September 30, 2009


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I thought it was appropriate, as a hint of future things to come this song will be featured ;)

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Would you like a teaser? Or would that be mean?

He didn’t give Callie a chance to comment as he whirled her further down the hall.

He swiped the icing across the soft curve, smothering the tight bead of her nipple. He sucked the sweet icing off his thumb and smirked, “creamy and delicious.”

His mouth hit her breast, using his tongue he swirled around her nipple until all he could taste was butter cream and woman. Her fingers wound through his hair, and her legs viced around his hips as he continued to suck.

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September 26, 2009

Chapter Thirty-Three

Callie took two steps out, and then her legs stopped working. The sea of blue, purple, yellow, red and every other color of the rainbow spilled out in front of her as far as the eye could see.

What the hell is he doing? What the hell am I doing?

Jon wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her in close, the alluring scent of oak and spice hit her as he began to sing. He nodded over to David, which prompted the soft piano melody to float across the stage.

I know it’s late, I know you’re weary
I know your plans don’t include me
Still here we are, both of us lonely

Her knees trembled as his voice, smoky and low sucker punched her right in the gut. His eyes, blue like the ocean after the storm, locked on hers and at that moment she forgot about the ten thousand people that spanned behind her. How did he always have that ability to make her feel like she was special? Like in that one second, she was the only one that mattered? He swayed her slowly as he poured out the Seger song.

Longing for shelter from all that we see
Why should we worry, no one will care girl
Look at the stars so far away

Her hand clutched her chest, she wasn’t sure if it was to stop her heart leaping out of it or not. The inky sky glittered with stars, as he sang to her and only her. Was there honestly anything better than this moment?

They had tonight.

We’ve got tonight, who needs tomorrow?
We’ve got tonight babe
Why don t we stay?

Callie’s fingers curled around his arms and he chuckled. The roar of blood in her ears was making it hard to concentrate on anything but the man’s embrace she was in. The corners of her eyes stung, as she blinked away the tears that threatened. He didn’t laugh this time, he lifted his hand and scraped his thumb across her cheek.

She loved him.

She god damn had gone and fallen in love with him. She smiled as he continued the song, her heart melting right in his hands. He may have been a jerk, but he was so infectious that once you had him. You needed him all over again. The music and the sound of the crowd faded, until all she could feel was his heart, and his warm breath heavy on her cheek.

This all felt like a dream, from the minute she married him right until now. A crazy dream, and she still wasn’t sure what this meant. How one man had come into her life and turned it all upside down, for the better. She was going to med school, she was going to become a doctor all because he pushed her. No one had ever pushed her, for what she wanted. Ever.

Her hand lifted, and she smiled back up at him. Should she tell him? Right here? Right now? How much he’d changed her life? No, she’d wait, until they were alone again. She let her arms slide around and up, so her fingers teased the hairs at the nape of his neck.

The last line of the song left his lips, and the crowd erupted as he pressed his mouth to hers. Dark heat filled her, as she rose off her tip toes. His tongue tasted each corner of her, and she let him. She moaned his name, desperate not to melt right into him and let him have every single part of her.

He broke apart and kissed her cheek. “Enjoy the rest of the show Cal.”

She didn’t remember the walk back to the chair, maybe she floated there? She sat and clutched her knees, as they quivered under her hands. She watched him sing, dance and mesmerise the crowd beyond anything they could ever imagine.

He was amazing.

A pang niggled in her chest at the thought of going home tomorrow and leaving him behind.


He was on fire.

God, the stage would never get old, for as long as he was ever allowed to perform on it. It may as well have been dusted in cocaine, as it gave him an instant high everytime.

Callie’s sheer excitement and the fact he could share this with her was adding to that high. Doc was going to skin him alive after this concert for bringing her out on stage. But he didn’t fucking care. He wanted to show her what he was doing, let her experience the dream since she came out here all this way, to take care of him.

It was the least he could do.

The sex, well hell. Who says no to sex with a pretty girl? He was a man after all. Jon rounded the stage throwing two fingers up at the band, to signal the last two songs.

The lights blared as the band took their final bows, and dispersed into the wings of the stage.

