April 29, 2009


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Just to let you know I am heading away for a week on a holiday so won't be able to update until I get back, I am hoping that I will be able to do some writing where I am going ;) But just to let you know I hadn't forgotten or anything as I do value your readership and these two are just beginning ;)




April 25, 2009

Chapter Twelve

Callie flinched as the loud laughter and chatter hit her as they entered the Stone Pony, for someone so used to ball-breaking, she felt so well out of her depth. He took her hand and as they squeezed through the sea of people. They may have as well been in a fish bowl the way people stared at them. A loud cheer came from the bar where the guys some of which Callie recognized. The women were like a gaggle of geese as the descended on Jon.

Clearly she was out of her depth.

“Relax,” the voice came in her ear. “You’re as stiff as a lamppost, and look like you’re on guard for an attack,”

Yeah, an attack of the lipstick brigade.

She was drowning in a sea of bright colored patterns and tousled high hair. Each set of eyes that dragged over her may as well as been raking her over hot coals. Callie was used to attention, as a lawyer you just had to be. But this sort of attention was less than desirable.

“Ok,” she loosened her smile as people nodded in their direction. She knew they were all looking at Jon initially but as each gaze found him they shifted onto her.

“Hiya girls.” He smiled and as he held out his hand, a number of them grabbed it.

Feeding time at the Zoo.

Callie’s gaze fell on Doc who was sitting at the bar, watching. She nodded in his direction, but all he did was squint those beady little eyes and take a longer sip of his beer.

“Don’t worry about him, go grab yourself a drink. I’ll have a beer.” He said loosening his grip on her hand and leaving her standing alone as his attentions turned towards the girls to sign autographs and flash his wares.

Well fuck, what was she now, the maid? And was she expected to pay?

She didn’t say anything but walked to the bar trying not to lose her cool.

Doc was looking pretty pleased with himself. “Why, good evening Callie.” He grinned, “Can I get you both a drink?” She wanted to wipe the stupid smirk right off his face but she inhaled the smoky bar air and smiled.

“No, that won’t be necessary, I’ve got this.” She pulled her purse out and paid for two beers.

“Little harder than you think isn’t it?”

She paid the bar man and tucked her purse back into her bag. “What is hard?” she asked coolly not meeting his stare. She hardly knew the guy, and lawyers were never supposed to be that quick to judge a character. But she hated him.

“This – whole thing you and Jonny think you can do.”

“I have no idea what you mean, he’s keeping his fans happy. That’s what you wanted isn’t it?” She looked back over at the gaggle that had trapped him in. Her eyes fell to his ass, where one brunette had decided to use it as a pin cushion. Her bright red nails digging into the outside of his jeans pocket.

Her grip tightened around the beers and she strode off, leaving Doc’s amused chuckle floating behind her.

“Your beer, darling.” Her teeth clicked as she handed it out to him.

“Why thank you Callie…” he turned and without warning grabbed the beer and pressed his lips tight against hers, letting his tongue slide into her mouth before pulling away, the gleam in his eyes sparkling. She bit down her lip...he blatantly did that because he knew he could get away with it.

And she was mad.

Just let it go, now is not the time. The first night was always going to have speed wobbles, just let it go.

She smiled at the girls before she backed away right into someone. “Oh I’m so sorry…” But the young guy in black leather pants and a ripped t-shirt smiled. “Hey, you must be Callie…” he was shorter than the others as was his dark mullet.

“Ah yeah, and you…”

He grabbed her arm and led her to the bar. “I’m Tico, the drummer….I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself… “he stood back and looked her up and down. “My my Jonny has a hot tamale here indeed.”

She wrapped her arms around herself. Callie knew she was pretty, but it still didn’t feel right men like this looking at her, in that way. Like the way those women looked at Jon.

“Relax, I’m not going to bite. I’m not like the rest of them…wanna drink?” he clicked his fingers to the bartender.

Where the hell was her other beer? She looked back at Jon and immediately saw one of the other girls must have taken it out of her hands and was now sucking on the neck with her bright red lipstick as she talked to Jon. Oh brother.

