August 30, 2009

Chapter Thirty

Callie woke with her face mashed against a warm wall of fur. Her lips twitched when the memories of the night came flooding back, causing her cheeks to flush.

Such a perfect night.

She burrowed down into sheets further, she didn’t know what this meant and where they stood now. God, she could never turn off her brain, could she? Always thinking ahead, she sighed against the steady rise and fall of his chest. Why for once couldn’t she just live in the moment? It’s what got her here, right?

She smiled as the early morning sunshine slid across the bed, crisscrossing heat over their bodies. She looked up expecting to see him still sleeping, but instead two sleepy blue eyes blinked down at her. “Did I wake you?” she wedged her chin in-between his Pecs and watched him.

His hair was mussed and streaked out all over the pillow like wild vines, but all she could see was skin and freckles staring back at her. She knew those freckles intimately after last night.

“Nah, I was already kind of awake. After the best sleep I’ve ever had by the way.”

He groaned as he stretched under her and cupped her ass, dragging her up to his mouth.

“That’s better,” he mumbled as he kissed her before rolling and pinning her on her back under his hips. Twisted in sheets and sunlight he dipped down to her throat, his teeth scraped down the arch until he could sip in the hollow at the base.

They were in a little bubble, like she suggested these two days would be. Locked away from out the outside world, from domineering fathers and greedy little band managers. It was just them, and for her spending so much time with someone that believed in her dream and supported her, she was growing considerably attracted to him.

Whether she liked it or not.

She arched back letting him roam about her body, as if he was exploring it all for the first time. When he sucked her nipple into his mouth she squealed as the sensation jolting her making a ripple along the bed. She soon sank back down and he began his work, his hand sliding down and parting her thighs.

She sighed and let the bed engulf her as he slid his fingers into her. This was bliss. What more could a girl want being pleasured like crazy, under the early morning sunlight? Her hands found his cheek and guided his head back up to hers. She cupped his jaw and kissed him hard, letting the need and desire wash through them both.

The heady combo of male and sex swept her under as she fell over the edge under his hand. “I need to be inside you,” he murmured against her lips as she fought for breath. He rolled over her and sank deep inside her, linking his hands through hers. Callie’s world once again dissolved around her, until all she knew was Jon. Her fingers dug into his as he pumped harder, his lips hot against her shoulder as he laved her skin.

Callie cried out, arched her back and punched her orgasm from her body into his as they both shouted into the morning. Her muscles clenched right down to her toes before they relaxed, with Jon tangled on top of her.

She failed in that one second to remember any moment in her life, when this much sex had been on the menu. Sure, she’d fooled around in college – what girl didn’t? But this was explosively delicious, and she didn’t want to ever end. She shifted her weight and tipped them both until his shoulders hit the sheets, with him still sucked deep inside her. Her lips curved as he watched her hair tumbled around her shoulders, teasing at her nipples. He cradled her hips and dug his fingers in but she leaned forward and tapped his nose.

“Patience,” she kissed him lightly enough to get a frustrated groan.

“Patience is for saints, and you know I’m not one of those.”

His scent drew her in again as she leaned forward letting the tips of her breasts friction against his chest. The next kiss was longer, full of heat and his dark taste. She could easily lose herself here with him, a part of her wanted to run away with the circus and not go back to the real world. The other little voice niggled in the back of her mind that this wasn’t real.

Ignoring the little voice she trailed her lips down the rough edges of his neck, to the dip in his shoulder.

“You’re killing me here,” he arched back giving her further access as she kissed
along the freckles.

“Patience,” she murmured into slick salty skin.

“Fuck patience,” his hands fisted in sheets as he growled.


When the fuck did she become the seductress? Her little destructive mouth made its way along his shoulder to his bicep. He turned his head and their eyes locked as she kissed the top of his arm.

His cock was so fucking hard inside her, and he was ready to go all over again. It was show night and he knew he should be preserving his energy but fuck. They were all over each other like a rash. Her cute blue eyes fluttered, hell – he’d never noticed how long her lashes were until now.