“Fuckin’ awesome man!” David jammed him on the shoulder, his jewelery jingling as he jogged.

He grinned at her, she had that look he craved from the crowd in one of his concerts. That look said, fuck me – you guys rocked. Her hair was all tossled, her cheeks flushed and her eyes were wide. She had that look.

He snaked his arm around her waist and dragged her in. The sweet smell of woman successfully outclassed the cigarette smoke that had started to drift out from backstage.

“Well?” He crushed his lips against hers and felt her sink into him.

The kiss broke apart and his eyes met hers, before dipping down to her lips and back up again. She had great fucking lips.

“That was amazing Jon.”

“I thought so too,” he smirked before going in for one more kiss.

“Not the kiss, the show silly...” Her hands slid up his pecs and her nails teased his chest hair.

“And the dance?”

He took pure enjoyment watching her cheeks flush. “Jon, no one in my life has...”

His head snapped up when a hand cradled his shoulder. “Jonny I need you to go out and see these ladies, they’re waiting.” Doc went to stride off but stopped and turned back towards them. “And you’re damn lucky they’re all still there after the little stunt you just pulled. Both of you.” And he left.

“He really doesn’t like me does he?” Callie asked with a grin.

“He doesn’t like what you represent, that’s all darlin. He is right though, I do need to go and see these girls. Sign some autographs and then I’ll be all yours.” He cupped her elbows and squeezed gently. “Ok?”

She nodded, “Maybe I should go to the hotel and wait for you?”

“Don’t be stupid – you can hang with us woman.” Richie bounded out from behind the curtains. “You know until the boss is done doing his smoozing. Then we’re partying and your coming with us.”

Jon watched his best friend anchor his arm around her shoulders, “right Jonny?”

He nodded, “alright but lay a hand on her...” Jon wiggled his finger and pointed.

“Yeah yeah, come on Cal – come and have some real fun.”

Jon rolled his eyes and went and found the swarm of girls that were indeed waiting for him. Swatched out in golds, purples, pinks and yellows they flocked to him wanting his autograph, a kiss and an occasional ass grab.

He was gonna get that baby insured at this rate. The chicks loved it. He inherited his ass from his father, not that any son should ever agree that their father had a good ass, but a fact was a fact.

Two hours later he finally finished, satisfied his customers were happy. He’d heard the band leave back for the hotel they were staying at and assumed Callie had gone with them.

“All ready to go Jonny?” Doc asked flicking his cigarette ash off the stage.

“Yeah, all done. Signed every single one of their cds and t-shirts, you name it.”

“Good, I know you think I’m harsh on you Jon. But I do want the best for you.” Jon wrapped his jacket around him and took one of the cigarettes Doc tapped out for him.

Jon leaned in and Doc flicked the flame into life. “I do know that. But I’m not a puppet.” Jon stood back and took a slow puff feeling the glass hit his lungs.

“Tell me, what is it with her? Is it just to piss me off?”

Jon rolled his eyes. In the beginning, it might have been. But in all honesty Jon wasn’t sure anymore the real reason they were still together. He’d just accepted they were.

“Not anymore. Callie’s a good woman.” She had been the only one who’d thought about his welfare and dragged his ass off for a night’s break.

“If you were honest with yourself Jon, she doesn’t fit in here does she? This is not her world you’re making her live in.”

Jon looked up, for once in his life. Doc’s eyes looked sincere with no sarcasm and no hidden agenda. He’d never really thought about it like that. She wasn’t used to this world, he’d heard the girls all after the show when they thought he was out of earshot. Bitching and moaning how fat she was, and how Jon and her couldn’t just be married because they loved each other, she was blackmailing him. He’d heard the all the rumors, and they were nasty.

He didn’t give a shit about what people said about him, but for someone as innocent as Callie was. It was different.

“Just think on that Jonny.” Doc put out his cigarette and patted his back. “Come on, better get you back.”

Jon arrived back on the floor of the hotel they were at, all he could hear was rambunctious laughter and clinking of glass floating down the hall. Crew were scattered around like bowling pins. “Seen Callie?” he asked a couple of the roadies.
They shook their heads.