“Yeah that would be good…” she slid onto the bar stool and clasped her hands together. She felt more out of place here than anything she’d done before. She had no idea what to do or how to act. She’d figure it out, she still remembered the first day she had to stand up in court and address the courtroom. If it had been an audition for public speaking, she would have failed. One thing Callie didn’t do was fail twice. The next time she did it, she nailed it. Maybe it would be the same thing here?

She glanced back at her messy haired husband. Maybe not.

“You ok? You seem a little nervy girl.” He handed her a beer and leaned back against the bar.

She took her beer and pressed it against herself. “This is all just so new – and…,” she sighed. She couldn’t even explain it and continued to watch Jon being devoured by the girls and love every minute of it.

“Ah, its not an easy situation you’re in… I don’t know the reasons you are staying married but I’ve got a fair idea… just relax and go with the flow…”

The flow? What the hell was the flow?

“This is not my scene Tico, this….” She looked down at herself. “Is just not me.”

He chuckled. “Well you look hot, but if it’s not you why the hell are you wearing it?”

She didn’t even really have an answer, “to blend in I guess – look like his wife.” She shrugged and looked back down at her beer. Then her hand curled around the bottle tight, this was his domain and he was meant to be the one also making this work with her… it was after all his most brilliant idea to announce that the marriage was real.

Her belly bottomed out when she thought about having to go into the office the next morning and face her own life. No doubt everyone knew about her marriage by now but she would go and have to face her music – alone.

She had it harder, there was no doubt and the more she thought about it the tighter her grip around her bottle became.


“Jonny…..why did you have to go and get married?” the buxom blond twisted her finger around his chain before running the tip of it across his bottom lip.

His cock was already rock hard, rock hard from when he saw Callie dressed up and now he had women teasing him, women that wanted him. And he couldn’t have them.

His brow rose. Or could he?

He glanced sideways at where Callie had retreated back to the bar talking to Tico, ok so wife was occupied. Turning his attention back to his new “friend” he skimmed his knuckle down the curve of her breast over the black spandex of her top.

“So – how about you and I get better acquainted out the back, say in five minutes….?” He whispered low against her ear. She nodded and giggled giddily and disappeared leaving him in the wake of the sway of her hips. One quick fuck when no one was looking would matter now, would it?

He had to relieve the damn pressure off his cock somehow.

He was about to make himself scarce when Richie tapped him on the shoulder. “Dude, you gonna look after your wife? Before Tico or Alec does?” Jon looked over his shoulder to where Callie was with still with Tico but Alec had moved in.

“Dammit.” He muttered, he couldn’t just leave her out here with them like this… especially Alec. Alec would likely just want her as a notch on his belt if he knew they weren’t actually married, well in love.

He walked over to them and grinned, “hey fellas….. Mind if I borrow my girl for awhile…” he said loudly so that Doc looked up at the table nearby. He hooked his arm through hers and dragged her to a far corner booth.

“Jon, what are you doing?” she asked and before she could say anymore he pushed her back against the leather back seat pressing his body into her so her breast disappeared into his chest.

“What all good husbands do – make out with their wives…” His lips dragged across hers and as she took a breath he dove right in. A sharp pinch in his arms had him pull back.

“Ow, what was that for?”

Her hands gripped his arms tighter. “I’m not your little doll you can just come around and kiss Jon – especially when you’ve been all over the perfume factory rejects like you have… what are you a man slut now?” she hissed.

Her brown wavy bangs were falling around her face so he lifted one back and tucked it behind her ear. “I’ve still got to keep the woman happy you know, its part of what I do…as my wife you’d understand that.”

“You can’t be serious, are you even listening to yourself?”

He chuckled, “You’re jealous of the attention they’re getting…,” that had to be it. It was so obvious.

She went to stand up but he grabbed her and slid her into his lap. “Now, now… people are looking.” His lips found the curve of neck and tasted her skin. Sweet just like he’d imagined.