“Callie,” he cleared his throat as morning sun began to blanket them both. Secretly inside, it gave him a little buzz to see her so comfortable with him, he brought out the relaxed Callie. He was a little proud, as he was certain she wouldn’t last this way forever.

“Jon?” she teased as she skimmed across his chest, he bucked as her hot little tongue swirled around his nipple.

“Fuck,” that’s it. He couldn’t do it. He hated that he couldn’t let her pleasure him for much longer with him at her mercy. He grabbed her shoulders and twisted her around throwing her back against the bed.

Her eyes grew wide but then narrowed as his mouth plundered hers. She tasted sweet, laced with lust.

“Enough games,” he pinned her hands above her head and slapped his palms against hers. His movements were slow and deliberate, taking joy in watching her suffer like he’d suffered minutes ago under her spell. Her little cries and mews of pleasure escaped her lips as she feebly rolled them under her teeth. The warmth and peace he felt around her surrounded him as he took them both to the edge and plummeted right over it.

He collapsed in a heap of arms and legs burying his head into the crook of her neck. He was so done. The only sound heard through the morning was their shallow breaths that settled to long deeps sighs.

It wasn’t until he felt the bed ripple under him, he realized he’d fallen asleep. He rubbed his eyes with the heel of his hand and sat up. “Callie?” His focus took the girl standing in the fluffy white bathrobe in front of him, her hair wet and piled up on the top of her head.

“You should have woken me, I could have washed your back.” His lips quirked but she folded her arms and her face stayed like stone.

Oh Jesus, what now?

“What’s up?” He dragged the sheet up and pulled his knees up under it.
Gone was Callie, that was so free and relaxed.

“I was just going to order some breakfast, what did you want?” Her face softened and she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. The robe was neatly cinched at the waist but gaped in a low v down the chest. Curves of creamy breasts he now intimately knew peeked out. He could do with that for breakfast.

“Ah. I don’t know what you are having?” he asked scratching his head.

“I thought pancakes with cream and raspberries?” she jammed her hands in her pockets and swayed a little. She was nervous? After all they’d been through? He patted the side of the bed and motioned for her to come and sit.

She reluctantly did so and sat down. “Or we could get bacon and eggs?” she offered.
He brushed his thumb under her cheek and pressed his lips against it. “Thank you again for all this, you have no idea what this all means to me.” And that was the truth, no one outside his circle would do this for him with no strings attached.

He watched her try and shrug off the heat that crept up her neck into her cheeks.
“Its fine, I knew you needed to rest. And it was fun to get away.”

“Ok, get bacon, eggs AND pancakes...if we have the money.”

She chuckled and reached for the phone beside the bed, cradling it in-between her
knees she dialled. “We have the money.”

Thirty minutes later, they both sat in robes at the table where they were accompanied by a stack of pancakes, raspberries, cream and an assortment of hot breakfast food. Jon rubbed his belly and plucked a big silver fork off the table.

“This looks fucking incredible.” Never in his life had he seen so much food at a table just for him.

“Coffee?” Callie asked holding the silver jug up. He waved his fork to his cup, his mouth otherwise occupied with fluffy eggs and a streak of bacon.

“Don’t get used to it. We won’t be eating like this at home,” she teased as she leaned forward to pour the coffee, Jon enjoying the view down her robe.
He swallowed and picked up his mug. “If you become a doctor, and I’m a famous rock star ... hell yeah we will be. If we’re still together then.”

The room fell silent, and her expression washed off as quick as chalk on a
blackboard. Shit, he hadn’t meant for it to come out quite as harsh as that. Well fuck, who knows where they would be when she finished med school. He liked having her around, but it was hard to say what would happen in the future. Of course he hoped they’d at some way stay together as at least friends.

“I meant,” but she cut him off.

“No, it’s ok Jon. This was only ever meant to be temporary, I know that.” She scooped some pancake topped with cream and raspberries into her mouth.

Shit. He didn’t mean, fuck. He reached for her hand across the table and clasped it. “Callie, no matter what happens...where ever our paths lead. I don’t think I could forget you, after what you did this weekend.” She smiled and squeezed his hand back.