Jon continued down until the heady smell of tobacco hit his lungs.

“Hey lil Mama, you need to sit here.” Alec had dragged a woman onto his lap, who was fitting with laughter. He rolled his eyes but stopped, He knew that laugh and those eyes anywhere.


Everyone turned and looked at him.

“Jonnny!” She launched herself off Alec’s knee and flung her arms around his neck, with a hiccup.

“Richie, what have you done to her?” He cupped her hips to keep her keep her steady. Her blue eyes were bright blue and glassy as fuck. He chuckled as she practically vibrated in his arms. Her lips bumped his cheek, before finding his.

Well fuck.

She tasted suspiciously like...

Jon’s eyes flicked down to the table.

“Tequila? You guys have been drinking tequila?”

She clutched at the lapels of his jacket and kissed him again.

“I’ve been a very bad girl Jonny.”

His eyes narrowed to hers, and he forced a smile. Doc’s words, as much as he hated to admit it, rang through his head.

Is it really fair to her to inflict your lifestyle on her?

Ultimately they’d stayed married to meet his needs, to piss Doc off to piss her father off. She needed to stand up for herself and do what she wanted, but so far Jon had orchestrated it all for her.

Her hair fell around his hands as he leaned further into the kiss, fuck. He felt all out of sorts, he wanted her. His dick was already waking in his pants, and all he could think about was dragging her down the hall to his own room. Here she was drunk and loose, in his arms.

Callie wasn’t loose. The girl he met weeks ago was as straight as an arrow, she could relax and he’d seen that but she still didn’t belong in this world. Fuck, Doc had been right on some level. The longer he let Callie dangle, it was cruel.
A selfish part of him didn’t want to let her go, because he had no one like her. No one that was willing to support him like she had, and be his touchstone. And she hadn’t ever been asked to do it.

That was also the part of him that growled when she pressed her breasts into his chest. He could feel her nipples dig into him through the light cotton she wore.

Fuck, he may have realized this but he was no saint.

“Come on rock-star, come and play.”

Thinking could wait for the fucking morning, it was time to play and damned if he hadn’t earned it. He had the girl, he had the booze and he had the time. What more could he possibly need?

September 14, 2009

Chapter Thirty-Two

Callie crossed her arms as she sank into the couch backstage, it was twenty minutes until Bon Jovi were due on stage. The small makeshift dressing rooms were alive with the whirr of blow-dryers and wild chatter. She felt out of place, not really sure where to put herself. Her skin still warm from sex a little while ago and she wasn’t sure if she felt sexy or like a common slut.

Jon was a whirlwind. She could think logically and clearly when he wasn’t around and well, touching her. When he was, her thoughts were scrambled and her heart didn’t know which way to beat. God she hated that he could do that to her. She was a lawyer for god’s sake, trained to keep calm and collective under pressure so why the heck was he any different?

Because he’s –

She slammed her eyes shut to block out the stupid little voice in the back of her head.

She flattened her palms down her thighs, the popping of beer bottles and laughter rumbled from the rooms. She felt awkward, if her father knew she was sitting with a bunch of guys using makeup and bargain bin accessories to get ready for a concert, he’d have something to say about that.

He had something to say about a lot of things.

The knots in her belly twisted thinking about having to go home and tell her father she was quitting law to study medicine. His little pride and joy had now not only got married to some rock star, she was leaving the family business. She clutched her stomach as reality starting to seep in.


She looked up and her eyes trailed up the ribbons of pink, silver and blue set against tight pale pink pants that left little to the imagination. The rest of him was bare. Silver and gold chains dripped around his neck, the charms buried in his chest.

Good grief.

“Yea?” She swallowed, hard.

“I need a hand with this damn eyeliner, and what are you doing sitting out here? We don’t’ bite you know.” He winked as he cupped her elbow dragging her up onto her feet. God, he smelled like soap, cigarettes and sin.


“O-ok.” She was tugged into the dressing room which lingered with beer and smoke. The guys were all crowded in, teasing, combing and ruffling their hair.

