmured. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the weight of her.

"Me too babe, I'm so ready for a break."

"No, I'm really done, it’s over. I'm officially a surgeon."

He grinned, "You are? He tipped her chin to meet his gaze. "Well shit, look at you, why are we still lying here? We need to celebrate!"

She buried her face back down in his chest, "too tired. Feet hurt. Brain-dead."

He sighed, "OK snooze first, then we go out."

She moaned, "OK. Can't we just order in?"

Jon chuckled, "alright let me take care of that, Dr Richards."

Jon reached for his phone, punched out a few texts and then wrapped his arms around Callie and joined her in a quick nap.


She blinked and rolled over, her head still heavy with sleep. "Jon?" Was it just a dream he'd been home? She squinted at the small white square he’d left on his pillow.

I’m downstairs.

"God," she raked her wild hair out of her face, sat up and stretched. She’d bled for the best part of five years in that hospital and finally it had paid off in ways she could only dream about. She had been offered a permanent surgical position as a junior surgeon. It was rare for someone so fresh and so quick out of their residency to secure such a thing, but she’d done it. She smiled, she couldn’t wait to tell Jon and had saved it for a moment when they were both fully functional.

They had a month off together to look forward to, as she made sure that she didn’t start till September, and god she couldn’t wait to do nothing. She couldn’t remember the last time that they both could do that. She scooped her hair back into a clip and went downstairs.

"Jon--I holy crap!" She smacked her hand against her heart as she rounded into their living room and their parents, the band and a few close friends stared back at her.

"Surprise!" Richie handed her a glass of wine, she blinked. Well hell. She didn’t quite expect this.

"What are you doing here? You just got home!" She looked down, "oh my god I'm still in my scrubs!" The room laughed and the skin up her neck flushed. She was going to kill him.

"We couldn't miss the news, you're officially a doctor now." He dramatically clutched his chest, "I think I need an exam--nakey." He wiggled his eyebrows.

"Oh dear god Richie," she kissed his cheek. "It's good to have you guys home."

"It's good to be home, here he is!" Richie raised his beer in Jon’s direction.

Jon flashed a grin as he came back in from the deck, "and there she is! Nice digs babe," he ducked as she swiped his head. She fingered the arm of his navy blue thermal, “your note didn't tell me to get changed, I thought it was just you down here," she hissed.

"You can't tell me you didn't think I was going to let this go by quietly. I'm hurt, how well do you even know me?" His smirk reached his baby blue eyes, a fleck of golden honey hair fell across his face.

They met in a kiss and held it little longer, "well enough that we should be in bed having sex right now."

He bit on her bottom lip and groaned as she subtly slid her knee between his legs. "Oh, that's coming. Don't worry your pretty little head about that."

A sharp cough behind her tugged her away. "Mom, Dad- hey." God, how did he ever get her parents here? They were not the spontaneous type at all.

"Hi darling, we're so proud of you." Her mom kissed her cheek and Callie smiled as her Dad shook Jon's hand, then wrapped her in a hug.

"You did good honey." She blinked away tears, her father seldom showed his emotion but when he did, he meant it. He'd accepted she was becoming a doctor but it had taken time for them to become close again, it would never be like it was but she had his respect and that's all that mattered to her.

"Thanks, I'm glad you guys could come. I'm going to murder Jon for letting me come down in these old things."

She chatted with her parents, Jon's parents, and their friends. Through the years her and Jon had entertained constantly this house, she could hardly remember when it was just the two of them but that's who they were. Jon had opened her up, in ways she would never dream were possible.

David refilled her glass, and they all looked up when Jon stepped up onto the Ottoman and tapped his glass. "Oh lord," she muttered.

"Ok, thank you all for coming. We're celebrating something special, my girl is a bonified doctor after years of slavery, I don't know how you did it Cal but hell, I know you worked your ass off, so here is to my girl. The Doc."

She smiled as they raised their glasses, "thank you," she mouthed back to him. He was full of damn surprises and always knew ways of keeping her on her toes, that was Jon. Expect the unexpected. He coiled his arms around her tight and she rested her chin on his shoulder
, "I love you. God, I missed you."

He chuckled and gently soothed his hands down her back over her ass, cupping it firmly. "I missed you more, and you know I love you too."

No one stayed long, they seemed to know they needed their "we" time. S
he had never felt so overwhelmed and loved in one night. She finally showered her day off and slid in between the sheets and sighed, "mmm so good." She stretched her legs out to soothe the pulsing ache through her body.

He rolled on his side and pushed up her Cami, drawing lazy circles across her belly. "Me too, we're sleeping till noon tomorrow and then we're deciding where to go on vacation."

Her smiled widened and she closed her eyes, "mmm Vacation," she purred. "Somewhere hot, where no one will ever find us."

"I was thinking Bora Bora."

She groaned, "oh yes. Bora Bora," she whispered sinking back into the pillows already imagining it was hot sand pooling around her. "You have my vote."

"I was thinking...." she cracked her eye open on his pause. "It could be our honeymoon."

Her eyes flew open, "our what?" They'd stayed content over the years, living in sin, hell they'd been too busy to do anything else. But now? She wasn't one of those girls that longed for a pretty white dress and millions of flowers, but now?

