May 31, 2009

Chapter Seventeen

Her hand curled into a fist as she strode quickly towards the reception, which he stood leaning over obviously interested in the petit receptionist.

Jesus Christ, why here, why me?

“What are you doing here?” damn that came out too fast, and too harsh as Sarah’s brow winged to her forehead.

Jon snapped his head up and stood as he grinned broadly. “Why hi baby, I thought I’d come and surprise you.” He walked towards her and she clicked her teeth, the overwhelming urge to wipe that sly grin off his face was calling to her.

Don’t lose it, god be calm. Be calm.

She snaked her arms around his waist and tilted her head to meet his eyes. They were dancing with that damn mischievous gleam that only meant trouble. Their noses bumped as he dragged her in and before she could suck a breath, he pressed his lips hard against hers.

His taste was dark and bold, as the kiss went from reserved to raunchy. His tongue slipped past her barrier and straight into her mouth pulverizing her to the ground she stood on.

He pulled away as their lips popped, and beamed at Sarah. “Always so happy to see me.”

She fussed with her suit jacket, pulling it down straight. “Well it’s just a surprise; you said you were busy today that’s all.” She tried in earnest to lighten her tone, god she sucked at this.

Jon leaned back and picked up the white takeaway coffee cup. “I bought you coffee, I assumed that being your first day back – you’d be busy Darlin.”

His Jersey drawled so easily. How did he get so good at pretending? Maybe it was some sort of performance gene. One she didn’t have.

She took it from him, and took a sip needing the caffeine to stop her body shaking. “Thanks, well come into my office.” Out here they may as well of pitched a circus tent and sold tickets, she needed him away from all in sundry.

“Sure babes, nice to meet you Sarah, and don’t forget we’re playing back here in a few weeks. I’ll make sure Callie gets you the tickets.” Callie rolled her eyes as his boots and Sarah’s fuck me now laugh, followed her to her office.

She closed the door firmly behind him, turning ready to give him what for – but stopped.

When was the last time, someone bought her coffee? Was he being genuine here or a pain in the ass?

“The art to a good performance Cal, is the element of surprise. You were caught off guard, so it’s believable that way.” He picked the large wooden framed picture of her family and turned to her.


What she was speechless now? Good grief. She walked around to her chair and sank down in it. “I wouldn’t know about performing Jon.” She fumbled for her pen and flipped open her folder. “I’m very busy.”

“More like embarrassed.”

She snapped her head up, “What ? What am I embarrassed about?”

He plopped himself down in the chair, leaned back and propped his boots up on the corner of her desk. “You’re embarrassed for me to be here, admit it. It’s fine. It’s just who you are.”

Her eyes grew wider, “No I’m not!” she defended a little too quickly. Christ, of course she was embarrassed. She didn’t want to be, but he stood out like a sore thumb in this place.

He chuckled and shook his head. “You are Callie, but it’s alright. It’s how your daddy taught you to look at the world.”

Why she ever thought this could work, she had no idea. “Excuse me?” She swung back her coffee and took a big gulp wishing it was laced with something hard, like whiskey.

He folded his arms behind his head, his eyes locking on hers. “Just because I don’t dress like all the rubber necks around here and have a steady career, yet... doesn’t mean I am any less than you or anyone else in this office.”

“Jon, that’s not what I think.” God, it wasn’t was it? Was she so far up her own ass that she honestly thought this?

“Really? Because I don’t believe you. As I said babe, it’s ok. You’ll get to see how the other half lives now, the half that has dreams that they’ll do anything to achieve.”

She closed her eyes and wished she could count to ten. “Who the hell do you think you are Jon? You know nothing about me and what I want out of life.” She stood from her chair letting it roll back and hit the wall. “So don’t you dare even suggest I don’t know how to dream? Or work for what I want. I’m working here aren’t I? I’m supporting myself in every way possible. You can’t even get enough money to go and buy yourself a damn burger on a day off!”

She expected him to fire back and he had every right to tell her to go to hell.

But he didn’t.

“But are you happy?”

She stopped and crossed her arms. Dammit, how in the five seconds he’d known her – did he see right through her. She was happy enough, she got satisfaction from her job and it made her money, and it pleased her father – Bingo.

“Yes I am.” The conviction of her words was weak, she knew it. God she hated him.

He snorted, “Even for a lawyer you’re a crappy liar.”

“So now that I care about money and independence over passion, you’re better than me?” she asked.

He cracked his knuckles, “you don’t truly care about those things. You care about what your father thinks and you know it. You’re too scared to rattle the cage.”

She slapped her hands down on her desk, “is this what you came here for? To tell me that because I care about what my father thinks I’m no better than someone that has no passion and no drive in life?” she skimmed her hand over her folder so it flew off the desk and hit the wall.

“Is it?!”

“Oh you have passion babes, believe me you really do. It’s just misguided.”

“Get out now, I want you out of my house when I get home as well! I can’t do this anymore Jon – “

He leapt off the chair, “you’re going to kick me out after a few home truths then?”

She took two steps towards him and pushed him backwards. “You want home truths, I’ll give you home truths. You might make it famous Jon, hit the big time – and people will like you. Hell they’ll love you – but they’ll love what you are – NOT who you are. And then when it all dries up… what will you have then?”

The laughter and joking was all gone. The fire in his eyes could have burned a hole right through her. “I’ll have the comfort of knowing that I tried Callie. I tried to be everything I always wanted, and you know what. I won’t fail. I don’t know how to.”