She snorted as she tried not to laugh at the sight and how serious they all looked.

“Hey, no girls in here!” Richie held up the hairspray can in a mock gesture pointed at her.

“Relax asshole, she’s my wife so it’s overruled.” Jon pulled her to the corner chair and plopped himself back down before sliding her onto his knee. The warmth of his chest radiated against her, sending little jolts down to her fingertips. This had to stop, he wasn’t safe. His arm snaked around her waist as if he’d read her mind about making a break for it. Dammit.

“Now pick up the pencil and give your husband a hand,” he waggled his eyebrows and smirked.

Her legs swung over the side of his knees as she plucked the pencil off the small dressing table already scattered with accessories and makeup.

“And then you can come do ours,” Alec winked at her down the line of men.

She felt Jon’s arm constrict, was he being protective of her? Oh god. She popped the lid and carefully turned to his face. “How thick do you want this on?”

“Reasonably,” he confirmed rolling his eyes up as she began to apply it.

Her lips were just inches from his cheek, her eyes flicked down to his lips and then back to his eye. Great, all she could think about was that she wanted to kiss him stupid all over again, this was so not a good idea.

She shuddered when hot breath tickled her neck, when she looked back down his lips curved into a smirk. “That’s not nice.” She changed to the other eye and continued.

“I’m not a nice boy, and your nipples are getting hard,” he whispered.

Her cheeks flushed, as her nipples tightened. “They are not.”

“Are now,” he grinned victoriously as she blushed even more. Dammit.

“What are you two squabbling about over there?” Richie yelled.

“I was just saying that Callie’s-ow!” Callie grinned as he rubbed his ribs as she continued.

“You’ll pay for that, later...” his stupid delicious smirk was back. She finished the eyeliner and set it back down. Done. She was about to wriggle back off his lap, but his fingers dug into her waist.

“Have a drink, you’re much too tense woman.” He reached out for a bottle of beer and thrust it into her hands.

She took a swig, it would take more than a sip of beer to calm her nerves. She wasn’t used to being out on display like this.

“That’s better,” his finger traced the collar of her shirt before he tilted her chin towards his face. He pressed his lips lightly against hers and she felt the air being sucked out of her lungs.

When the broke apart, she watched his lips peel off hers. “Jon,” what were they doing? The fluttering of her heart and the twist of her gut was telling one thing. The sirens in her head, another. They’d been acting like a real couple, but was it real? Or was it just a show if Doc walked in? The hotel was sex, she had to believe it was just sex and nothing else.

She just had to.

“Right boys, ten minutes until...” Doc clapped his hands together and stopped in his tracks as his eyes fell on her. Great, here we go.

“Callie.” Doc folded his arms, and paused.

“There are girls out here Jonny, they’re looking forward to seeing you.”

“Well, I’ve got a girl for tonight.” Jon’s tone was firm and icy. She stiffened and waited for Doc to fire but he rubbed his thumb against his chin and stared at them both.

“I expect on stage, things to be different.” And then he left.

Callie straightened the scarf around his neck. “You can go and see your adoring public, I don’t mind.” She bit her lip, she wasn’t stupid and knew he had to smooze the girls. He made it perfectly clear he would.

“I don’t feel like it today.” He rested his lips against her forehead. “Now, you need to drink more.”

She giggled, and took the beer back. “Are you saying, I have to be drunk to enjoy your show?” She squealed when she felt a pinch in her ass. She tipped the bottle into her mouth, “I’m just sayin.”


Ten minutes later she was alone, on a chair swept off to side stage.

The noise of the crowd buzzed through the wings, as the lights dipped. Buzz turned to fever pitch as the lights blared and the band walked out from the opposite wing. The hairs shot up on the back of her neck, as she waited to see him come out behind them all. But he didn’t come.

She frowned as the band took their places, Richie slung his guitar over his shoulder and strummed out a chord that shook the walls. Tico took his place behind the drums and smashed a cymbal.

He has to make an entrance, of course he did. Did she really expect anything less?

The music swelled louder, the riffs got choppy and then a blanket of darkness fell over the stadium, and the crowd roared. Feet drummed on the ground, and whistles whizzed past her.