“I’ve enjoyed myself.”

“And all the sex?” he asked nonchalantly as he speared a raspberry and held it to her lips.

He groaned when she licked them, circled the berry with her tongue and sucked it into her mouth. Fuck, his cock was going to fall off by the end of the day. Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad, his pants for the show might fit him better without six inches of lead inside.

“You are cruel, Callie Richards.” She didn’t know it, but she was.

“So, where do I get to see the show from tonight?”

“Well,” he cut into his pancakes and using his knife slathered it in cream. “You can either have front row, it does get a little rough there... all the girls grab for me.”

She raised an eyebrow and pursed her lips. “Uh huh – or...?”

He swallowed his mouthful.”Side stage, best seat in the house. Doc might have a few girls up there, but I’ll make sure you’re there.”

She nodded,” that sounds safer to me. I’m looking forward to it.”

He wasn’t afraid to admit it, but he was looking forward to having her there. As they chatted through breakfast, the more he thought about it he couldn’t wait for her to see him in his element. He might just have a little surprise for her too, that was sure to knock her little conservative smile right off her face.

August 19, 2009

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Callie linked her hands at the back of his neck as he carried her, wrapped in a fluffy white towel into the bedroom. Flushed with wine and the heat of the bath, she was relaxed more than she could ever remember. Jon laid her down on the water bed, the light ripple of the sheets below them caused a giggle but he resumed being all delicious and seductive.

Jon released her arms and stood back as if he was going to leave her there, he did for a second as he dimmed the lights all but the bedside lamp beside them. His skin, wet and slick glistened under the light as he hovered back over her. Her lips parted as his gazed dipped down to her breasts and she sucked in a breath. Maybe she wasn’t ready for this, to be this intimate and this open and naked with him?

She jumped when the tip of his index finger traced down her jaw, down the centre of her throat and followed the curve of her breast. She quivered as his eyes followed his finger right the way around as if seeing her skin for the very first time.

Callie watched his tongue lick his bottom lip slowly as his finger traced around her breast and over her nipple which harden in a second under his touch. Her skin was buzzing with an awareness that was new to her, she wanted him.

“Callie,” his voice was low and husky and it made her belly flip flop.
She swallowed and whimpered as his hand cupped her breast, and his thumb scraped over her tip.

“Yes?” she managed without sounding totally destroyed. He shifted his knee parting her legs as he leaned down to meet her lips. The kiss was slow and gentle but no less potent, as it went from simple to hot. The need to taste him, have all him had her arching up from the bed into him. The scent of lavender and rain engulfed her as she lost her hands in the wet ropes of hair that fell around her.

The heat of his mouth poured into hers, and her tongue lapped up every drop. He groaned as her tongue twisted inside his mouth and the sensations crisscrossed all across her body. He sank down further against her, and the hardness of his cock pulsed against her thigh. Something snapped inside her, consuming all self control and his mouth pushed away from hers to travel down the long line of her neck. Her hands gripped his shoulders, bracing herself as his mouth followed her skin all the
way down to her breasts.

“Oh god,” it came out her mouth instead of her head. His mouth was already destructive in THAT area. He took her whole, sucking and licking her nipple causing a wave on the bed as she did so. She was drowning in the bed, she was drowning in him.

His tongue swirled across the other one, and she bit down on her lip trying to lock the groan that was bubbling in her throat but couldn’t. She cried out into the room and her fingers gripped him tighter. Water turned to sweat and warmth turned to heat as he continued to destroy her inch by inch with his mouth.

The bond between them was strong, she couldn’t explain it – there was a force there like a magnet clicking them together. The hot swirl of tongue rocked her right to her core as he pulled away and his hand disappeared down into her thighs.

Callie closed her eyes as one finger slowly teased the centre of her, causing her to shift and make sounds she thought she was incapable of.

“Look at me. I want to see your eyes when I slide inside you.”

She popped her eyes open to find dark blue ones set off with the dimmed light staring right back at her. Her fingers twisted in the wet curls of hair and she rose up to press her lips against his once again. How kissing this man never could get old, she mused.