"I would have tried, that’s what I will have. More than I can say for you.”
Hand connected with cheek, god she needed to stop doing that. “Get out, get out of my office now.”

Jon didn’t get a chance to reply as her door swung open, and Mr Callaghan walked in. Oh god, anything but this right now.

“Callie I need – why hello young man, I don’t believe we’ve met.”

“Mr Callaghan, this is Jon… Jon, Mr Callaghan.” She quickly swooped in and introduced them, watching Mr Callaghan size him up. This day could not get any worse. Seriously.

“Hello sir, pleased to meet you.” Jon shook his hand gracefully and smiled. “Callie’s told me lots about you.”

Mr Callaghan laughed, “I wish I could say the same, seems she kept you a little to herself but I guess that is young love.”

Young love? Yeah right.

“I’m very proud of Callie, and I’m lucky to have her.” The sincerity almost sounded believable.

She had to play along, this was far too important to screw up in front of him of all people. She linked her arm through Jon’s. “And I’m very proud of Jon, he’s going to be a huge rock star someday soon… the band’s first single has done so well already.” She rubbed his arm as he kissed her temple.

“My Callie, always laying it on thick. But she’s right. I am going to be big.”

Mr Callaghan slapped Jon on the back, “now that’s what I like boy, someone with big ideas. I wish you all the best. And with a girl like Callie on your arm, I’m sure you’ll be well looked after.”

Oh Jesus, someone call the academy and nominate this please. This was a-grade cheese.

“Absolutely sir, I have no doubt. And she can already hold her own on some of female fans…” he joked.

Oh stop, now. Please.

“I bet she can, must be hard seeing all those women flaunt over your husband Callie, you’re a brave woman.”

Sure, if he’d stop flaunting over them.

She tightened her grasp around his arm. “I know he comes home to me, that’s all that matters. And the females are what’s going to make his money – it’s the nature of the beast he’s in.”

Jon raised his eyebrow at her. What, he was surprised that she knew how the industry worked?

“See, I am a very lucky man sir and on that, I better get going – leave the wife to get on with her work she is so passionate about.” Jon shot her a glance and then back to her boss.

One more dig before the road huh?

“Well it was nice to meet you Jon, I look forward to getting to know you when we have some of our functions through the year.”

“Likewise,” Callie smiled as he leaned forward, his lips brushing against her cheek. “See you at home baby.”

And he was gone.

“Everything alright?” Mr Callaghan asked.

“Everything is fine, he’s just a little worried about his tour and things. We’ll sort it all out later. Now what have you got for me?” she asked cheerfully, trying to stuff all the emotions swirling around in her head.

Once he left her to it, she slid into her chair and buried her face in her hands. Taking a deep breath she sighed. She hadn’t meant to go off at him like she did, but who the hell was he giving her a psych 101 lesson on her life. Jesus Christ.

The little nagging voice at the back of her mind knew he had some, if not a lot of truth in his statements. It scared her that she was so transparent to him. Something she would have never given him credit for, how to read people.

She liked law, and she was good at it. There was no crime there. Was there? If she wanted to go to medical school, she could do it – sure. The money would be tight as she’d get no support from her father whatsoever and she’d have to work as she studied. But she’d done all the hard years studying, that would just put her back another five to six years.

And was she really a snob, like he’d suggested. Her belly twisted in knots as the conversation played over and over in her head. Would he been gone when she got home? Would this freakin nightmare all be gone away?

God only knows.

May 27, 2009

Chapter Sixteen

Callie let the double doors swish behind her as her heels clicked along the marble floor at Jefferson & Callaghan Law. She gripped her briefcase tighter as she forced a smile at some of the senior partners as she quickly escaped into the lift.

God, this was not right – she didn’t need to face all this. What was she going to say? This was so out of character for her, and she needed to make it believable, or she’d become the laughing stock the firm with her father telling her he’d told her so.

As the lift doors pinged back open she slammed her eyes shut as the shriek of female hit her.

“There she is!”

Sarah. The firm’s biggest gossip and secretary. Just perfect.

She forced the smile further onto her face, “Morning, Sarah.”

The little red haired scurried around the large oak reception desk that took up almost half of the foyer. “We had no idea you were even seeing someone!” she grabbed Callie’s hand and oohhhh’d over the ring before smothering her in a hug.

“I told them it was real – you look so happy! You are happy right?”

Jesus – she was a better actress than she thought.

Callie straightened the bunches in her suit as Sarah walked back to her little black swivel chair. “He’s already rung you – couldn’t stand to be away from you for more than a minute obviously.” She leaned her chin on her hands and sighed.

“What-? Who rang?” she asked

“Jon, your husband silly.” Her large green eyes fluttered. “What’s he like?” she asked.

Oh brother. It was going to be a long day. She looked longingly over the door to her office, desperate to go and lock herself away in there before she had to gush anymore.

He rang her? What the hell?

“He is, one of a kind… that’s for sure.”

There, that wasn’t a lie now was it?

“What about, you know as a lover – I’ve hear-“

“Ah, Callie there you are.” She twirled around breathing a sigh of relief not to have to answer Sarah’s questions. Jonathan Callaghan, a much respected colleague of her father stood there in his dark tweed suit and flamboyant grey hair swished back with the help of some hairspray.