She screamed when two hands clamped her hips from behind, and lips crushed against her cheek. “Enjoy the show baby.” Jon hopped out behind her and took a leap onto the stage, light flooded as music started.

She clutched her hand at her heart, Holy Jesus.

He had a scarf wrapped under his hair that swayed in the breeze, along with the ones he’d cinched around his waist. His pendants glittered in the light and his smile lit up the stage. A floor length coat made of mesh barely dusted the floor.

The band blasted into song, and Jon was off. Dragging the mic stand across each side of the stage, he leaned over into the crowd. She couldn’t help but laugh, the scene reminded her of feeding time at the zoo where they’d tease the animals by dangling the meat over side. In this case, Jon was the meat but he was lapping it up as only a guy could.

Broken hearts and silent nights themed some of the songs the band belted out as he took the performance to a whole new level. No one could fault his dedication as he sang word for word, right from his gut. He was in his element. It was more than she ever could imagine. What would it be like being in the middle of a surgery where everyone around you hung on your every move? Depended solely on you? The power rush must of been incredible.

She wasn’t sure if it was the music, but something crawled up her spine and she was excited. Holy crap. If he can do it, so could she. Clasping her hands together in fear of launching herself out of the chair she continued to watch as he seduced the crowd.

A special wink or a little touch to a girl in that audience was might as well have been like gold. They drank him up and fell under his spell to his every move. It was amazing, and she hadn’t given him credit at all.

This was insane.

On the last beat of the song he was singing,, he flung open his coat and hysteria filled her ears. The grin that spread up his face was contagious; Callie shook her head and laughed. He caught her and winked as he dashed off to Richie and whispered something in his ear. The lights dimmed and the low hum of the guitar vibrated across the stage right to her toes.

He flipped his hair back and walked towards the crowd, “I hope you’re all havin’ a good time tonight. I’m going to tone it down for a bit, so I can catch my breath...” He dipped the mic, “I’m all hot and sweaty here.”

The girls shrieked and Callie rolled his eyes, good grief he knew how to play them.

“But seriously, this one... is for a special girl that’s here tonight all the way from Jersey.”

Callie’s eyes widened and the heat crept up her neck, special? Oh god... here comes the belly flips. She stared in horror as he turned to her and beckoned her, no way in hell was she going out there. She looked around but couldn’t move. There was no escape, just some magic glue holding her to her chair.

She shook her head, but he just smiled and his eyes gleamed under the lights. She was in trouble. Big trouble.

“She’s shy folks, so I’ll just bring her out ...”

“Don’t even think about it.” The snarl in her ear from behind was accompanied by a hand gripping her arm.

Jon strode across the stage, “let go of her now.”

“Jon, I can’t—don’t...”

He pushed Doc’s hand away and pulled her to her feet. “Its fine Callie, come on. Let me share with you what this is... trust me.” He took her other hand in his and his eyes shone.

“Jon, what the hell do you think you’re doing? They’ll work out this is your wife...”

“So what? It’s not the end of the fucking world Doc, she’s come all the way out here—”

“Ok,” she interrupted him. She was crazy, and completely deluded.

“Ok,” he nodded and smiled as he tugged her forward towards the light. She took a deep breath and hoped to god she wasn’t about to regret this.

September 5, 2009

Chapter Thirty-One

“Where the hell is Jonny?” Doc paced across the stage checking his watch.

Richie shrugged, “He said he would be here didn’t he? Relax man.”

Doc whirled around and waved a stubbly finger in his direction. “That was before she came along and whisked him away, god knows what dribble she’s made him believe.”

Richie folded his arms, “she has a name. It’s Callie, his wife. He needed the breakaway Doc, he looked like a sack of shit. And that girl wouldn’t hurt anyone.”

The mild winter breeze whipped around them both, as neither of them backed down from their stance.

“If he doesn’t show, he’ll be more than a sack of shit. We cannot afford to lose
these tour dates.”

“He’ll show. He cares too much not to, he’s busting his balls at each show.”

“Well he better be, I knew that girl was trouble right when he married her. And I was right.”