His lips took hers, and his tongue tasted everything she had to give. Her breath hitched when she felt his finger slide inside her and their eyes locked and foreheads pressed together. The slow steady pump of his finger lost all other thoughts until all she could focus on was him. They kissed, they laved and he matched her groan for groan as she was set alight.

Callie rocked her hips to the rhythm of his thrusts and pleaded with her mouth for more. God she needed more. His thumb found her most sensitive spot and double assault was enough as shockwaves punched through her body.

“Strike two,” he whispered kissing her nose.

She kissed him lightly as her afterglow burned over her skin, and then in one swift move rolled them both with a slosh from the bed so she was above him. Anchored with her knees on each side of his hips she leaned down and kissed his chest. The surprise that glinted in his eyes was worth it as he cradled his hands on her hips.

“Well now, Dr Richards – now you’ve got me here what do you intend to do to me?” his brow arched and lips curved.

She grinned wickedly, with all the confidence in the world behind her. “Treatment plan.” She wiggled back so his cock bumped her ass and he growled through his teeth.
Her palms flattened on his chest and her thumbs teased his nipples in unison.

“Fuck Callie!” he bucked his hips up and groaned.


The girl that sat perched across his lower belly wasn’t the girl he’d met weeks ago, she was a different girl that now sat here in control. He’d wanted nothing more to lay her down her and sink into her spilling himself deep, but she was worth more than that to him. He wanted to explore every part of her, and now he wanted her to explore every part of him. If he could last five minutes to let her, was a different story.

Her bright blue eyes shined in the light, and her skin was flushed pink. She was gorgeous, and in a class of her own in his opinion. She bent down and laid her lips on his mouth and then skimmed them over his chin and down his neck. His hands moved to the sheets fisting them as teeth scraped down his adam’s apple.

Jesus Christ.

He swore to god, he’d come all by himself shortly. The tips of her breasts brushed against his chest as she manoeuvred further down kissing any skin her sweet little mouth could get hold of.

She found his nipples waiting and wanting her attention and he bit back a growl as she teased the ever loving hell out of him. This was so not a good idea, he was used to it being him but the sweet hot pleasure she was drawing from him was too much.
His mind was foggy and any thoughts of anything except the beautiful girl, his wife... was the only thing he focused on. Even for a moment if he played house, she was his wife... he’d for whatever reason picked her in a drunken haze of stupidity.

He couldn’t really have done much better.

Jon felt like his throat was being clamped shut as she continued to pour her sweet heat all over him and slowly slid down his body. God, no. Fuck he wanted her lips around his cock more than anything right at this moment, but in the pit of his stomach he wanted her to be different. Different than the other girls he’d let use his body and his cock.

He raked his hands in her hair as her tongue traced down his pelvic line as she sank lower down his body. “Callie,” it came out more as a strangled cat than anything but it didn’t stop her and his fingers loosened as her fingers curled around his shaft.

Fuck, it was all over now. If he stopped her now he’d deserve a medal.

She pumped him the same way he did to her, and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Her able mouth found his head, and her tongue licked across the tip ramming him back down into the bed with a hollow splash.

“Fuck!” his voice bounced off the walls in the room. This was insane, but god if it wasn’t delicious.

She licked and teased along with her pumping and he felt like he was about to burst.

“Callie, no – god – fuck c’mere” his hands waved desperately to find, touch or hell to grab her but the blinding white heat that crept up his body was making anything rationale hard to adhere to. Her free hand cupped his balls and he swore to god, it was time for the curtain call.

She hummed along his length the vibrations send sensations bolting through him.

Sweat rolled off his temples and his body twisted at her complete mercy. He didn’t get time for anything else as the light blinded him and he shouted the orgasm out.

Light simmered away and soon all that was left was his shallow breathing and wet
thighs. He looked down as she crawled back up to meet him lying flat against him.

“Strike three?” she asked pushing the sweaty mess he called hair back from his face and kissed him squarely on the lips.