“Hi Mr Callaghan, I was just making my way to clear out my inbox and get to work.” He was the lesser of two evils out of the partners. Bill Jefferson hardly gave her the time of day, and also had the preconception she was in the firm only due to her father’s relationship with Jonathan. Ok, so some of that was true but she was a fine lawyer and had proved that on several occasions already.

“Please, come and let’s have a chat.” He waved over at Sarah, “Please bring us two cups of coffee in.” he strode down the hallway and waited by his office door for Callie to join him.

Oh just great, Callie was ninety nine percent sure he was going to try and talk some sense into her thanks to her father, no less. She followed Mr Callaghan into his office and seated herself in the large leather chair opposite his desk.

“Now first thing is first, congratulations are in order I hear.” He grinned, with a wink as he shifted into his own seat and adjusted his tie.

“Thanks, I just wanted to keep things low key. Not a big fuss you know.” She crossed her legs and tried her hardest to relax under the circumstances. She had to make it real right?

The dream was certainly freaking real.

“So your father tells me, sounds like it was quite the surprise to him as well.”

She nodded and smiled, “yes it was very spontaneous, but it just felt right. And I stand by that decision. I hope I didn’t cause too many issues with the all the media. Jon and I didn’t expect such a fuss to be made.” Her palms were sliding against each other as she fought desperately to hold her composure. This should be easy, she was a lawyer. She lied all the time, right?

He leaned back and ushered Sarah in as she came and delivered two mugs of coffee.
“I’ve got to say I was surprised as it’s certainly not your style… and if you don’t mind me saying, he doesn’t seem like your style.”

That’s because he’s not.

She laughed as she took the mug in front of her. “You know they say you find love in the most unexpected places. He’s not who my family expected me to end up with so you are not alone there.” She took a long sip of her coffee, particularly to catch her train of thought.

“He’s very sweet – funny and he’s got a lot of passion for what he’s doing.” Ok, so half of that sentence was true. Not bad right?

Mr Callaghan nodded, “ah young love huh. Well Callie – this won’t affect your work will it? Won’t he be away a lot with his job?”

Hallelujah, yes.

Her only saving grace at this very moment. The further her husband was away from her, the better. “Not at all, I’m staying put and I am dedicated to my job – you know I am.” She may have still been a rookie but she was running circles around some of her older colleagues.

“I’ve never questioned your work ethic Callie, you’re one of my best lawyers and for your age it’s very promising. I would hate to see you throw all your hard work away for a man. He must be pretty proud of you though?”

She blew her breath out and nodded. “Yes, he is – a lawyer and a rock star huh? Who would have thought right?” Leaving out the fact that Jon thought she was short changing herself to her desired career. She was happy doing this, she was. She just didn’t have the passion that she saw in his eyes every time he talked about music.

He snapped shut his leather binder satisfied. “Ok, well I am pleased to hear it. And before you go…” he dipped down into his lower draw and produced a skinny white envelope and handed it out to her.

“What’s this?” she asked taking it.

“A little something from us here and Callaghan and Jefferson, maybe you and Jon can go on a honeymoon when his schedule permits”

Her belly flip flopped, and she was sure she wanted to vomit into her mug. A sham marriage and she was getting money for it? God, what next.

She was so going to hell for this.

“Oh Mr Jefferson, you really didn’t have to do this…”

“I am sure that it will go nicely with whatever your father gave you both.”

Her belly tightened again, yeah nothing. She held onto the envelope tightly, she couldn’t refuse it – too many questions would be raised. Dammit. Swallowing the bile in her throat she smiled. “Thank you so much, this is too much.” She stood, gathering her things desperate to get out of there and into the safety cocoon of her office.

“You’re very welcome Callie – now I believe we’re meeting again at eleven for a briefing on the Donovan case?”

“That’s right, we will be. I’m nearly up to date with the notes to give you a run down.”

Frank Donovan, on trial for arson causing injury. Guilty as hell, but they were pleading insanity due to the large fee his rich Father was paying the firm to. It was a tough one, as insanity was actually harder to win than not guilty when you were guilty. And it had huge ramifications for the client if you were unsuccessful.

“Great, looking forward to it.”

Five minutes later she closed the door behind her and leaned against it. Alone, at last. The shrill of her phone caused her to jump as she plonked her case down on her desk. Her office wasn’t huge, infact it rivalled a box. But it was privacy away from the world.

She sunk down into her chair and picked up the receiver.


“Hey babe.” A familiar rich jersey accent crackled across the line.

She spun around in her chair away from the door and cradled it close to her mouth.

“Jon! What the hell are you doing? I thought we agreed to leave me alone here.” She hissed.

“We did, but I thought if I rang to check on my wifey, it would look like I can’t keep my hands off you right?”

She rolled her eyes. “Yes Jon, how did you get this number anyway?” She hadn’t told him where she worked.

“You’ve got business cards all over the place babe, and in your underwear draw.”

“JON!” she blasted a bit too loud. “You so ---“she bit her lip as the laughter roared down the line.

“Aren’t you supposed to be heading out?” she asked grinding her molars together.

“Nice bras by the way –“

She tucked the phone closer to her mouth. “I swear to god, when I get home I’m going to –“

“What? throw ice down my pants?” She grinned at the victory still fresh in her mind from last night, but shook her hands to shake off the feel of his damned skin.

“Don’t tempt me, I’ve got work to do Jon. I’ll see you at home.” She slammed down the receiver.
Her hands were still shaking but she told herself it was because she was angry with him. What was she afraid of? People already knew who and what he was. Was she ashamed of him? God, was that it?