"How about it? I think it's time we got married."

"Jon--I..." words caught in her throat. It'd thrown her so off guard, like he always did she mused. Married? Now?

His eyes zeroed in on hers, and his lips twitched. "Go on you know you want to, I'm quite the catch."

She burst out laughing, "oh big ego have we? I don't know about that. You're hardly home, you're messy when you are, you can't cook, you don't clean..."

He rolled in, and pressed himself up against her, his lips millimetres from hers. "I just pay people to do all those things for us, so when we are home..." his fingers trailed down and ran along the elastic band of her scrubs. "We can be naughty."

She pushed his hair back and cupped his jaw, god love him. "I got offered the surgical contract, I start in a month." She'd been waited for the right moment to share it with just him, and the intimacy of the moment caught up with her.

His eyes widened, "you did? Already? Holy crap woman! That's amazing!" He kissed her squarely on the lips, "I'm going to marry a surgeon."

Their teeth clicked as she laughed, "I didn't say yes yet."

His kiss went sweet to hot, sizzling down her skin. "You will." She closed her eyes and arched under him and he laid claim to her, the joy bubbled inside her.

She nipped his chin and held him still, "yes."

He grinned, "yes," he whispered sealing the deal with a kiss. "I know just the place."

"Oh yea?" God, she was marrying him...it felt strange, but it felt right. He was her lover, he was her best friend and she knew he always would be.

He wiggled his brow. "Atlantic City baby." 

June 27, 2010

Chapter Sixty-Five

Philly 1989.

Her heels clicked on the pavement as she pushed through the heavy steel door, VIP pass swinging. She glanced at her watch; they'd be due to go on stage any minute. It was a split decision to drive from Jersey to Philly, but hell they hadn't seen each other in forever--three weeks, five days and twenty two hours, but she wasn't really counting. Third year medical school was trying to kill her, add in a boyfriend that toured just as much as he breathed, and it was a textbook definition of disaster. Somehow, someway they were writing their own chapter of happiness in all of that. They each had to do what they had to do, understanding that made it work.

She darted past the roadies, waving and smiling back at the faces that had become her unlikely family. Humidity, the house music thumping out AC/DC, and the hum of an excited crowd was as welcoming as a hug. She grinned, spotting Richie sucking on a cigarette, his guitar slung over a jacket with more sparkles than should be humanly possible. "Richie!"

He stopped dead, talking through a haze of smoke. "Hey Doc, good to see you! We're about to go on. Jonny's gone to the waiting area--want me to go get him?"

She hugged him, smoke and liquor swirled around her. She caught his face in her hands, giving him a once over before she dragged him down for a kiss on the cheek. "No—God, no—not before he's about to go on. I don't have a death wish. I'll slip into the crowd for a bit and watch.” She clutched his hand. “Is he doin’ ok?"

Richie chuckled, hooking an arm around her neck, dragging her around his gear to kiss her forehead. "You know him too well, darlin’. See you after the show." She frowned, that wasn’t an answer, but she heard the warning shouts that signaled the guys to get their places so she let him go.

His voice had been giving him all kinds of issues, even with the cortisone injections he'd started. Plus the back to back tour dates were killing him inside out. Doc had pre-booked the dates so there wasn't much Jon could do about it, even with his new contract, without letting the fans down. This time in their careers was far too important, but it worried her that she couldn't be there when he needed someone to pull him back.

She blew out her breath and snuck around to the side entrance to the arena. Her eyes widened at the wall-to-wall faces that spread across the stadium.

Holy crap.

How he did this every night was beyond her, but he got off on it. She'd been around him enough post-show to know what it did to him before he collapsed in a heap of dead. She took a deep breath and walked into the pit with a nod from Jerry, one of the security guards. A sea of cheap perfume, blood red lipstick, and low slung spandex surrounded her. She blended in…kinda, with her jeans and blue off the shoulder top. Of course she didn’t need to flash her charms here, he’d get first crack at them after the show.

Callie pushed her way to the front and leaned against the barricade. Everyone was preoccupied with how tight Jon's jeans were, or how they were going get backstage to sleep with him after the show. She just smiled. Hell, those comments were everywhere when Jon was in the vicinity. To her it was just Jon who had a crazy job that he was brilliant at.

All this had nothing on what they had between them, she knew that now. These girls could drool over him for three hours, but she got to take the real Jon home. She loved him for reasons that these girls would never see or understand. And that's all that mattered to her.

The lights dimmed, and in seconds she was catapulted into Jon's world. The boys exploded onto stage in a flash of light and the ground shook like thunder. Her heart beat as loud as the feet stomping on the floor.

And then there he was. Jonny, singing about being wild and young in the streets. She knew the songs. She had her cassette player going while she studied, keeping a piece of him with her even when he couldn't be. That boyish smile was spread wide, his eyes sparkled under the stage lights, and he let go.

She laughed, he was so good at what he did, drawing each person in with a wink, a smile, or a hand touch. And they hung off every word, every command, for the rest of the night. It always amazed her how much co-ordination that they had, always in tune with each others movements, all orchestrated by what Jon did.

