April 29, 2010

Chapter Sixty

Jon stirred as the hum of the washing machine floated through the apartment. His legs were crumpled up on the couch where he'd been asleep for the last couple of hours since had Callie left for school. He rubbed his eyes and raked his nails down his throat. When he swallowed it felt like glass was lodged in there, god he hoped he wasn't getting sick. He lifted himself off the couch and padded into the kitchen to fix some juice. Thank god she'd let him back into her life. He hadn't realized until she was gone how much it sucked without her. He sunk into the chair and rubbed the bottom of the glass along his belly. The flat was messy, no thanks to him. Maybe he should clean for her. He snorted, him clean? And for a girl? Stranger things had happened.

He changed the sheets over into the clothes dryer, did the dishes and put his things away before he crashed onto the couch again with the TV blaring. He tried to settle, god he wasn't used to just doing nothing but he needed to, for his body and his sanity. His parents would be happy to see him especially with all the shit that had been going on with Doc. They were worried but they were comfortable that Callie was handling the situation. And so they should be, god she was amazing. While he’d straightened up the table tops he'd found her latest medicine essay, with a giant red 'A' smeared on it. Fucked if he could understand what it was about, medical jargon did his head in at the best of times.

His head hit the cushion and the next thing he heard was the click of the door. "Hey," he mumbled sleepily stretching his legs as she came in. Wrapped tight in her winter coat, her dark hair was up in a complicated twist thing, that only women knew how to do. She kicked off her ankle boots and popped her jacket open.

"Hey yourself dreamer. Glad to see you were getting some sleep."

He sat up and patted the couch beside him, "lots of sex is always a good cure for lack of sleep." He dragged her down, her sweet scent swimming around him as his mouth found hers. He kissed her slow and long, savouring the taste of her. She wound her fingers up into his hair and he groaned as her nails grazed his scalp.

"You need a lot more sex then." Their teeth clicked as she laughed against his mouth.

"See me complaining?" He cupped her jaw and sipped from her a little longer, "have a good class?"

She sighed and closed her eyes. "Yeah, really good. Another assignment to do but I don't mind them. What time are we going to your parents?"

"What's time time now?" He nipped her chin playfully.

She checked her watch and leaned back laughing, "Jon, stop it. It's four-thirty."

"Can't, I need a shower," he ran his fingers down her shoulder to her breast. "I bet all that lecturing makes you very dirty," he grinned as he touched her breast and was rewarded by her nipple hardening under his fingers.

She moaned into his mouth, "oh yes---very dirty." Her fingers curled around his shoulders and she slid into his lap.

He groaned and his cock stirred under her. Were they finally in the honeymoon phase of their relationship? Even if it was all backwards, it was so right. He didn't want to keep his hands off her for more than a second when they were in the same room. He needed to lose himself in her. His fingers tunnelled into her hair, loosening pins until it floated around his wrists. She lifted his tee and up his chest and clever little nails scraped up to his nipples. "Jesus Callie," he hissed as he swivelled her around to straddle him. He dragged his finger down her jaw and ran it across her lips, his eyes widening when it disappeared into her mouth and her tongue swirled around the tip.

"Shower." He cupped her ass and lifted her up, she giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck. He took two steps when the shrill of the phone stopped him, "ignore it?" he mumbled against her mouth.

She reached over his shoulder for it, "hello?" Her lips curved into a smile. "Sure Doc, he's right here."

Jon groaned and dropped her gently back on the ground. He took the phone and pressed it into his chest, "this will wait--go and get all cleaned up." He plucked a kiss on her forehead and took a moment watching her as she left the room. Damn, he was a lucky man.

"Hey. What's up?" He leaned back against the wall and rubbed his face.

"Hey Jonny, I've secured us an interview with one of the biggest magazines in America Jon, and they happen to be in town tommorow."

Jon closed his eyes, "I thought this was our break Doc. I'm tired as shit here." It wasn't performing but christ if he couldnt' be bothered pulling out the fake smiles and laughs this week.