She shook her head and straightened up the files on her desk. She hated that she was becoming so like her parents. Jon was a good man... despite the all the cocky guy stuff, he was good. She shouldn’t be worried about what her firm thought, right?

In a career that she didn’t really want to have.

She flipped open the case file, she needed to concentrate and clinch this for her meeting with Mr Callaghan mid morning. Her nails drummed against the desk edge as she lost herself in a world of social contempt and circumstance.

At five to eleven she scooped up all she needed and swung her chair back into her desk, catching sight of the small white envelope Mr Callaghan had handed her earlier. She bit the end of her thumb as she picked it up and peeked inside.

Jesus. There had to be at least a thousand dollars in there. What the hell? She tucked it away quickly in the draw, to keep it safe. And to hide the guilt.
What would she do with it? As she strolled down the hall of brown versus gold she smiled, well she did have an extra house guest that had no money to pay his own way. So this wasn’t a bad thing, right?

As she was about to turn into Mr Callaghan’s office the slap of hand against desk and a roaring laugh made her spin around. She felt the warmth drain from her cheeks as she watched the swirl of colors and ripped jeans smile broadly at Sarah.

What in god’s name was he doing here?

May 22, 2009

Chapter Fifteen

She tugged the sheet higher around her neck as the movement finally quietened in the next room. She stretched out and curled into her pillow letting the smile spread slowly across her face. She’d got one over him. Well and truly.

The hairs on her arms shot up as she remembered the feel of her hands against his warm skin. God, that was not right. Not right that she squirmed a little in her bed, trying to erase him from her mind.

“Callie?” Her heart thumped in her chest as the hoarse whisper called her name.

“Jon?” she asked curling her fingers over the top of the sheet and peeking into the inky darkness.

“I’m right here baby –“his breath was thick on her neck, and the little groan escaped from her mouth too quickly. Dammit.

“How did you get in here?” she asked twisting herself around to find him, instead being enveloped by strong arms. Her nose pressed into the warm fur of his chest. She wanted to pull back, wanted him to stop but his mouth engulfed hers with urgency.

“Oh god – “she whispered before he claimed her. Her arms reached up around her neck as the kiss deepened. She didn’t question him like she should of, didn’t stop him and kick his ass out of that bed like she could have.

“No need to pretend anymore baby –“her head hit the pillow behind her as he sucked one of her nipples into his hungry mouth.

Oh shit—oh god
,it felt so wonderful. She arched further into him and clutched her hands into his hair. There was so much of it! “More, Jon…More.” She felt his hand slide in-between her thighs parting them wider.

“Tell me to stop,” he was smothering her with kisses, his teeth grazing along her shoulder blade. Stopping was the last thing on her mind.

“Don’t—“he rolled her back, and hovered over her.

She lifted her fingers through his hair and pulled him down for a kiss, god forbid the consequences in the morning – right now she didn’t care. The inside of her thighs were vibrating with anticipation.

He dipped down, she felt his cock bump against her heat as she spread her thighs wider for him. He nipped her nose and through the darkness of the room, he grinned.

“Tell me you were jealous – “

Her eyes snapped back open and her body lurched forward, she was alone. In her room, in her bed, clutching the sheet around her.

“Oh shit,” she panted. Relax it was just a dream, just a dream.

“Oh god—“ she cupped her cheek, her skin was on fire. She scrambled off the bed, swaddled the sheet firmly around her and tried the door. She closed her eyes and leaned back against the door. Thank god it was still locked. She turned and unsnicked the lock.

The only sound to greet her was the deep rumble of snore as she closed the door behind her again. When was he going back on tour? Christ, it wasn’t soon enough the way he kept playing with her head.

She scrunched back down in her bed, desperate to erase now the dream from her mind and focus on the task ahead. Facing her firm was going to be one thing, no doubt her father would of already talked her to death with his connections. Unless of course he was too embarrassed. She sighed and closed her eyes as the clock flipped over to 2am. It was going to be a long night.

Jon rubbed his eyes as the rude intrusion of light burned his eyeballs. The loud scrape of curtain against the rail made him cringe.

“Do you have to make so much freakin' noise?” he mumbled, burying his head back into his pillow rolling onto his belly.

Last night was still a haze, oh wait a minute. He lifted his head and turned around, “and about last-“but he stopped dead in his tracks. There she stood by the large bay window, in her navy blue suit, cinched at the waist showing off her curvy hips and shapely legs – and she was all slicked up, with pretty pink lipstick and her hair pulled back into a neat ponytail.

She folded her arms, and with a small grin on her lips asked. “Yes?”

He sat up and swung his legs over the side of the couch. “You throw a pound of ice down my pants and now you think you’re something huh?” he scratched his head, trying to tame the wild knot of morning curls.

“And so what if I am. You had that coming mister.” She walked back around into the little kitchen and he watched her flick the kettle on.

“Coffee?” she asked plucking a mug from the rack.

“God – yes…” he leaned back and pulled the sheets back up around him. She was a totally different person. She wasn’t mad like last night, she looked amazing – comfortable in her own skin obviously.

She poured two healthy cups and brought his over, pressing his down on one of her coasters.

“What time are we going into the office?” he asked her taking a sip. That smug confidence may have just gone up in a cloud of smoke, it disappeared so fast.

“What?” she asked.