“Jon, stop it.”

“I told you, you could have it didn’t I. The offer is still open, I could take you home and make you not ever be jealous again.” He could feel her pulse hammer under his mouth as he nipped his way back up to her chin. Her whole body had clammed in his grasp, but he had the safety net of being in public. He wanted her in his bed and he knew she wanted it – but was denying it.

“Don’t flatter yourself rock star, just because every woman in this room may want into your pants. Doesn’t mean I do.”

Jon caught a glimpse of Doc out of his eye looking pretty satisfied.

Fuck, Callie squirming and protesting must look pretty fucking obvious.

“Callie. You gotta relax or-“

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like you to welcome Mr and Mrs Bongiovi to the floor…"

Both Callie and Jon whipped their heads around to where the little sound stage was and Doc proudly standing speaking into a microphone.

“What the f-“

“Since they didn’t get a proper wedding, I think its only right we let them have their first dance as man and wife right here so we can all see how happy Jon and Callie are.” Jon clenched his fist, god damn he wanted to wipe that smirk right off his face.

Oh shit.

“Snap out of this fucking now and behave like my wife or we’re in serious trouble.” He looked around at her when he took her hand and she’d said nothing. “Callie?”

But she stood nailed to the ground.

“Callie, you gotta do this – we’ve got to do this.” He could feel the entire bar's eyes burning holes in his back.

“If you’re that fucking pissed off – show all them what you’ve got and they haven’t.” He motioned to the sea of girls waiting expectantly for their next move.

April 14, 2009

Chapter Eleven

She watched him as he slipped the delivery boy some bills, the last that he had, and took the bag of assorted boxes from him. He swung the door closed and turned around with a grin.

“Voila! Dinner is served.” He laid the boxes out on the coffee table and held out a pair of the plastic chopsticks to her.

“Thanks, how much do I owe you?” she asked taking them and settling herself beside him on the couch. She rubbed her belly absently, in-between all the drama she was still hungry. The crisp spicy scent of him wafted over her along with the garlic shrimp and chicken chow-mein.

“Let’s call it a house warming gift shall we?” He dug his chopsticks into the box of noodles and pulled them out high above his head before lowering the pile into his mouth.

“Thanks,” she grappled with her own pile of noodles. So not a polite thing to eat.

Just a little while longer and she’d have the place to herself.

God he’s only been here five minutes and you want a break.

“I was thinking….” He started off as he speared a battered prawn and continued to chew and talk.

“You were? Is this a first?” she chuckled when he elbowed her side.

“You’re gonna have to come with me tonight. We’ve got record executives showing up down there, and since I am newlywed… won’t it be weird if my wife isn’t there? You know to support me?”

Fuck. He was right. She was hoping he wasn’t going to enforce the whole wife duty on her that night. Too late.

“Won’t you guys all just talk business?” Her thoughts of spending a night reading her latest mystery novel slowly vanished to be replaced by pretending to be his wife all night long. God.

She shifted the rice and chicken around in her box and nodded. “Ok, so I have to come and play wife. “

He laughed as he emptied the crumbs of the first box he’d finished into his mouth. “You sound so enthused. Come on, could be worse people to be married to, right?”

Like Stalin, yeah.

“Right, what would one wear to this sort of event?” she asked. God knows how she was ever going to look the part. She dressed nice, but neat and probably not how a rock star’s wife dressed. Man, she was going to need a manual by the end of this.

Ten easy steps to being a rock star’s wife.

Just great.

“Just look hot like me –“he winked.

She rolled her eyes, really what else did she expect to come out of his mouth. Seriously.

“Right, in your little world.”

He leaned across her for the last of the prawn, “Come on you think I’m cute and you know it.”

She picked up her glass and swirled around the wine, “you do seem so sure of yourself” she was about to take a sip but he rested his finger under her chin and tilted it towards him.

“I think you’re cute.” His eyes dropped to her lips and back to her eyes.