Richie snorted, “Callie – trouble? She’s exactly what Jon needs. Someone with their head on straight. Whether he likes it or not, she’s good for him.”

Doc raised his eyebrow. “And how do you know all this oh wise one?”

“The bastard is grumpy as hell until he calls her. It’s not a bad thing Doc, maybe he just needed someone away from all this to talk to. It’s not easy for him you know.”

“Not easy for him? I’m the fucking one running this show Sambora. He just has to turn up and smile, be where I want him to be and sing well.”

“Like a puppet?” Richie asked.

Doc laughed, “Like a puppet because Richie, that’s all you guys have got. You need me and you know it.”

Richie’s hand rolled into a fist. “Yeah well – fuc-“

“Hey kids!” Jon came bounding up the stairs and immediately noticed Richie’s stance and Doc’s scowl plastered across his face. “What’s going on?”

“Hey Jonny, I was just telling Doc here – you’d show up when you needed to.” Richie
slapped his back, “how’s Callie?”

“Yeah she’s good, just using the ladies and she’ll be right out.” He turned to Doc,
“of course I would have showed. We told you we’d be back in time.” He walked over the side of the stage and grabbed his mic flicking on the amps.

“We gonna do this or what?” he asked to Richie and Doc. Richie grabbed his guitar and hollered for the band backstage. Jon plugged himself in and slotted the mic into the stand, and waved down Callie when she came back into the stadium.

He thundered down the front stage stairs to meet her, he couldn’t remember being this excited to show someone how he could sing. “Hey,” he swept her in close snaking his arms around her waist. Breathing in her sweet scent, he leaned forward finding her glossy lips. She stiffened in his arms at first, but as he deepened the kiss she relaxed into it. Her hands slid under his denim jacket and around his waist.

He broke apart with just enough room to speak. “Mmm, now that’s what I’m talking about. All set?”

She smiled and nodded over his shoulder. “Is he angry with us?”

Jon laughed, and lifted her up onto her toes for another quick kiss. “Of course he is babe, but I don’t really give a fuck right now.” He pushed back her hair, and placed his lips against her forehead. “Have a seat down here, I hope this won’t be boring. We usually grab dinner as a band after sound check, you wanna come?”

“Sure, if I’m not interrupting any sort of ritual.” She straightened the lapels of his jacket and stood back. Even in her jeans, boots and navy sweater, she was the girl next door gorgeous.

He snorted, “Well we usually rip off rats heads and eat bat’s wings... you ok with that?” He took delight at watching her face fall before she popped him on the arm.

“Go and sing Jon,” she mocked an angry voice but the little quirk on her lips couldn’t hide her amusement. Jon bounded back up the stairs and took his place, and they blasted through a couple of bars of songs while they adjusted frequencies and density.


Callie slid into one of the auditorium seats near the front and watched as Jon transformed in front of her. She already knew he took what he did seriously, but the way he strutted around the stage barking things at the band and flicking knobs and switches amazed her. That arrogance she knew he had was being used in the right place. The guys respected him, didn’t second guess him when he’d stop and demand it be done a different way, with a different guitar riff, or different drum beat. They just did it.

Once they sailed into the song, the nod of approval tipped at Richie that she assumed meant he was happy. Doc sat and watched, scratching down what Callie could only assume was the set list for the night and Jon kept shaking his head and pointing at it until he changed it.

She recognised the keyboard introduction to Runaway, the single that had been on the radio lately. If it ever came over the staffroom radio, it always prompted people to ask her about the band and how they were doing. Maybe she was wrong to be embarrassed about what he did after all? He loved what he did, and he was serious about it. More to the point, he was good at it.

She smiled as Jon belted out the notes, but soon frowned when Doc started walking down the stairs to where she was. She shifted uncomfortably, she so wasn’t in the mood for this.

“Enjoying yourself?” he asked sliding into the chair beside her.

Jon was now busy hovering over David’s keyboard as they were playing with a riff and didn’t notice that Doc had come down her way. “Yes, I am. They’re very good.” She crossed her legs and rested her hands on her knee, feeling his gaze burn into her.