He couldn’t even answer as his body settled with whatever the fuck had exploded through him. He cupped her cheeks and kissed her hard back.

“I’m still getting the last say here,” he rolled her back pinning her to the bed.

His cock still hard as his eyes fell down her body, naked and beautiful waiting for him. He snapped a condom quickly from its packet and sheathed himself before he hovered over her. He clasped her hands in his and held them up above her head. God he needed to be inside of her, he needed her to say it – needed to hear it from her.

“Do you need me Callie?” he wanted to be needed by someone like her. Someone so different that anyone he’d ever met. But he needed to be needed, by her.

She nodded slowly as her fingers tightened around his. “I need you Jon, now.”

Such simple words drove him deep inside of her. Her staggered breaths and groans were enough to plummet him over the egde all over again but he needed to relish this with her. “Be my wife,” he rocked his hips forward his cock throbbing inside her as she clasped hard around him.

“Oh fuck,” he whined.

He plunged his mouth on hers, and it took it slow but her tongue found his showing him she didn’t want it slow and gentle. He buried his face in her throat sucking and biting as he rode with her, murmuring her name over and over into her skin. The strokes were perfect and he released her hands so he could angle her in for another kiss, their eyes locking as they rode in rhythm.


“Oh god, Jon!” she screamed arched up and her body quivered under his setting his off as he came with her.

The next thing he remembered was waking, the heady scent of sex wrapped around them with the silk of butter cream sheets. She was lying sprawled across his chest dead to the world and he was holding her tight.

They’d passed out? Holy fuck, what was that all about? He reached over and flicked the light plunging them into darkness. He drifted his fingers along her back, feeling her grow heavy against him. And at that moment, it gave him every comfort in the world to have her there safely nestled into him.

August 14, 2009

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Author's note: Sorry for the delay ;) I've been a busy travelling bee with work and I had the worst flu ever, lol. All are semi under control so I was able to finish this chapter that I've seriously had for two weeks. LOL.

So please, sit back and enjoy and show Jon and Callie some love. :)

Jon lowered her into the tub, so she was perched on one of the inbuilt seats with her legs wide open. Her legs hooked around him as he stepped forward. The scent of lavender with bubbles and water swirled around him. His hard cock bumped against her thigh, he was desperate to sink into her and lose himself but he fought the urge, needing to play this one out further.

He braced himself, clutching at sides of the tub on either side of her and caught her lips in a long smooth kiss. He couldn’t get enough of her, it was hard to explain and he still didn’t have it figured all out. All he knew was he was relaxed around her, and no one since his own mother had worried about his tired he was or how he was looking after himself.

Callie had come without being asked, even after he left her without so much as a goodbye when they’d slept together. Ok, he left a note but he knew damn well that was low. She’d come, swept him away with her own money genuinely caring about him. She didn’t want anything, and he wasn’t used to that. He really wasn’t.

It seemed Callie Richards slotted into the role of devoted wife so easily.

He jammed the large button on the side, which burst the water into life, the foam fizzed around them cocooning them in warmth. His lips hovered near hers as their noses bumped as she arched instinctively into him, he grinned. “I think we need wine, yes?”

“Wine would be nice.” He got a surprise when she linked her arms around his neck and kissed him slowly. Wanting to give into the seduction he had planned, he forced himself to step away from her and retrieve the wine with two glasses from the well stocked bar. Careful not to drip all over the suite he quickly returned stampeding back into the tub, she squealed as water and foam crashed against her.

“Boys,” she laughed as he popped the wine and poured two glasses.

“A toast,” he handed her a glass and she accepted him, wrapping her legs around his waist pulling him in again.

“Wait, there’s something I want to tell you.” She straightened up so Jon caught the tips of her breasts just bobbing above the water. Christ, much more of this and there’d be no fucking toast.

Curious, he swiped her damp cheek with the pad of his thumb. “What is it sweetheart?”

“Jon, coming here was hard for me… well for two reasons.” She met his gaze and he saw nothing but truth. He swallowed, the heat crept up his back and pooled at the base of his neck. He really was an ass, the way he’d been handling this whole thing with girls and her.