The rise of heat in her cheeks made her turn away. “You probably say that to all the girls.” She fished around for some broccoli in her box and popped it into her mouth.

“Only the pretty ones…”

That you want in your bed, I just bet.

They finished their Chinese and Callie went back to her room to decide on something to wear, she knew this wasn’t just a night out with her firm partners. So it required a little more flair. More than she was used to in all honesty.

She selected a knee high black skirt and stepped carefully into black pantyhose. She wore a black lacy bra and a white shirt that was a little see-through. She pinned oversized gold hoops into her ear and let her hair fall loose around her shoulders. She just needed a little makeup and she’d be done.

Once she had her boots on she looked into the mirror. Good fuck, she looked like a cheap night out.

She stared longingly at the suits that were still hanging in her wardrobe. Least she felt safe in those. This was just – god she didn’t know what it was. But it was so not her. Maybe she should twist her shirt up? She was so out of touch in what the world he lived in and wore. Jesus.


Jon cleared away the scatter of leftover Chinese boxes and collected the wine glasses. He threw his bag up onto the dining table and tugged at the zip to look for something to wear. He pulled out his favourite ripped jeans and red boots. He looked around the room and shrugged.

Well I guess this is my room.

He peeled off his clothes, stepped into his jeans and toed on his boots. He fluffed up his hair; it was more like a crow’s nest rapidly growing out of control these days. He grabbed a blue and silver scarf and wrapped it around his head to keep the wild tangles at bay fastening the knot at the side of his head.

“Shit.” In the bathroom he’d forgotten his own eyeliner, about to go back he raised his brow at her nice neat black ceramic pots with assorted eye pens sticking out on the shelf. She wore make up huh? God if he could just remember what she even looked like the night that they met.

He filched one of her black eyeliner pens and applied a smear along his eye.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Fuck!” as the tip slipped and grazed his eyeball. He spun around clutching his eye.

“Jesus – watch—“he fell silent as she stood in the doorway.
Well fuck. Who in the hell was this? And what had they done with Callie?

There the little vixen was standing in her mini skirt, sexy pantyhose, rockin’ boots and…his eyes fell to her stomach. Fuck. Her little twist showed off her flat stomach, her creamy skin making his mouth water.

“What are you using my make up for? Don’t you freakin’ have your own?” she snatched the pen from his hand.

“I just thought since it – was, hell. Look at you.” The look would be pulled off if she didn’t look like square peg trying to fit into a round hole. He couldn’t help the snort that came from his mouth.

Her soft features scowled as she propped her hands on her hips. “Make your mind up! Are you insulting me or complimenting me?”

“God, complimenting. I just didn’t expect you – this… you look great… but are you happy wearing that?”

“Of course, isn’t this what your girls all wear?” she asked matter of factly reaching for her powder.

His brow zinged. “Well yeah, but is it what Callie wears? I do want you to be comfortable in what you are wearing.”

She twisted so her face, now neatly dusted in powder was just inches from his. “What, you don’t think I can pull this look off?”
Fuck yeah she could.

“Yes you can, but I’m just saying you look awkward.” He scratched his head.

“Well you look-colorful.”

He snorted again and snatched back the eyeliner now his eyeball had stopped burning. “Gimme that, I need to finish it, its lopsided.”

“The eyeliner that is.” He added with a smirk.

She scoffed and moved her little ceramic pots away from him. “Well that one is now yours get your own.”

“Do I get my own pot too?” he asked as he drew the ink across the underside of the rim on his eye carefully. She was too easy, and he loved it. He admired her for trying to “be like his type” but really, she just had to be herself. How shallow did she really think he was?

“You’re a pain in the ass Jon.” She said as she twisted the bottom of her lipstick until the shiny pink head popped out. He watched as she glided it across her lips, and at the same time she smacked and popped them. And his dick grew hard.


“You’ll grow to love me… just you watch.”

“Unlikely,” she muttered as she squirted some perfume on her neck.
Her little navel was distracting… fuck if he wanted to drag her down onto the floor and lick his way all the way up to her lips and then back down again.