“They are, so that’s why it’s important for Jon to always be here.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she asked challenging him. Here we go.

He leaned closer as the drums started smashing again, “its means that he doesn’t need any distractions right now.”

Callie chuckled, “says he who is throwing girls at him left right and centre.”

Doc’s smile turned smug, “is that what he told you huh? Ok, ok – I can go along with that.”

She knew he was trying to wind her up and was looking for a bite out of her. She always wondered about the girls, as much as she told him it didn’t bother her. There was this little niggle deep inside her when she thought about it.

“Fuck!” The sound died, and they both looked up to the stage where Jon had stormed off in Tico’s direction.

“Save your crap for Jon, it doesn’t work on me.” She was amazed she was so angry with the man. She’d seen how tired Jon was, but why did she feel the need to protect
him? He could do that himself.

“What do you want from him Callie? I’ve been trying for the last twenty four hours work out why you’d come all the way down here and take him away, to look after him or whatever the hell it was you two have been doing.”

“What we’ve been doing is none of your business. And I don’t have to explain anything to you, I don’t want anything from him. Nothing that you think you’re going to give him.”

His eyes turned dark and narrowed, “what the hell is that supposed to mean?”

She’d started, so she may as well finish it. “You think you’ll give Jon his big break, and he’ll make you rich. Doesn’t matter if you kill him and make him a whore in the process. You just want to make sure the dollars all come flying in, right?”
She jumped when his hand moved but it stayed on the arm of the chair.

“You know nothing about what I want and what I am sacrificing for these kids.”

“Not alot, as he can’t even afford to buy himself a burger.”

Doc raised his eyebrow and then smirked. “Oh I see, you’re buying his love huh? Well let me tell you this much sweetheart. He will make it big, and he’ll make more money than he ever dreamed. And when he does that, he won’t need your money, and you’ll be left with nothing.”

She pursed her lips, “funny Doc. I was just about to say the same thing about you.”
She popped up off the seat when Jon finished the song and walked up the stairs leaving one very pissed off manager in her wake. He deserved it, she crossed the line talking to him like that when it wasn’t any of her business but it was too late now.

“Hey Callie!” She squealed when Richie’s long arms bear hugged her and lifted her off the ground.


“Ohhh Richard.” Jon and David teased him.

He plopped her back down and kissed her cheek, “shut up assholes, it’s just nice to
see something pretty around here for a change.”

She straightened her sweater before Jon came over, lopping up the mic cord around his elbow and hand. “Everything ok down there?”

“Fine, he was just pushing for what we were doing. But I didn’t tell him.” She didn’t want to go into it and worry Jon. He had just relaxed again and she wouldn’t
put that at risk.

He smirked and brushed his nose against her neck. “So you didn’t tell him I made you cum a half a dozen times then?”

The heat burned up her neck as her eyes widened, “no – I did not.” He circled her, and she swallowed as he continued. “That I sucked on your pretty pink nipples, and stroked you with my fingers...”

She closed her eyes as her nipples grew hard under her sweater, and a small tingle tickled her thighs. He pressed himself into her from behind, and there was no doubt that his cock was hard against the small of her back. She wasn’t used to this, having a man that could destroy her in just a touch... hell just a word.

His hands roped around her waist. “I’m hard Callie.”

She forced a smile at Richie, she didn’t know where to put her hands or her eyes or anything. “That’s great,” one part of her wanted him to take her right here and now on the stage but the sensible part of her kicked up.

“So when is dinner?” she asked cheerfully.

He hooked his thumbs under the waist band of her jeans. “I’m betting you’re wet thinking about me...”

She sank back into him, “you boys were great.”

“That was the sound check honey, you haven’t seen anything yet, besides I’d be great if I was buried deep inside you right about now.” He bucked his hips into her back and she felt herself moan before she could stop it. Damn.

Richie snorted and turned away, “Come on then guys....we’ll see you down there

Jonny.” He waved the others away. Callie went to follow them, but Jon’s arms constricted tighter.

“You’re not going anywhere,” his hand slid up her sweater until the tips of his fingers brushed against lace.