Richie smiled several times during the show in her direction but Jon hadn't seen her yet. She swore he'd look at every person except her, but she could live with that. It was fun watching him be so unaware that she was just yards from his touch.

New Jersey was her favorite album so far. Maybe she was biased since she'd been around when he wrote it. But this album was so much more personal than the first. He and Richie had written amazing songs. She smiled as the song changed and he pulled the crowd in with a rasping whisper as he talked about brotherhood, critics and clich├ęs. She wondered how many people really knew how close that was to her Jon away from this stage. Blood on Blood was her second favorite song from the album, the first being something very close to their heart.

The encore started, she squeezed past a couple of people to beat the crowds out of the pit but froze. The lights fell low, and the lone deaf drumbeat turned her, Jon stood in the middle of the stage, his guitar slung down the side, leather jacket and tight blue jeans. He reached for the microphone and closed his eyes as the crowd fell a few notches above a hum.

Woah ohhhhhhhhhhh woahhhhh ohh baby
Dont' know where to begin
Where we fit in
Livin in Sin, baby
Come over to your house
Knock on your door

She knew the medical term for blood rushing to her cheeks, but fuck if she could think of anything remotely intelligent at this point. Her belly bottomed out as her fingers curled over the railing. He stood, in his moment separated from the twenty thousand people around him. His words, like arrows in her chest as he crooned.

Her song.

Neither of them had revisited the idea of marriage over the last two years. He'd joked the song was her engagement ring, with the irony of the lyrics. Living in Sin had worked well for them. They’d never been conventional, nothing about their relationship had fit into that definition. Somewhere along the way being unconventional had become their perfect and their right.

This is me, for you.
Where do we fit in
Where to begin

His whiskey roughened voice hit her in the back of her knees. God, she'd missed him, more than she'd let herself admit to. She was so used to being independant, that craving Jon's love was something that still blew her mind.

Living on Love and Living in Sin—two lines that summed them up better than anything else in this life. Through the smoky haze, he bared his soul. Then he stood back and his eyes met hers.

"Jon," she whispered blinking away the blur.

The band lurched into the verse, he held her gaze, nodded at her and turned to the band. Richie bowed his head and gave her a sly grin. Holy Christ, her heart was racing fast enough to be a Tachycardia. Her knuckles were white around the railing as he continued the song. No one knew. That moment between them, in the midst of twenty thousand people, and no one knew how intimate he'd just been with her.

Oh god she needed to see him now.

The screams made her clench inside. Worry that he was shredding his vocal chords couldn’t combat the passion that oozed all over the stage. For her, and maybe a little bit for them, he let the crowd see his ache, feel his ache and every moment became her ache. God, body and mind screamed with exhaustion but this made the trip worth it. Skid Row joined them for the last song, and she slipped backstage.


He took his bow, waiting as the band walked off and then waved to crowd one last time. He jogged down the stairs and rubbed the back of his neck.

"I've got the physio and doctor lined up Jonny," he waved Doc away like a fly on food and searched down the hallways. Those things he had to take care of, but there was one thing he needed to do first.

He smiled when he saw her, cornered by David yapping away. God for a medical student that was burning the candle at both ends, she looked great. Her hair spilled loose around her shoulders, her blue eyes danced at David’s jokes. God he’d missed her, just one look and the throb in his throat faded away. He nudged David with his shoulder to the side, "Move Bryan, now." He pulled her in, wrapping himself around her and sighed into her hair.

"What are you doing here? Don't you have a test tomorrow?"

She linked her arms up around his neck and they kissed, the rest of the world melted aside. "It was two days ago, I have another on Saturday so I thought I'd come down."

He buried his face into her shoulder. "God, I don't know what day of the week it is. Thank you, just thank you."

She rubbed his shoulders, he took a moment. He just needed one, and then he'd be good. He needed her, and then he could go back and face the world of needles, doctors and press. "You ok?"

He looked up and pushed back her hair, he thumbed around the groove under her pretty blue eyes. "I am now. You're working hard?"

She straightened his jacket. "I do what it takes. Nothing below A's for this girl."

He smiled, and drew her in, her sweet scent more effective than any of the potions and pills waiting for him in his dressing room. "I'm so proud of you."

She kissed his chin. "And I'm of you. You killed it on stage, I didn't think you'd seen me until..."

He chuckled. "Your song." He'd seen her. He hadn't intended to sing the song at all tonight, to rest his voice from the screams, but one look at his pretty girl and he couldn't resist. Shattering her to pieces was definitely worth the pain. "You and me baby. I don't care how, and I don't care where. Just you and me." He squeezed her tight. "How long are you here for?"

"I'll head back tonight. I've got class at noon."

"No.” At her frown, he linked their fingers. “I've got to go and get the chiropractor to do his thing, get a shot, and then we're outta here. I'll have you up at seven and you can drive back then." He wasn't past begging. If he could take a few hours with her, he'd have paid in blood for it.

"OK, OK--I'll stay. Come on then, you better go and get your treatments."

His world for the past year had spun out of control. It was exciting, it was outrageous, and it was a fucking lot of hard work. But he would never change it. It pissed him off that his body was crapping out on him before he was ready, but his one constant in all this crazy mess was her.