“Alright – let’s get going then… time to go and play with the sharks.” It was a necessary but one he loathed. Why couldn’t music just be fucking music? When did that ever change?

As she collected her coat and purse he held the door open for her.

“Last chance to get changed, you don’t need to be uncomfortable as well…”

But that stubborn streak in her, the one he was growing very fond of shone through.

“I’m fine, what’s wrong? Think I am prettier than you?”

He wrapped his arm around her shoulders as they swung the door behind them and took the chance to begin his good husband duties for the night.

“Definitely,” he dropped a kiss onto the top of her head and inhaled her scent at the same time. How they were going to pull this off – he had no idea. Was he looking forward to being able to tease the holy hell out of her while they were out in public?


April 11, 2009

Chapter Ten

She took a deep breath and slid her key into the lock and pushed the door open.

Home Sweet Home.

Well here she was along with one husband and two very large bags and two guitar cases. God knows where this was all going to fit. She had her own place but that didn’t mean it was big. Homey was the word more suiting to Callie Richard’s small one bed roomed apartment.

“Wow – this is small.” He let his bags thud to the floor and gentled the guitar cases down.

She dropped her keys on the kitchen counter and hung her bag up on the hook beside the door, where she always hung it. “Well what did you expect? I’m not exactly a big shot lawyer, least it’s a hell of lot tidier than your place.” She shivered at the thought. It was a bachelor pad, complete with bachelor pad mess. Beer bottles littered the table, laundry was still scattered all over the place, and it had been just awful. Her place may have been small but hell, it was tidy.

She pulled up the blinds letting the sun hit the small floral print couch Jon was standing at scratching his head. She rolled her eyes, “it’s a pull out silly.”

He snorted, “Oh right, phew I was thinking it was gonna be a tight squeeze…anyway …” he plopped down on the couch and lifted his feet resting his battered boots on the edge of her coffee table. “The housekeeper hadn’t been, that’s why our place wasn’t clean.” He clasped his hands behind his head and stretched out.

Don’t get mad, don’t get mad. His feet were on her freaking table! She curled her hand into a ball.

“Well here we don’t have a maid so you will have to clean up after yourself.” She walked into her room, she had to give herself some breathing space for a second. This was crazy, he was a complete stranger to her and here he was making himself at home in her place. She popped open her closet and shrugged off her coat to hang it up. When she swung closed the door she screamed.

Jon was there in her room propped up against the wall with his elbow, complete with an impish grin.

“Jesus Jon, “she steadied herself clutching her chest.

“Rule one – this is MY ROOM, and you are prohibited in here, ok?”

He held his hands up, “Alright alright. Why what you got in here?” he said angling his head around past her.

“Nothing – this is just my room ok –“she pushed her palms against his chest and walked him backwards. He stopped and flipped his hands and grabbed her wrists.

“Jon!” her eyes grew wide and even the little spark of playfulness in his eyes didn’t calm her.

“Get out of my room – NOW.” He was smothering her already and he’d been here for only five minutes. Jesus Christ what in the hell was she thinking doing this.

“Ok, Ok – are you gonna give me the tour?” he asked.

The tour – this was the damn tour. The place wasn’t exactly huge. She sighed.

“Bathroom through there --- my bedroom is here and you can see the kitchenette over there.” She pointed to the corner of the room.

He nodded, “Cosy.”

“If you don’t like it...” she snapped before she could help herself.

He chuckled, “yeah ok that is true. Now what are we gonna do for dinner? I don’t know about you but all this marriage shit has made me hungry.” She bit on her lip as he kicked his boots off in the middle of the room with a thud.

“I don’t know – I need to do shopping at some stage…god I need a shower, I’ve got case notes to read and—“she rubbed her head. God she was tired, not to mention crabby.

“Alright – you go shower and I’ll order in Chinese huh? My treat. Then you can read your work stuff – I need to do some work of my own. I might head down to the Pony later. Wanna come?”