“Your office – I’m coming into meet people aren’t I?” he grinned as he took a long sip.

“What?” she blinked and gripped her coffee cup tighter until Jon watched her knuckles turn white.

“Well, we’re doing this together aren’t we?”

She rolled her eyes, “yeah together was really what you had on your mind last night, was it Jon?”

Here we go.

“You’re still jealous huh?” he asked cocking an eyebrow. She was going to be too easy to wind up. It was almost fun.

“You humiliated me – count yourself lucky I didn’t do it to you in public Jon.”

“I could have taken it like a man Callie. Now I’m coming with you – it’s only fair.”

Actually, if she had done that to him in public, he would have been pissed. But he wasn’t about to admit it to her.

“No, you’re not – you’re not embarrassing me at the only good thing I have right now,” her voice cracked as she broke away and dusted her skirt down.

“Callie-“he went to stand but she held her hand up. “No Jon, I mean it. I’m going alone…this part of my life can’t be a game.”

He sank back down, “ok ok – I won’t come.” He couldn’t imagine hanging out with a bunch of lawyers would be that entertaining anyway.

She looked down at her coffee, and Jon winced.

“About what I said last night about your father –“

“What about it – you made your point obviously clear.”

“Well, I won’t deny that I don’t believe fully what I said, I just out of line.” Her eyes tried to hide the sadness, and glaze back over with confidence.

“I know what you think Jon – it’s just not that simple.”

“Quit and go to med school. That seems simple to me.” He took another long drink of his coffee.

She laughed, “with what exactly? You know what it costs – and I would have no money at all behind me.”

“I have no money behind me – and I’m doing it… so if I can – you can.” He folded his arms and leaned back on the couch.

“Oh no no, don’t compare it – I have to study and that takes years – you can play now and try and make money doing what you want to do…”

He chuckled and shook his head. “There is no difference Callie. You can get a job and put yourself through med school, you just don’t want to do it.”

She stood up and marched back to the kitchen. He’d pissed her off again.

“When do you go back on tour?” she asked popping two slices of bread into the toaster and bumping the fridge door shut with her hip.

“Three days – and I’m out of your hair. Can’t wait huh?” He grinned as he watched her pop the lid of the peanut butter off.

“Damn right.” She smeared a thick layer of peanut butter across her toast and took a crunch out of it.

“You can’t be going sleeping around on tour too much Jon – if you want this to work.”

“Yeah, Yeah – I’ve already been given that lecture by the folks. Why is it always me – you know it’s not just me that can’t be having a relationship here. You can’t either, you know.”

She snorted. “Believe me I know, I don’t have time for those sort of distractions.”
He propped his hands behind his head and crossed his legs. “You don’t get out much do you?”

“I do, I just choose not to.”

“Have there been any boyfriends?” he asked, he was skating on thin ice, and she’d probably tell him to go fuck himself again in the next second but he was curious.

What sort of man pushed her buttons? He’d visualized her with a burly corporate guy named Chad, but that didn’t seem right.

She grinned, “Yes there have been – why are you jealous now?” she arched a thin brow as those pink glossed lips cocked into a smirk.

He rolled his eyes, “No – I just wondered. You’re pretty enough and smart. Are there guys at the firm that would ask you out?”

She pulled out her soft leather brief case and clicked open the clasps. “Yes there
are, and there are the ones that know who my father is – so they probably just want the status.”

“Surely they want more than just the status,” he said admiring her side on view, the high curve of her breast and down her flat belly. Guys would be crazy not to try for some action with her.

“Yeah but I am not into that scene – as you know, anyway what are you doing today?”

“Doc’s probably got some things to do – but I’ll just grab a burger with the guys if he gives me any money.”

She looked up,” You have no money?”

He shrugged. “Nope, Doc is in charge of little allowance we have.” He hated admitting he wasn’t self sufficient – especially when he’d just ragged onto her about how she should be, maybe it was a totally different situation like she suggested?

“Jesus Jon, “he winced when she flipped open her purse and pulled out a twenty and handed it out to him.

“It’s not much, but here...”

“Callie, I’m already living under your roof. You don’t have to give me money as well.” Christ, taking money from her is not what he ever intended to do.

She handed it out further, “Pay me back when you’re famous” she grinned.
He took the money, God money was fucking precious he shouldn’t be just blowing it on
burgers. “Thanks Callie, I will…” he tucked it into his jeans pocket.

“Go see a movie, get out of the house.” She said as she picked up her coat and case.
He snorted, “Oh I see, just want me out of your house huh?”

“Read me like a book…” she winked as she headed to the door. “Now behave, the spare key is hanging up by the door… so take that out with you. I’ll be home about five-thirty.”

“Ok, see you then… should be around.”

And then she was gone. It was the strangest feeling, something had shifted between them that morning, whether it was something good. Only time would tell. He smiled when he fumbled into his pocket and felt the crisp twenty. She totally didn’t have to do that at all. His intention was never to take money off her. He’d make one thing for sure though, anything she paid for him. If he made it big – he’d pay her back double.

May 16, 2009

Chapter Fourteen

His eyes lit up and Callie couldn’t help but bite on her bottom lip. He had the expectation for sex written all over him, he really was stupid. As the car looped around towards the apartment she shifted forward sliding onto his lap in the backseat.

“I knew you’d come around.” He nipped at her chin before meeting her in a slow kiss wrapping his arms around her.