Thank fuck for her. If he wasn't about to get a needle shoved in his throat, he'd have taken her in a back room and pounded a few orgasms out of her with the adrenaline high still riding him like a drug. The tour had been nuts, and his popularity had skyrocketed. Maybe he was arrogant but he could score any piece in this place, but he only found himself wanting one.

He tugged her into the dressing room where the chiropractor was waiting. He stripped off his shirt and lay flat on the table while Callie sat in his line of sight. He groaned as things clicked and stretched that he didn't really want to know why. "I can't believe you're here. Did you drive down?"

She nodded. Instead of the snap, crackle and pop, he admired her sparkly blue top that bared creamy shoulders he’d missed so bad. "In your new car?"

She chuckled. "Yes Jon, in the new car. It drives like a dream."

"Good." He smiled, pleased with himself. He'd bought her the car before the tour and had a helluva time convincing her to use it. Finally, the old one had died and she’d had no choice. The house thing he’d deal with when they had a break in a few months. He'd already set aside her medical tuition for the next few years. She wouldn't let him pay it, but he was still working a way to get around that. She would want for nothing when he was finished, and it was what she deserved.

He rolled over and the doctor came in. Fuck he hated needles. He closed his eyes and wished the damn thing over. He relaxed when a hand wrapped around his and warm lips pressed against his knuckles. The prick was lethal, fire flooded his blood, but he stayed there with her hand in his until the doctor stepped back. As the cortisone found a new track he finally couldn’t stand it. "Son of a bitch." He blew out his lungs as it finally eased and managed a small smile. When her face came back into focus her eyes were filled with worry and tears. He squeezed her hand. "It's OK, I'm good now. We can go."

He didn't say goodbye to the band, they were all smart enough to work out where he'd be going. Somewhere away from them, maybe it was so much touring and time together but his temper was shorter these days. So it was best to remove himself. They pulled up to the hotel, a far cry away from what they were staying in a year ago. He dropped the key card and slammed the door.

"Wow, this view is amazing Jon." The city lights sparkled against the skyline, but he wasn't interested. His insides still felt like they were burning and his body ached with a tired that blazed past the definition of tired. He needed her. He needed to lose himself in her and forget about tour dates, interviews, partying, drinking, and snorting. He just needed her.

He admired her perky ass that sat perfect in her jeans. He slid his arms around her waist, pulling her back from the window, his eyes on hers, not the skyline. "You're right, it is amazing."

In seconds clothes were strewn to the bed and he was wrapped deep in blankets, deep inside her. He kissed across her shoulder, up her neck, to her lips until gasps turned to sighs and the healing began, as always, in her arms. She was the one he could fall apart around, the one that picked him right up off the floor again. He was burning out, but never once did she complain, never once did she threaten to walk away. She just loved him.

He rolled her into his chest and laid his cheek in her soft hair. No matter where he was, no matter how many times he wondered how the fuck he was going to survive this tour, it was these moments that told him he could. As long as he had her.

The End.

There will be a short epilogue in a few days. ;) A little sneak peek into the future.

I can't thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this journey with me, Callie was very close to my own heart in many ways and like the song says, It's Hard Letting her go. All your comments, feedback, tweets etc have meant the world to me, so thank YOU for allowing me to share the story of Jon and Callie with you.

June 22, 2010

Chapter Sixty-Four

"I don't know how I will ever thank you."

Callie smiled, shuffled her papers into her briefcase, and snapped it shut. "You keep to your end of the deal, and we'll call it even." She cinched her jacket at the waist, stood and slid over a piece of paper to Doc.

"Should I get my lawyer to look at this?"

She shrugged, "if you want but it's all very clear, just like we discussed. No hidden clauses and you'll still make enough money that will keep you very comfortable."

He studied the documents and loosened his tie, "wow, you really don't miss anything. Are you sure you want to become a doctor?"

She chuckled, "I'm done with law. I'm good at it, but I'll be an even better doctor.”

Doc's court case had gone smoothly; he'd earned himself 500 hours community work and a sizeable fine for being involved in an amateur drug trafficking operation. His record was clean previously thank god so her case was pretty cut and dried. She was relieved that they hadn't chosen to make an example of him for the wider rock and roll industry, as that too could easily have happened. Now, it was time for him to hold up on his end of the deal.

He raised his brow and nodded. "Somehow, I can believe that. Ok, I'll sign. Is Jonny happy with all of this? It means extra responsibility on his behalf."

"He'll have to sign as well to make it binding, but yes I believe he'll be very happy with the terms outlined."

Doc scrawled his signature and handed the pen and papers back to her. "I was wrong about you, and I'm sorry. Thank you again for what you did."

She tucked them in the sleeve of her briefcase. "You're welcome, I did this for Jon so just be thankful. I care about him that much I had to protect everything he ever worked for because of your stupid decision making, and greed."

That's right, she too could be silver tongued.

He nodded and slipped his hands into his pockets. "I know, but just thank you Callie."

Doc left the empty courtroom, the door crashed on his way out but it was someone coming in.

"Jesus Jon!" She smiled, he'd had to wait outside during the settlement as Callie had negotiated the terms of the agreement with the judge and Doc privately. She shook her head, his suit barely stayed on his shoulders. She dusted down his sleeves as he dragged her in for a quick kiss.