“I loved that you came, it was a welcome surprise Callie.” And it was, not just because they were sitting in some fancy pants hotel room… but somewhere inside him, he knew he’d missed her. She had become a kind of touchstone for him as much as he didn’t want to admit it, she had.

This was the Callie he loved, the strong one – the one that took charge when he needed someone too.

“I know, and I wanted to come and see you… but I also came to tell you… if you’re interested…” she looked down and fumbled her finger around the rim of her glass.

“Of course, what?”

Oh crap, she wasn’t pregnant was she? For the second time he started to panic --- they’d only slept together once for fuck’s sake and been safe.

“I’ve decided to go to med school.”

Jon’s shoulders relaxed and he smiled, taking her glass away. He scooped her up into his embrace, the water floating her easily and planted his mouth against hers. Finally, she was doing what she should have been.

“That’s fantastic Callie, I’m so proud of you! How did your father take it?” One could only imagine that steeled face bastard wasn’t going to be too happy.
She stroked his hair and pressed her forehead against his. “I haven’t told him yet. I wanted to tell you first.”

“Well that is the best news I’ve heard all day girl, and gives us much reason to celebrate.” He picked up her glass and his own, and clinked them.

“To Dr Richards then, and the best Rock star in the world,” he laughed.

She raised his eyebrow, “that second part is debatable… I haven’t even seen you play.”

Jon snorted, “Oh I see – well guess we’ll have to fix that. Tomorrow night you’ll have a front row ticket... so you get the best view in the house.” He winked, something about Callie seeing him do what he loved gave him a buzz of excitement.

“Won’t your Rottweiler have something to say about that?”

Jon clicked her glass again and downed half of his wine. “Who fucking cares, you’re my wife and my friend here to see me play. End of story. Now hurry—drink up so I can have some fun.” He grinned wickedly as he reached behind her into the wicker basket filled with sponges and facecloths.

“Yes sir,” she took a sip and watched as he sank the sponge into the water. “Rock star by day, cabana boy by night?” she teased.

He took her hand and held out her arm, running the sponge up to her shoulder. She groaned and closed her eyes, and her pretty pink lips parted. Fuck, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. He refilled his sponge and did the same for the other side, and her neck and her shoulders until her creamy skin was dripping in suds.

She leaned back when he glided the sponge down her centre and around the soft curves of her breasts paying extra attention at the tips. His mouth watered as all he could think about was sucking on her. He shifted his knee in between her legs floating her back. He smirked as her eyes flung open and she gasped.

“Close your eyes and relax – let the jets and I take care of the rest.” He pressed his lips against hers and slid down the slippery arch of her neck sipping from her. Her body twisted under him and her murmurs turned into groans.

His dick was hard enough to hammer nails, Jesus… but he kept the focus of doing something for her – as ultimately this is what she was doing for him.


The sponge slathered suds up her arms and down her chest, until it stopped and circled around the sensitive tips of her breasts. She let a low whistle out and groaned appreciatively as the sponge grazed over her nipples sending delicious jolts down her body all the way to the tips of her fingers and toes.

Far away from the click clack of the office and the roar of the traffic from the busy streets, she relished the simple but intimate touches as the scent of lavender and Jon floated her away on white fluffy clouds, like the ones that surrounded her now in the tub. He took a step back and lifted her leg, the sponge chasing his hand down to her feet.

“Are you sure you want to be a rock star?” She asked sipping her wine, a smile curving on her lips.

He snorted as he lifted her leg resting her foot on his shoulder. He turned and pressed his lips to her calve, “you think I should be a cabana boy huh?”

“Yeah, mine…” The wine was clearly loosening her tongue. Heat rose in her cheeks as he smirked and steered the sponge up her thigh.

“That could be arranged,” he dropped her leg and drifted across to her, his lips barely brushing hers as he reached over her shoulder.

“More wine?” he asked.

The growl she heard in her head slipped from her throat and he laughed as the tip of the wine bottle clinked with her glass. He topped up their glasses and pushed backwards, floating away from her. Propping himself against the other side she heard a sigh and watched his body sink against the side of the tub. She took a long sip of her wine and reached her legs out until the tips of her red painted toes appeared through the suds in front of him.