“You sound so certain of yourself,” she raised her eyebrow, palming his chest with her hand. The sweet spice of his cologne threatened to pull her under. He was dangerous, and she knew she was playing with fire. But one thing
Callie Richards did not tolerate was being made a fool out of.

His hands started to roam again, snaking around her waist until he cupped her ass lifting her closer. “Tight.”

She swallowed against the pounding in her chest and prayed home would be seconds away so he wouldn’t have the chance to touch her. She dragged her hands up into his hair and swept it back. “Something else could be tight too.” His eyes snapped open as he shifted under her.

His lips curved into a smirk as he tilted his head out the window. “Well let’s go decide that, we’re here.” She nodded and twisted her hand in his as they both stepped out of the car and said goodnight to the driver.

They raced up the stairs to her apartment and as she fished out the keys from her purse she felt his warm breath tickle across the back of her neck.

Down boy.

She fumbled with the light switch as he folded her into his arms and walked her backwards one step at a time. “Wait,” she whispered as she looked up and caught his gaze but he smiled.

“It’s ok Callie, you don’t have to say baby… if this is your first time…” he hooked his thumbs under the waist of her skirt and tugged the material down.
Teeth clicked as she forced out a sweet tone, “no this is not my first time.”

Jerk, typical he’d think that too.

She needed to stop this and she needed to do it now, especially if he started touching her, it’d been awhile since anyone had so she wasn’t sure if she would be able to stop him. But the visual of him left hanging pissed as hell was still in her line of sight.

“I think we need a drink don’t you?” she asked pulling away from his grasp heading towards the fridge. She walked away with an extra sway to her hips.

“I don’t need a drink…” he growled shrugging off his jacket and threw it behind him, missing the couch and slumping to the floor.

“Come on, a bit of whiskey on ice never hurt anyone,” she winked.

Neither did dick on ice, which is what she exactly intended to do.

She felt his groin bump into the small of her back as she stabbed the ice with a steel ice-pick. “Babe, come on – I’m harder than the fucking ice here. Let’s just go into your room.”

“We’re not going into my room,” she teased as the glass rattled when she dropped the ice in it.

“Well fuck, just get naked then. I don’t care where we do it…I’ll lift you up here and you can have your drink at the same time for all I care.” The pinch of her teeth on her lip was the only thing stopping her from laughing.
She turned around and stepped back into his zone reaching for his wide buckle. With his encouragement she got the fly undone and was millimeters away from touching his cock.

“You know….” She arched up onto her tiptoes and gripped his shoulders.
He cussed under his breath just loud enough so she heard it. She reached over and filched some ice in-between her fingers running it across his bottom lip before licking off the drops that melted off.

“Callie,” he growled as she ran the wedge down the cord of his neck, chasing it with her tongue.

She was beginning to enjoy this and almost didn’t want it to end. The best part was yet to come.

“Ice huh?” he asked as he reached for the cup but she smacked his hand away.

“Not yet – my turn first.” She reached over and picked up a large wedge of ice this time.

“Close your eyes…” she whispered dragging his lip into her mouth.

Here we go, rock star.

She waited till his lips parted and his eyes closed. He tilted his head back in anticipation. In one quick move, she stuffed the handful of ice roughly down his jeans and jerked the fly up. Cupping him hard just to make sure the ice had its full effect she hissed.

“If you ever do that to me again in public Jon, watch out.”

He yelped and stumbled backwards out of their grasp grabbing for his crotch.

“You bitch!”

She dusted her hands off and marched to her room slamming the door behind her, snicking the lock.

Mission accomplished.


Jon lurched for the counter, his knuckles turning white as he tried to shake the ice out of his area. His eyes crossed, not quite the wetness he imagined being around his cock at the end of the night.

She’d blindsided him in an instant. How the fucking hell did that happen?

“Fuck!” he yelled as he wrestled with his fly letting the shards of ice tumble out onto the lino below like dice. Just like the odds at Vegas, he’d been played.

“Son of a bitch!” his eyes crossed as the chill confused the hell out of his erection.

He tugged his jeans back up and stormed back through the living room, cursing when he tripped on his fucking jacket he’d threw there just minutes ago.

“Get your ass out here now young lady…” he pounded his fist hard against her door. What the hell was she playing at?

“Go away Jon.” Was all that came from the other side of the door.

He twisted the knob but of course it was locked. “No, get the fucking hell out here now. What you just did was uncalled for.”

There was silence and a little scuffling before the door swung open. “What I just did was uncalled for?” He groaned when she stood there in a knee high peach satin night dress with thin little straps.

Are you kidding me?

Desperate to keep his eyes on her face and not her nipples that were poking through the thin material, that by the way—may as well been see through.
He crossed his arms, “I never made you think we were about to have sex and then pulled the plug at the last minute in a deliberate sabotage Callie.”

His augment was flawed, he knew that but he wasn’t backing down. No fucking way.

“No, you didn’t Jon. You just made out publicly with another girl with intentions to go fuck her at a party I was at – how ridiculous do you think that makes me look?”

He grinned, “So it was jealously then?”

“Get your head out of your own ass Jon and realize you’re not exactly a girl’s dream catch here. I wasn’t jealous I was humiliated. Your grand idea to play this ridiculous marriage out and on the first night, you go and do the one thing that people will look at and know we’re not real.”

“You still could of fucking just told me you felt like that instead of making me look like an ---“he bit his lip. She‘d rightly done back what he’d did to her. Except she was gracious enough not to humiliate him in public.