"What happened? It's killing me, am I screwed?"

She traced her fingers down the lapels of his jacket, "you look cute in a suit but it's so not you."

He grabbed her fingers, "Callie, stop being a tease."

She laughed, she didn't have the heart to tease him any longer. "He's off, five hundred hours community service and a twenty-five thousand dollar fine."

His eyes widened and he grabbed her, her feet left the floor as he spun her around. "Thank fuck for that, god, thank fuck for you." His lips smashed against hers and she sighed as his hands drifted to her hips.

She pulled away, her mouth barely from his. "There's more." She brought contract up between them.

He flipped the page and his eyes narrowed. She loved watching Jon go from playful sexy to businessman Jon in an instant. His face fell flat, his eyes scanned the pages, and with the suit it just made cute. His eyes popped and she grinned. "Read the end huh?"

"You've managed to give me sixty-forty control on decisions? And then..." He pointed to the last line, "you've changed the profit margin as well, and how the hell did he ever agree to this?"

"I have my ways---let's just say threatening him with jail, made him very keen to take whatever he could."

"Holy crap! Was he really going to go to jail?"

She bit her lip, "that's what I told him...after I met with the judge I knew what he was looking for and I don't think he ever was planning to send Doc to prison, but I may have left that part out …"

Jon scooped her up close, "do you know how much I freaking love you right now?" He fingered her lip, "you are a bad ass."

"My last duty as a lawyer, had to make it count." She groaned, the warmth of his kiss touched her lips and tingled down to her toes.

He laughed and kissed her nose,” I can’t fuck believe you pulled that off. Marry me."

Her eyes widened, his eyes twinkled with mischief. "Jon, I-"

"Relax, I was teasing Cal," he rubbed her arms and stood back. "C'mon let's blow this joint and celebrate. Sixty-forty baby!"

She smiled, she had to admit seeing him so happy because of something she did was more rewarding than any of her court cases over the years. As for marriage? God, they'd agreed to stay together for now. She couldn't think about marriage right now, she loved him more than anything and she wanted to be with him. Maybe in time they would, and they had grown so much just in the last month together. They were in the middle of crucial parts of their careers and that's what they needed each other for that support right now.

"I could use a drink or two." Jon swung open the courtroom doors and held one for her. She tucked her briefcase under her arm and glanced over her shoulder to the empty room. This was part of her life she was finally leaving behind for good. She'd grown up between these four walls, it had never been a waste, and it just had never been what she wanted to do. She had bled in this room and now it was time to let go. For good.

She reached for the hand that fell on her shoulder, "I'm ready."

They walked through the bustling lobby hand in hand, Pearce Richards stepped in front of them and Callie's heart thumped against her chest. "Dad?" She didn't know what else to say, it had been less than kind the last time they'd spoken. She'd ignored the calls from her mother and her siblings which had been easy with her schedule.

He nodded at Jon and managed a small smile.” I just saw Judge Harrison, he said you did very well."

"Yes, we reached a good deal."

He sank his pockets his long woollen coat. "Are you ok?"

She raised her brow, surprised he would even ask. "Yes, I'm busy with school but doing well. This is my last court appearance."

He rolled back on his heels, "I'm pleased you're doing ok."

She stood taller as Jon squeezed her hand, "is that all? We've got some celebrating to do."

He stood aside, "of course."

Callie tugged Jon's hand and they got to the double doors when he called again.

"Callie, look your mother misses you, she's tried calling you. Why don't you come over for dinner?" He glanced at Jon, "And Jon."

She had meant to call her mother, but as per usual her mother's schedule had got in the way of coming to see Callie for herself. She sighed, "What about you Dad?" She wasn't afraid at the truth anymore. She could take it now.

"Of course I miss you, it's just going to take me sometime to get used to this."

Callie crossed her arms, "Can you Dad? Honestly?" All she ever wanted was his approval but now she knew she didn't need it.

"Of course I do," he rubbed the back of his neck. "I've said some things Callie, I'm not proud of. All I wanted was for you to be the best, you have so much talent. More than your brothers and sisters."

She sighed. "I just don't want to do it anymore. I want to be a doctor, and I’m going to be one."

He managed a small smile. "And you'll be the best."

This was as good as it got for her father to apologize, this was something Callie had wanted to so badly to hear but oddly she didn't feel as proud as she thought she would. It didn't matter anymore, she already believed she would be the best. Her father's sentiments was a nice to have, but not compulsory anymore. "Thank you Dad."

"So you'll come for dinner? Soon? Before Jon goes back on tour next week?"

"How did you--"

"I read the papers Callie, especially when my daughter is concerned."

He would never admit it but that was her father’s way of looking out for her. She glanced at Jon, "sure we'd like to come for dinner."

Pearce smiled. "Great---just call your mother and tell her what day suits you both."

"We will, talk to you soon Dad."

"Does he ever show emotion?" Jon asked as they hit the steps outside the courthouse.

"Nope, he's just not the type. That's as good as it gets." Callie took a deep breath, things would be ok. Her father didn't change his own opinions and ways well but this was something.