She shook her head. “No, I don’t. You order the food. I’m going to have a shower.” She grabbed a towel off the pile of fresh laundry and padded towards the bathroom. God, leas he was going out – she could have some peace. Christ.

She cranked the shower on full – OK so it was a small apartment but one thing Callie made sure she had was good water pressure. She rubbed her forehead as the lingering fog of last night’s hangover just wouldn’t go away and stepped into the shower once she’d strewn all her clothes off.

A sudden panic shot through her when she wondered if she’d locked the bathroom door. God he’d already seen her naked so what was the point? Surely he wouldn’t.

As she dried herself off, her father’s disapproving voice kept swimming in her ears. Of course she had to go and get married on a whim. One more thing that her father could be disappointed was just what she needed.

Law school had been hard, it should have been easy as there was no shortage of brains with Callie. It was the passion she lacked. The passion and the understanding of the law like her siblings and colleagues had. Once she was had been employed at Jameson law firm, again at the request of her father as it was one of the most reputable law firms in New Jersey, she struggled.

She was finally coming into her own and felt like her father had something of her to be proud of and now this. She jammed her toothbrush into her mouth and scrubbed that furry day after feeling away. Who was she kidding now though? She was in knee deep in a situation she had no idea how she was going to handle it.

She wrapped her towel around her cinching it in the middle of her breasts before taking a deep breath and popping open the door.

Jon had just hung up the phone and slid it back into the table. “I’ve just ordered should be about twenty minutes away.” She rolled her eyes as she watched his eyes drift across her towel.

“Thanks, I’ll just go and get changed. Feel free to turn on the TV or something. It’s not bad but you have to give it a kick if the reception starts to fade.” She said quickly making her way back to her room.


Jon grinned as she disappeared quickly back into her bedroom. He leaned back on the couch and propped his feet up on the little coffee table. It was a nice place. It would be nice to have some space away from the guys in all honesty. They were in each other’s pockets on tour twenty four seven, and living together off the road was just as fucking bad.

He stood and flipped the dial on the TV, slowly the picture appeared and he looked around the walls. Her law degree hung proudly in the centre of the wall next to some family shots. He scratched his chin and wondered how much she knew about business law. He valued Doc at times but a part of him knew Doc was in it for himself more than the band so he was wary.

He made his way into the small kitchenette and swung open the fridge. Surely there was a beer or something in here. He frowned when all he could see was a bottle of wine. He grabbed it and held it up. Eh, that would do.

He bumped the door closed with his hip and grabbed two glasses and turned around. She was back out in blue satin PJ’s. His eyes tried not to focus on her nipples poking through or the way her perky little breasts sat. Fuck.

“You’ve got to be kidding?” she asked folding herself into the armchair in the corner.

“Well I would of preferred beer but you didn’t have any of that – so wine huh?” he popped the cork and poured them a glass each. He handed her a glass and with his own clinked hers.

“To martial bliss.” He winked and took a long sip. Not bad.

“Yeah – something like that.” She took a drink from her own glass. Her hair was wet and fell in loose dark ringlets around her shoulders. Jon shifted on the couch as watching her pretty pink lips become slick made his cock twitch. What would actually be the harm in asking?

“You know…” his finger drifted around the rim of the glass before he met her deep blue eyes.

She raised a brow. “Yes?”

His eyes fell to the opening of her pyjamas and then back to her eyes. “We could always take advantage of this situation – as you are a woman and I am a man.”

She snorted. “That’s debatable.”

He rolled his eyes. “You know what I am sayin’ – “Hell her bed did look a hell of a lot more comfortable than that couch.

“I do?” she questioned pulling her knees tighter to her chest.

Did he really have to spell it out?

“Callie – you’re a beautiful woman and we both have needs-“but he was cut off. She jumped out of her chair and held her hand up.

“Don’t even suggest that. That was not part of the arrangement Jon, and if you think just because you’re living under my roof and that we’re married –“she took finished off her wine and slammed the glass down on the table.