She matched his stance and crossed her arms. “You would have listened to me?” She paused. “No I didn’t think so. But when there is sex involved, you’re all ears. Let’s just say I got down to your level to make a point. It’s what I do.”

“Don’t give me that lawyer bullshit – you can’t even stand up to your own father so don’t feel proud of yourself.”

He flinched as the slap of her hand connected with his cheek.

“Fuck you Jon.”

The pictures on the walls rattled when the door followed close second with her hand. Shit. He’d gone too far and he knew it. She’d rightly given him what he deserved and he’d repaid her with cruelty.

He tapped his knuckle on the door. “Callie, I’m sorry – please open the door.”
Christ, they’d been married five minutes and already they were in trouble.

“I’m going to bed Jon, so go fuck yourself.”

“Well that’s not an issue anymore,” he tried to make light of the situation with a little chuckle but it was followed with silence. He pressed his forehead against the door, he hadn’t meant for the night to turn out as it did and he should of thought more about her since it was her first night out in a different crowd.

He’d fucked up. Royally.

“Callie – babe. I’m sorry. Can we just talk this over?”


He made his way to the couch and dumped himself down and kicked his shoes off. Pulling the blanket off the end he lay back and flicked the light off. Maybe this was a mistake, the marriage. There was nothing he could do right now to fix this but maybe in the morning she would have calmed down.

He couldn’t stand to see Doc’s smug face if this didn’t work out. Was he being selfish? Probably- but she could take a leaf out of his book and use it against that controlling father of hers. He sat up and mashed the cushions hard under his head before curling up again.

He blew his breath out and sighed pulling the blanket to his neck.

God knows what the morning would bring for them. But one thing was sure, it was going to be a long night.

May 11, 2009

Chapter Thirteen

She stood as all the eyes in the room were all on her. She wanted more than anything to prove to them all that they were married and that this was real. The anger of his intended infidelity warred with her reasoning. She didn’t care he was looking at other woman, what she cared about was the fact that it was making her look spineless and like an idiot. And that is one thing she hated.

She’d already had that enough from her father and her family. So not this time.
She grabbed his shoulders and jerked him close. It was a little more than she intended to drag him as he fell into her, her chest pressing hard up against his.

Her nipples hardened instantly but she tried to dismiss it to the cool breeze that had whipped through the door every time someone came or went in the bar.

Their noses bumped and his hands slid around her waist locking at her lower back.

“That’s more like it.” He grinned as he leaned forward and let his lips brush against hers. She closed her eyes, in the name of acting for a kiss and let the moment take over. Unaware that she stood on her tiptoes to reach him more snaking her arms around his neck.

A loud wolf whistle echoed through the bar as he swayed her gently engulfing her mouth with his. It happened so quickly she wasn’t prepared for it and it controlled her. His flavor, his force completely took her.

She let the little moan slip and he swallowed it whole. Her eyes fluttered open again, his blue ones shining right back at - he wasn’t even looking back at her. His gaze rested over her shoulder. She followed it, bumping her thigh into something hard. Christ was he even hard for her? Or just for the busty blond he was grinning at over her shoulder. Why did she even care who he was hard for?

She pulled away from him and hissed. “If you are going to at least pretend this is real, roll your tongue back in and stop staring at her tits like a dog on heat.”

His eyes darted back to hers and then that grin spread across his face. That one she already despised. Trying to ignore desperately, the cute little dimples on his cheek that flanked it.

“Yes m’am,” he pushed her slowly back and let her head fall back exposing the long line of her neck. Her fingers dug into his shoulder as he buzzed his nose across her neck before chasing it with his hot wet mouth.

Come on, you’re supposed to be mad at him not swooning all over him. The tingle racing across her skin matched her pulse as he continued. God, he smelled so damn good as well.

NOT helping here

As he lifted head and his eyes connected with hers, he smiled. “Better?”
She nodded, “better…”

He cupped her hip and his other hand he slid it across the skin exposed from her belly where the knot of the shirt rested. She hissed and narrowed her eyes at him.

“Don’t push it.”

“You wanted believable baby…so I am delivering. I’ve gotta make it believable that you are the only one in this room that I want to take home and do very bad things to…” he swiped his thumb across her naked midsection. She tried to ignore the tingle that was like fire licking across her skin.

Over his shoulder she saw the bimbo leave the room, and Doc shaking his head after her. Her grin crept across her lips as Jon raised his brow.

“What are you looking so pleased about?”

“Pest Control,” she simply replied.

He groaned when she moved against him, his erection obviously causing a little discomfort. “You could relieve that you know,” he whispered against her ear as the music continued as he swayed her closer into him.

“In your dreams.” She muttered. Then it went pop, the little flash of a light bulb inside her head. He was playing her, so why the hell couldn’t she do the same to him. She knew how to match him. Her hand ran down across the ripped cotton and rested against the bulge of his jeans.

His brow winged, and his eyes lit brighter than the strobe disco lights that sliced across the room.

Stupid idiot, of course he was going to think she wanted him.

“Does that feel good?” she purred in his ear. Treat him like a case, butter up the witness and then slaughter them later so they are too dumbfounded to see what just happened. It was the game.

He shifted closer to her and hissed when she traced her nail down the denim seam.

“Fuck yes.”