"Well hell, I think the old man misses his daughter." He hooked his arm around her neck and kissed her cheek. "Can't blame him really."

She laughed and they climbed into a taxi. She snuggled under his arm and closed her eyes, she was moving on for good. For better, for worse.

*Authors note: Ironic this was Ch64, and Callie's deal for Jon was Sixty/Forty. LOL ;)

June 14, 2010

Chapter Sixty-Three

Callie squeezed her eyes shut, it couldn't be morning already, could it? Ugh. She rolled over, slipped out of Jon's arm and laughed. His face was mashed into the pillow and he was snoring softly. She wished she could miss her lecture this morning, but she'd made the promise to attend every lecture, and complete every assignment the day she walked on that campus. She couldn't fall behind with Jon and Doc's trial coming up, so it was an easy choice. She slid out of bed, stepped into her jeans and retrieved her top which draped over his dresser. Jesus, she blinked in the mirror. Who the hell was that girl? She touched her swollen lips, and winced. Slashes of red painted the side of her hips, where stairs once were.

It was still early enough, she prayed Carol and John were still asleep as she crept down the stairs. The sun crept up the hallway as the morning came alive. Silence was the goal here, she needed her purse and it was somewhere in the living room, or was it the kitchen? She shook her head as she tip toed across the kitchen floor, this was ridiculous. Was she on a cookie heist? She snagged her purse off the counter, her fingers closed over the strap and victory was near.


Oh god. She smiled and turned, John held out a blue mug.

"Thanks, sorry I thought I was the only one up. I've got a lecture at eight." She accepted the coffee and took a sip.

"I'm an early riser." He picked up his own mug and leaned back against the counter. "I didn't expect you to be still alive this morning though."

Her cheeks burned, "oh?" God, for a lawyer she sucked at lying sometimes.

He chuckled, "I thought my son may have killed you last night." He winked and took a sip.

Oh man. "Um--sorry I didn't-" She slapped her hand on her forehead. She wished the ground could open up and swallow her whole. He had such a good humor about him though, if this had been her father---She didn't even want to think about it.

"Relax Callie. It's refreshing to have love-struck teens in the house again."

"Love struck? Well, I guess we are. I'm so sorry, how embarrassing."

He shook his hand, "seriously. No big deal." He finished his coffee and his lips curved. "However I'm surprised you still have your voice."

Heat shot up her neck. "Oh god." He was every bit like his son, enjoying watching her squirm. "John, I'm--"

"If you apologize to me again, I'll take back my coffee. You're good for Jon Callie. I don't think you realize how much."

She nodded, "I think I'm beginning to."

"And him for you."

Callie smiled, "most definitely. I don't think I'd be here doing all this, if I hadn't got so bored at the law function I was at and married your son. It was so ridiculous at the time, but it looks like it's going to work out."

"The best ones are at the time, and they do work out." He placed his mug down. "Can I give you a ride?"

"No, I'll just catch a taxi, it's not that far from here."

"Ok, let me at least call it for you. Help yourself to anything you want, I'll be right back."

"Thanks." How could they be so different than her parents? She had good parents, they always looked after her, they loved her but John and Carol were much more relaxed while still keeping the rule of thumb. She collected her things, wrapped her coat around herself and headed outside. Concentration was going to come at a premium today, her body ache and she would give a bunch of money to curl back up in bed. She turned as the front door opened behind her, expecting to see John Snr but it was Jon. Wrapped tight in a ridiculous blanket, his hair a wavy mess of curls.

"What in the hell are you doing?" She laughed as he opened the blanket and engulfed her inside.

"You didn't wake me. My woman doesn't leave me asleep." His lips met hers, the kiss relaxed and warm, so very them. Her hands cupped his neck as they took it deeper, the taste of musk and morning on his lips tingled in her toes.

"Your Dad knows what we did last night," she whispered.

"Baby, the whole neighbourhood does. Are you that loud in court?" His lips quirked and she smacked his chest.

"Do you know how embarrassing hearing from your father-in-law, I mean-" she laughed. It really did feel like they were married all over again, this time for real. She gripped the edges of the blanket. "It wasn't funny."

"I bet he thought it was,"

"As a matter of fact yes he did. You're going to get me into all kinds of trouble, aren't you?"

Jon kissed the top of her head and stood back as the taxi rolled up to the curb. "That's the plan."

Callie smiled. In all her life had she never expected to feel like this for someone. She opened the door of the taxi and paused, she turned and he lifted his brow.

She jerked him back and laid her lips on him, sliding her hands under the blanket, and over his shoulders. He groaned as her tongue slid into his mouth, and she let the blanket slip off his shoulders, tumbling to the ground.

His eyes popped open and he yelped, scooping the blanket up off the ground. "Fucking hell!"

The laugh bubbled in her throat. "So you do get embarrassed. Duly noted." She winked as she climbed into the car. His nose pressed up against the window.

"You are so going to pay."

"Sue me," she mouthed back as the taxi pulled away. She leaned back and closed her eyes, unable to stop the twitch on her lips. It was a good day.

June 11, 2010

Chapter Sixty-Two

"Can I help you Carol?" Callie slid out of her chair as Carol reached to clear the table.