She rolled her bottom lip into her mouth, “Jon not here...” god not here, she couldn’t do this. Anyone could see her, them...where was Doc?

“Doc’s gone...”

Had she said that out loud? His hungry mouth slid down her throat to her shoulder, she reached up and cupped his head there. Her legs were trembling and her nipples were growing hard under her bra. He found the front clasp of her bra and let the cups peel away. Both hands took her breasts, and he rolled her nipples between his finger and thumb.

“Oh god,” she quivered. She was standing, with just him still behind her, no support nothing to grab onto. “Jon, we can’t here...”

“They’re so hard Callie, are they ready for my mouth?”

His lips danced on her ear lobe as she all but melted into the stage floor. She gulped, her head rolled back against his shoulder. “Yes, oh god yes...” she didn’t intend to say it so desperately but it came flooding out.

He walked them to the side stage, one step at a time – his capable fingers sending shockwaves of desire down her body with each step they took. Once concealed by where the audience, if there was one that could see, he twirled her around and smashed his lips against hers. She didn’t have time to breathe as the kiss went from hot to scorching in just seconds.

She tugged at his jacket letting it thunk to ground, and he jerked her sweater up and right off over her head. He cradled her lower back with one hand and her ass with the other as he lowered her down. Her hands fisted in ripped cotton, desperate to get it off him to feel his skin against hers once more. Their tongues mated, as she dragged her nails down his chest. He growled and his hands found her bare breasts.

He dipped down and took her nipple clean into his mouth. The force of the touch made her scream, as she lay flat helplessly against the floor. How could he have turned her into a sex crazed maniac in just two days? His tongue swirled around her nipple, and his hand moved to her jeans. He popped the fly and dove straight in, past silk to the heart of her.

She flung her arm out, hitting wood but she didn’t care as one, two fingers plunged into her.

“God, you’re so fucking wet...” he murmured into the side of her breast.

Her hands reached down, and found his cock strangled by his jeans. She massaged the denim as he continued to suck and pump her.

“I can’t wait much longer...” he groaned.

“Don’t....don’t wait....” she didn’t know if it was because she was afraid someone was going to catch them, or if she needed him equally so much inside of her. She told herself it was the first, but her body knew it was the second.

He made quick work of her jeans and then his own, took care of protection before guiding himself inside her. She cried out, lifting herself up into him anchoring her arms around his neck as he took her wave over wave.

She groaned as the tips of her breasts raked against his fur, and he continuously rolled into her. Her body was closing around his shaft, taking him for everything it could get. Sweaty skin slapped as they fought for breath, between sloppy kisses.
Her hair plastered to her face as she moved in time with him, his necklaces tickled her breasts as he did.

“God, Jon...” her nails pinched skin as her world rolled black. All she could hear was his grunts and her sighs, and all she could feel was the slow white heat beginning to burn inside from her toes up. This is what heaven must have felt like, or close to it.

Her eyes shot back open when he stopped, her heart dropped into her chest afraid that they’d been caught. But sweaty hair and blue eyes of steel stared down at her.

“Turn over...”

She creased her brow but propped herself up on the back of her elbows. He withdrew from her and carefully rolled her over, covered each of her hands with his pinning them to the ground as he entered her again.

The new angle exploded her senses, “oh fuck...” she whimpered.

His strokes were long and deep as he gripped her hands, she was wrong... this was heaven.

She lifted her up just enough so her sensitive nipples dragged across the floor with each thrust he took. It was enough, the heat took over and jolted her body right off the stratosphere. The orgasm worked its way all over her body, milking every precious inch of release. She never wanted it to end.

He followed her, growling her name in her ear as he came hard.

“Callie,” he gasped as he sank down on top of her. She could feel his heart hammering against her back, as they both came down from what only could be described as pure bliss. Could this get any better? For a man she wasn’t supposed to be in love with, they seemed to fit so well. She was desperate not to fall in love with him, they’d grown close as friends so she kept telling herself. He wouldn’t fall in love with a girl like her, it just wasn’t possible when you looked at how different his life was, and how different his life was set to become.

It just wasn’t possible.