“Good,” she cupped him as people started to lose interest in watching them. She so didn’t want to be touching him like this, but like in court. You have to do what you have to do to win.

“See, told you this wouldn’t be so bad.” He leaned forward into her as the deafly beats drowned out anything else audible in the room.

No not bad at all. Bloody brilliant, actually.

Trying to focus on anything but how hard he now was in her hand as she knew if she concentrated any more on it, she’d be in trouble.

Because he was repulsive and a jerk right?


“How much do you want me?” She asked. She just about swallowed her tongue as the words came out, she wasn’t this girl at all. Ballsy yes, in a suit and a court room full of people. But a hard rock star waiting for her seduction? Well that was a whole new ball game grasshopper.

He was like putty in her hands, except putty was soft.

His eyes hooded and his lips parted obviously in anticipation of her continuing this little sexual dance. “I want you baby.”

“I do too.” She bit her lip to stop the smile. Was she cruel? Probably, but it was about time she showed him she couldn’t be steamrolled like he had attempted to earlier.

When he reached for her skirt, hitching the material up her thigh she clasped her hand over his. “No!” she exclaimed quickly. But then smiled. “Let me, take care of you for awhile.” She nipped at his ear through the river of sandy brown curls.
“I want you to touch me when we get home. In private.”


Well well, I knew she couldn’t resist me for too much longer. It was stupid. If they had to pretend they were in love, what the hell was wrong with playing around if it suited them both?

His blood had all but rushed to his pants and he wasn’t sure if his jeans could strain anymore. He was already hard for the blond with the big jugs. She would of relieved some pressure if Callie hadn’t got herself all bent out of shape.

She is so hot for me.

He groaned when the little grin on her lips turned into a smirk. Who let the cougar out of the cage? Did he care if he was going to get laid? Uh, nope.

Each time he tried to reciprocate the petting she stilled him, insisting it was all for him. He figured she just didn’t want to be pawed sexually in public. The smooth skin of her navel still burned on his palm. He ached for more, wondering if she felt like that all over her body.

As his arousal deepened, he couldn’t help things about her. The way her breasts swelled against his check and her nipples burned through the cotton shirt she wore. Her lips still thick with gloss that still burned on his own.

The earlier awkward girl had turned into a little vixen right before his eyes, he was too hard to question why any further. He just wanted to blow this fucking joint and take her home. But no he still had record sharks to smooze. Fuck.

“Baby,” he had to take some form of control here and now or he was going explode in his pants. He braceleted her wrist and tried to pull it away from his groin.

“Am I doing something wrong?” she asked fluttering her eyelashes until her eyes grew wide.

“God, no – everything is so right – just not now – I’ve got people to see and talk to but we can continue this later right?” he asked hopefully.

She nodded as she licked her lips. “I was hoping to you know…” her tongue swiped out and back in.

Oh Jesus. “Callie, oh god. When we get home?”

She nodded again as she sucked on her pinkie. He looked back at Doc helplessly. He needed this, he needed to fuck her. And now. But he swallowed. “Alright. I won’t be long, OK… don’t go anywhere.”

Jon pulled himself away from her desperately trying to hide the ever growing problem in his pants as he pulled away with a moan. Christ. He didn’t turn back. The next hour went by slowly. He talked the talk, the music his plans for the band and the music he wanted to deliver in the future to anyone that listened. All the while, every so often his gaze would drift over to the girl. The girl he underestimated.
Finally Doc said he could go, he stopped himself from breaking into a skip to find her.

“What the hell is up with you?” Richie asked as he ducked around the corner to find her.

“I’m looking for my wife…” his brow waggled.

Richie folded his arms and nodded his head behind him to where she was talking to one of the record producers wives. “You look pretty excited dude, just won the lottery?”

Jon nodded and waved over Richie’s shoulder to Callie. “Could say that, things have shall we say progressed.”

Richie looked back over his shoulder and then back at Jon. “Well hell she almost looks like she’s happy to see you.”

“Oh she is bro – she wants me. She’s finally realized that we can make the most of this situation… you know being two youngins with needs…” He frowned when Richie snorted.


“Nothing, you think she’s going to sleep with you?”

“Uh huh… she wants me, she was fair fondling my dick on the dance floor if you didn’t notice.”

Richie held his hands up and laughed. “Dude, I don’t look at that sort of shit. What you are doing with your junk is none of my business. But if she is, well good for you bro. Live in no strings sex… what more could a guy want huh?”

Jon slapped his hand in a high five. “Exactly – alright Rich I’ve got to go. I’ve called a car to come get us.”

“Sweet, well go then, you lucky son of a bitch. I haven’t picked one up yet. Think she’d have a threesome?”

“Dude, no way – I’m not seeing your hairy ass in the morning.”

“How do you know it’s hairy?” Richie raised his brow just as Callie strode back over.

“I’m not answering that, I’ve got things to do.” He winked and hooked his arm through Callie’s. “Ready to go love?”

“Sure am. Lead on Hubby.”

Jon said his goodbyes and led her outside to the car that waited. Slamming the door behind them he hurried the driver to her address. He scooped her into his arms as he felt his dick grow hard once again.

Mashing his lips on hers, he took and tasted as the car drove into the night. She was stiffened at first but then relaxed into him. “Slow down cowboy… we’re nearly there…and once we are.” Her bright eyes flicked up to meet his and she traced her tongue across his bottom lip.

“Fuck Callie, what are you doing to me?”

Exactly, what you deserve.”