She waved her down, "John can help me. Why don't you and Jon head into the living area and I'll bring in dessert and wine for us."

Jon stood and kissed his mom's cheek, "thanks Mom." He beckoned Callie over, "you heard the lady."

Callie placed her napkin down and took Jon's hand as he led her into the living room alone. When John and Carol left the room, she wound her arms around his waist and their chests bumped as she planted a long kiss on his lips. He ran his hands down her arms and chuckled against her teeth.

"What did I owe the pleasure of that kiss?" He asked as they sank down on the couch.

"You know what. This has been a lovely night." She watched his blue eyes dance in the dim lights Carol left glowing in the living room. She'd never felt so comfortable as she did with him and his family, and it was the oddest sensation.

"You thought that they'd pick on you? Uh uh, I'm the one that needs attention apparently. I look like shit."

She laughed and tucked a long strand of his hair back from his cheek. "Well that's no lie. You listen to them I notice." She bit her lip to hide her smile as she pretended to pout.

He leaned in and pushed her back into the couch, "oh I listen to you." It was deeper this time, the taste of whiskey and garlic from the lasagna blended into the kiss.

She rested her hands on his chest and pushed gently, "Jon, stop being naughty. We're at your parents place for goodness sake."

He laughed, "chicken huh?"

Her eyes narrowed, "don't even think about trying to trick me into anything Bongiovi. I know you." She poked his chest hard but he grabbed her fingers and kissed them.

"Yes you do." The back door slammed and thundered through the house as his father came back into the room, dripping over the carpet.

"Storm's rolling in out there. She ain't pretty." He shook off his jacket and made his way back into the kitchen. Jon leaned over and peeked out the curtains.

"He's not kidding either, it's coming down in buckets out there."

The clatter of china accompanied Carol as she came back in and laid down the coffee and dessert. "You kids should really stay the night, no point in travelling in that sort of weather. Jonny's room is already made up."

Callie's eyes widened. "Oh, we wouldn't want to be any trouble Carol. It's a short taxi ride back to my place."

John Snr came back in and handed Jon another glass of whiskey. "Get this down you son. We've added cloves and ginger in it, good for the throat."

Jon sipped it and screwed up his nose, "how many shots of whiskey pop?"

"About three, or so." He winked at Callie as he sat in his armchair.

"Jon doesn't need to get drunk John. He's done enough of that on tour don't you think?"

"Relax Carol, it's just a few drinks with his old man. He's relaxing, and that's the main thing. Right Callie?"

Callie laughed as Carol raised her brow, "oh I'm with Carol on this but it doesn't really matter. If Jon wants to do something, he's going to do it anyway."

The room burst into laughter and Carol patted her shoulder. "You're going to fit into this family just fine. I'll get us more wine, since you're staying."

You couldn't really argue that much with her, she was like Jon in that her mind was already made up, she mused. Carol came back with the wine, served up dessert, fussed over Jon and then relaxed. She was lucky enough to hear about Jon growing up, and the mischief he got up to with his two brothers which wasn't surprising at all. Carol and John weren't walkovers but they certainly backed Jon in what he did, and had made sure they were tough on him to get where he wanted to be now. And that was the difference, they were tough in the right ways, not the ways her father had been to her. What surprised her the most is that they showed interest in her career, the same way they spoke to Jon around his. That was what was heart-warming.

John and Carol headed for bed around midnight, with Carol dragging her staggering husband with her. Callie laughed as Jon tried to move from the couch, but he flopped back down. An empty bottle of scotch and two glasses that gleamed in the light were the culprits. "Come on you, silly boy. We'll get you to bed."

She squealed as he tugged her in, and she lost the floor under her. She pressed her palms to his chest and steadied herself as his naughty hands slipped up her shirt. "Jon," she hissed. "We're in your...oh god," she groaned as his clever thumb flicked her nipple.

"You were saying?" His eyes sparkled and his fingers curled into her waistband of her jeans. She slapped her hand down on his, "Jon--your parents are just out there somewhere."

Her head tipped back as his lips slid up her neck to below her ear. Her toes curled and skin buzzed, how was it that she used to have some of the best defence skills that a court room required, but this man's mouth was more powerful than the sharpest DA's tongue.

"Then you're going to have to try and not to scream." His hot breath swirled around her skin and she closed her eyes. "Think you be quiet?" The tips of his fingers reached and grazed down the crease of her thighs, "for me?" He was killing her, she cupped his wrist tugged it back.

"Jon," she hissed and popped up on her feet, him still firmly attached to her.

He pushed back her hair and kissed her full on the lips, "to my room." He walked her slowly backwards until ankle hit step. The weight of him pushed her back, as he carefully lay her down on the stairs, "oh Jesus-Jon, please not..." the groan from her throat wasn't one she'd heard before as he bunched the cotton of her top and his mouth scraped up her belly to the edge of her bra.

She arched and gasped as he hovered over her like a hungry lion over his prey. His eyes darkened and swirled with a lust that she'd never seen before. He wouldn't do her on the stairs, right here? Where anyone could walk out and see her spread naked helplessly under their son. But oh god, she needed him. The pulse of heat inside her threatened to burst and she wouldn't care where she was, as long as he broke her, in the best way possible.