“Penny for your thoughts?” she asked.

He smiled, this time with effort and licked his thumb. “Just tired I guess,” he motioned out around himself. “This is all amazing though, just what I needed to get out – away from it all.”

She told a bold move and under the bubbles bumped her foot with his. “What’s he doing that you don’t like?” she asked knowing it was Doc weighing heavily on his shoulders.

She saw the flicker of fire gleam in his eyes before the flat blue settled back in. “Just calling the shots, he knows a lot about the business – so he does know what he’s doing.” He took a long sip from his glass, “but some of the things he’s doing – he’s just fu-“Jon scratched the back of his head and looked down. “He takes things too fucking far.”

Outside, out in the open Jon was like her in the courtroom, so full of determination and so full of confidence and conviction. But in here, behind closed doors – he was just as troubled as she was. And she could see it now, the curtain had come tumbling down leaving a worried boy sitting opposite her naked and exposed. He wasn't perfect and he never claimed to be, but it put everything in crystal clear perception.

Following your dream was hard.

“With the girls?” Callie asked dropping her foot away from his. As much as she didn’t want to hear about it, she had to ask. Besides, wasn’t she the one that said he could still do this if he was discrete? Outside a piece of paper he didn’t belong to her. The fact that now possibly bothered her, was entirely a different story.

“Yea its some of that… as I’ve said before I want to be known for my music not how well I’ve seduced the ladies…to make me more appealing to them. Being a sex symbol sucks.”

She could have thrown a sarcastic yeah-right statement back in his face, but the sadness that pooled in his eyes said it all. He was dead serious.

He shrugged, “I love the attention… I do. Won’t deny that but I want them to love what I do more than they love me.”

All prepositions of arrogance were washed away with his sincerity. This was the Jon she loved, so raw and he had his heart in all the right places. For someone that was following his dream, she for a second felt sorry for him.

She could of asked more, asked how many – how often… but she refrained… it wasn’t the time even though the curiosity was killing her.

“Well,” she settled her glass down and leaned back. “You’ve just got to make sure that you don’t ever lose sight of that Jon. That will keep you honest. With Doc, you’ve got to take everything good you can and learn from him… so that when you do make it you can manage yourself and you’ll know what not to do.”

She jumped when his toe slid up her leg. “When did you get to be so smart?”

The heat of the tub disguised the flush in her cheeks as she brushed it off. “It’s just logical…tell me what it’s like up on stage in front of all those people.” She polished off her glass and sunk further down letting the suds necklace her neck.
His eyes light up like a Christmas tree and then glossed over, “Like I have power and control over every person out there. I feel invincible and that I can do anything…” his voice fell low and his eyes locked on hers.

She just bet he could do anything, infact she wanted him right now to do anything to her. The heat and wine combined had her head all fuzzy, and her belly twisting in snakes as the man she in that moment wanted sat in front of her.

Callie had never been in love, she didn’t know if this is what this was – it seemed to unlikely. But something was there, an undeniable force to give herself to him and let him do what he pleased with her. Hell, this wasn’t her at all. But right now she didn’t care.

“And all the gear you wear on stage?” She’d seen pictures of his stage attire, and some of it was questionable but she was looking forward to seeing in the flesh tomorrow night.

He laughed and finished off his wine, “it’s a role. Just like when you put on your suit for work, you slip into that confident woman you should be all the time.”

She blushed again, he’d noticed stuff like that?

“And when you put on your scrubs for the first time, you’ll feel that empowerment.”
She shivered at the thought, hell. He was right. That moment in itself, would be close to being the best in her life. Dr Callie Richards.

He swam over to her and scooped her in close knocking the daydream away, as warm skin and fur pressed up against her.

“But right now, Dr Richards, I’m taking you to bed.” With that his mouth plundered hers, and his tongue found hers. She rose up from her spot in the tub, wrapped her arms around him and arched into him.

She was ready, hell she was more than ready.