“You can just stop there – you’re not coming near me in this house. I’ll play kissy kissy with you outside but here – don’t even think about it. I know I’m most certainly not.” Her voice wavered and he had to laugh. He was satisfied, oh she wanted to. But she’d be too proud to ever admit it.

“It’s not funny Jon, I mean it. I’m not that girl.”

“Ok, ok --- I won’t suggest it ever again. I just thought-“

“Well you just thought wrong.”

He was about to reply but the knock at the door stopped him. He shifted himself to his feet, “that will be dinner. Allow me.” He turned away happy with the flustered look in her eyes. This was going to be fun. He dug into his jeans for his wallet and folded some bills in his fingers and opened the door.

He’d just have to work a little harder. Oh he’d never suggest it again, but he’d make sure she would.

April 3, 2009

Chapter Nine

They both returned to the living room where Jon handed his parents their coffees before settling back on the couch with Callie. He’d caught her in the kitchen daydreaming while she was checkin him out. So the physical attraction wasn’t just one way huh? He’d already figured that from the kiss earlier.

She’d never admit it to him. She was far too proud. He’d just have to work a little harder. He wasn’t looking for anything more, but hell if they were living together while they played this little game. What the hell was wrong with a little benefit?

“So what’s the plan now then Jonny? You’re in the middle of a tour and I am sure Callie’s not ready to go dump her career just to keep up with the appearances.” His mother sat down opposite them with his father flanking her on her right. He’d honestly expected her to nut off at him a hell of a lot more than she was. But he figured it was because Callie was in the room with him. So as long as she was here, he was safe.

“I’m gonna live at Callie’s, she rents an apartment close by… and while I am on tour we’ll keep in touch on the phone.” He curled his fingers around his coffee cup as it cooled in his hand. At his mother’s questionable glance he continued.

“Well it’s better than her living with me and the guys right?”

“Yes, I don’t think we’d inflict that on any young girl.” Carol raised an eyebrow.

“And you’re ok with this Callie? He’s a messy boy.”

“MOM!” he exclaimed. Jesus, why the hell was she defending Callie so much? Obviously he’d made the decision to protect her a little but fuck, she could cut him
a little slack here.

“It’s ok Mrs Bongiovi, there will be rules.” He watched as she crossed her legs and his mother give her an approving nod. Jesus.

“So Callie, what did your parents have to say about all this?” John asked her.

She cupped her mug and looked down. “They’re not happy they don’t know that we’re staying together yet so they are not going to be enthused about the whole thing. “ The hint of regret in her voice was obvious to him. He figured she was always used to doing exactly what Daddy said though. Hell she gave up her dream to do what they thought was best, what kind of parent does that?

“They don’t like me very much.” Jon added.

John Snr snorted. “I’m not surprised, I can’t imagine you’re exactly who they thought their daughter would end up marrying.” His father was a pretty good judge of character and probably knew how straight laced her family would be.

She chuckled a little before licking those pretty pink lips. “Ah, no not exactly. They’ve very traditional and this was certainly not in their plans.”

“I just bet it wasn’t, I wouldn’t marry him either Callie.” Carol replied swiftly.

There she goes again. “Jesus Ma, I’m not the devil incarnate here.”

“Hush, now Callie if you need any help while he’s living with you, just let us know
Jon can pay his own way…but he’s still just trying to make it as a rock star so he’s not rich… ok?”

Callie spluttered her next sip of coffee.

“Carol –“ John warned.

Jon rolled his eyes. “She’s not after my money Mom, for the last time.”

Callie settled her cup down. “I can assure you I am very well looked after within my own family Mrs Bongiovi. If it concerns you so much I am happy to arrange a pre-nuptial agreement where I don’t get a thing from him.”

Jon shook his head, like hell she would. “Callie that is not necessary, I am sure me crashing on your couch is enough for you. Mom is just being paranoid.”

It was Carol’s turn to stare at her cup in silence. “You seem like a nice girl Callie and you’ve got brains. So that does reassure me. Compared to some of the girls Jonny has brought home before.”