He flipped up the her cups, her nipples tightening as his gaze rested on them. His mouth swallowed one whole, sucking, licking as she reached out for the banister. His fingers danced around her heat before plunging in, with no chance to breathe, let alone think. His rhythm jerked her body, her nails dug into his shoulders as the back of the step jammed into her head.

Bolts of pleasure zinged to her toes, her teeth dug into her lip as held on, held onto the control that dissolved quicker than sand in an hourglass. The pad of his thumb flicked relentlessly and her fingers craved skin. The first orgasm slammed her, and she bucked, all parts of her body would blissfully ache tomorrow.

His tongue teased her nipple, and he tormented her soul. She lay sprawled, maimed across the stairs as afterglow burned through her veins. Jon rose and tugged her up, her body carrying the weight of the world. She wound her arm around his neck and dragged him for a kiss, the other slipped around his waist to balance herself as her ass pressed against the banister.

When she'd come to the house tonight, she was so happy John and Carol had treated her with the respect she deserved. The way they had been with Jon made her happy, but it had also made her sad. For the longest time she always had family around her, always thought she had to have them and why she sacrificed so much of herself for it. But now she knew Jon was her family, he believed in her like the rest of her family should have, without question. The love inside her she was never capable of until now, burned bright for him. She loved him, and she knew with every fibre in her being he loved her. The way a person should be loved.

Their lips broke but she held him close, the smell of liquor and his aftershave burned her nose. Her tongue traced his bottom lip and her eyes flicked to his. "I love you."

His lips curved and his thumb swept across her cheekbone. "You might not after what I do to you upstairs." His tongue met hers and slid slowly down the side of hers, into her mouth. She crumbled into his arms as he swept her up carrying her the rest of the way. Her eyes widened as Carol and John's voices floated down the hallway. If they saw her now, dishevelled and her clothes wrecked off her body, she'd die.

Jon bent and swung the door to his bedroom open, her feet hit the ground and her back pressed against the door. The air was sucked out of her lungs as he mashed his mouth against hers. The room spun as lust and need rushed to her head. She raked her hands through his hair but he captured her wrists and pinned them above her head. Her chest rose as his gaze fell to her breasts. His free hand shot up her top and cupped her breast, his thumb dragged over the aching tip as she fought every instinct in her knees not to fold under her.

His mouth was a minefield, popping kisses over hers, her chin, across her jaw and her earlobe. His raggered breath pounded her ear, "I need you Callie."

The tingles and bolts of pleasure zipped around her, it was like being drugged, slowly and surely she was losing any control and wanted to give everything over to him. The murmurs of his parents in the hallway outside should have rung bells in her head but no. She wanted to lose it, lose herself within him. He wound her fingers up around the coat hook and released his grip.

"Stay," he commanded and his hands smoothed down her sides, his thumbs hooking into the waistband of her jeans and dragging them to the floor. He hit his knees and his mouth kept busy, she shuddered as his tongue swept around her navel.

"Oh god," she rolled her lip under her teeth as his tongue outlined the crease where thigh met hip. Her fingers curled tight around the door hook, and her other hand rested on his head. She gasped as wet warm tongue traced around the edge of her panties. The squeak in her throat became so much more. Her head hit the door as he stroked deep, blowing any idea she was going to be quiet. She screamed and lifted her leg up over his shoulder as he plunged deeper.

"Jon, oh god---I" She looked down but he didn't look up, he kept drilling her, and his finger slipped inside her and pushed her over the edge. She shook, and slammed her hand into the door. Her whole body throbbed as she slid down the door in a pile on the floor. He wound her legs around his waist and pushed back the slicked hair from her cheeks.

Her eyes met his, her chest heavy with breath, and his lips curved. "I'm so not done yet."

She kissed him fiercely, the taste of sex lingered on his lips. "I don't know if I can." Her whole body ached, and her clothes were hanging off her like she'd been terrorized. Oh wait, she had.

He lifted her up with him and backed her towards the bed. He spread her shirt off her shoulders along with her bra, letting them fall to the floor. She was floating on a fluffy cloud of pleasure. She unlocked his belt and popped his jeans open when he nodded. She curled her hand around his hot hard shaft and his hissed as he pushed her back, and tumbled them onto the bed. He hovered above her and kissed her lips gently. "You can."

Callie gripped his shoulders and lay back, her heels dug into the mattress as he slid inside her. He was gentle, and her body silently thanked him as he kept the rhythm between them. Sweat poured, skin slapped and his name was loud on her lips. She felt free, she felt safe, and most of all, she felt loved. Jon rolled them onto their side and kissed her forehead.

"Now I'm done."

She chuckled, "god I hope your parents didn't hear any of that." She buried her head into his shoulder.

Jon laughed, "they're not stupid, they know we're not playing scrabble in here." His grip tightened around her waist, "however if we were it would be safe to say I just got triple word score."

Callie snorted and rested her cheek against his chest. "You're such an ass." She closed her eyes, the steady bump of his heart under her.

"I'm your ass."

She smiled and ran her fingers through the sweaty soft hair on his chest. "Damn right you are."

It's coming!

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