Jon didn’t disagree, ok so looks may have been more important in the past, and he was young right? There was no law. And it just so happened they were the sorts of woman that gravitated towards him.

“Thanks Mrs Bongiovi, I just want what’s best for everyone and to get on with my career and let Jon get on with his.”

Carol nodded, “indeed that’s what we all want here. I still don’t think I fully understand what exactly you both think you will achieve doing it this way. But John and I have always been one to let our kids make their own decisions. No matter how stupid they have seemed.”

Jon’s parents asked Callie a lot more questions, more so about her family and her education. She didn’t seem to mind answering them all politely. Jon wondered if she was enjoying having someone actually listen to her as he suspected her own parents weren’t too forthcoming in doing so.

“John? What do you think?” Carol asked her husband.

“Jonny isn’t a kid anymore Carol. Just be careful son, both of you…I’m not sure you realize how much this will change your life even if you are just pretending to be married.”

His words came concerned but firm. Just typically like his father always was. “It will be fine Dad and I have it under control.”

The silence hung heavy in the room again. He wondered what she was thinking; maybe he had been hasty about this whole thing? How would she fit in with the guys? His life? When she was probably used to the quiet life… well as quiet as a lawyer’s life could be. But he bet it was a far cry away from what his had been in the last year or so.

“Well, I really don’t know what else to say Jon – I mean what do I tell all our friends? They had no idea were even seeing someone on the side and now you are married. It makes us look a little stupid I hope you realize.”

“I don’t know Ma, just tell them you didn’t know I was seeing Callie. It’s not that hard. Not all kids tell their parents everything so it shouldn’t be that hard.” Jon stood from the couch.

“We better get sorted, I’ve got to get my things moved to Callie’s and we’ve got a band function we need to be at tonight.” She whipped her head back around to his. Oops, had he not mentioned that before? Guess it was going to be the first test of ‘pretending’ as a married couple. Doc had mentioned earlier in the week potential record people would be hanging around so it was important to not only be there. But be real.

Carol looked at her husband, Jon knew that look all too well. It was the one that said. Well are you going to do anything else about this? But often than not his father left him to his own devices.

“Fine. Ok well just be careful Jon and you too Callie. I honestly don’t think you both realize what you’re doing… whether it’s to keep the fuss down or it’s that you both have your own agenda’s to make life hell for those who are responsible for you.” She folded her arms.

Jon chuckled, ok so his mother knew him a little more than he took for granted. He held his hand out for Callie and this time she took it as she popped up off the couch.

“Yes Ma, we’ll be fine.”

“It was nice to meet you both.” Callie smiled briefly.

Jon’s father stood up and shook her hand again, “you too dear and listen if he’s a pain in the ass you just call me up ok?”

She managed a small laugh and Jon rolled his eyes. “Come on you, let’s get you out of here before they can pollute your mind anymore.” They said their goodbyes and headed back to the guy’s house. She’d been quiet again in the cab for the last five minutes, aimlessly smoothing down her clothes or picking at the loose threads.

“You ok?” the sunlight had hit her hair showing off her pretty natural brown highlights as her hair fell across her shoulders.

She shrugged and looked out the window. “I guess so—“

Could she regret this? Was he forcing her into all this? “Are you sure?” He picked up her hand and threaded his fingers through hers. They were in a public cab right?

“I just feel bad –you taking the blame for this whole thing.” She kept her voice down so the cab driver couldn’t hear.

He squeezed her hand. “Don’t. My parents would expect something like this from me, so it works. Plus ok it was your idea supposedly but I could of said no too you know?” he grinned.

“I know, I just ---“she sighed. She didn’t have to finish. The reality was they both probably had no idea what they were getting into. She seemed like a nice girl – the kind of girl next door vibe. So how hard could this be?

He wondered what was going on inside that pretty little head of hers. Their lives were about to take an unexpected twist and were they crazy? Probably.

Was it a bonus she was gorgeous? Absolutely.