"I know, I said that Jonny but this one came up at the last minute, and we'd be stupid not to take it."

"Stupid like getting involved in drugs stupid?" He closed his mouth, he didn't meant to be so fucking blunt but, hell.

"Jonny you know what this means to the band."

Jon closed his eyes and sighed. He swore to god... He tucked the phone under his chin and reached for the chunky pad and pencil Callie had on the counter. "Where, and when? Will you tell the guys?"

"Yes, I'll call them next." Doc gave him the directions and then wheeled into talking about the next album. By the time he hung up the phone, he wanted to jam it into it's cradle. The shower was running, but he needed a couple of minutes to calm down so he grabbed his cigarettes and slipped out to the small balcony to clear his head.


Callie bundled herself into a thick towel and slathered body cream down her arms. In the pit of her stomach, she was still a little nervous that Jon's parents would be weird towards her. Even though the last time she saw them, when they had just got married, they were a lot better about the situation than her parents. She pulled on some jeans, a snug navy cahsmere sweater and started to fix her hair. The apartment was awfully quiet so she slipped on her shoes and went out to the living area. "Jon?"

He hadn't heard her as he leaned over the balcony flicked his ash. His jaw was tight, and his stance was stiff. He was a million miles away. She sighed and crept up behind him, wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her cheek against his back. "You ok?"

He didn't turn back around but he covered her hand with his against his belly. "Yea, just Doc's scheduled a last minute interview tomorrow, a long one. I'd just turned myself off from all that." He rubbed the butt of his boot against the concrete. "I'm just pissy, sorry baby."

"You can be pissy, but don't let it ruin your time off. Things will get better soon. Trust me." She squeezed her arms and then released them, heading back inside. He'd be back in a few minutes. She had learnt Jon brooded, and when he did, he just needed a little space and he always came back. She collected her purse, keys, money and fixed her make-up. She at least needed t look respectable for Mr and Mrs Bongiovi. Jon returned into the living room and grabbed his denim jacket, he smiled and pressed a kiss to the top of her head.


She smiled and tucked her arm into his. "I am ready."

The ride to his parents was uneventful as they blended in with commuters making their way home from the city. Her belly flip flopped as they pulled up to the sunny painted split-level house. He took her hand and she paid the driver.

"Just relax, my home is your home." Her shoes clicked on the cobblestones and the door swung open before they had made it up to the porch.

"Angel!" Mrs Bongiovi wearing a shiny teal pantsuit came rushing out and flung her arms around Jon's neck.

He smiled and hugged her back, "hey mom."

"God it's so good to see you, and it's nice to see you again Callie." She popped her head over his shoulder and smiled warmly.

"You too Mrs Bongiovi."

Her blue eyes sparkled, "Call me Carol. I hear you've been looking after my Angel?"

Jon snaked his arm around her waist, "She sure has."

Callie smiled, "it's been no trouble really."

"Ok, why don't you two come inside? I've made lasagne, just the way you like it baby." Callie's shoulders eased, so far so good. Carol didn't seem too bothered that she was here. She followed them inside to the living room where John Francis Snr was flipping through the newspaper. He got to his feet when Jon and Callie both walked in.

"Son, Jesus Christ you look like shit!" He wrapped his on in a bear hug and Callie watched on amused.

"Gee thanks Pop, nice to see you too."

John Francis winked at Callie and leaned in and kissed her cheek. "Good to see you sweetheart. Least someone in the room apart from my wife looks lovely." Callie's cheeks flushed and she laughed, the resemblance from the cheeky grin and the same kind eyes was uncanny.

"Thanks, nice to see you both as well."

Carol clapped her hands together, "Ok why don't you two boys go and have a catch up, and Callie can come and help me set up for dinner." Callie raised her brow. She'd be alone with her? She didn't know if that was a good or bad thing, but so far it didn't feel bad.

"Sure. Happy to help."

John slapped his son on the shoulder, "time to break open the whiskey son."

"Not too much," Callie and Carol said in unison, and everyone dissolved into laughter.

Carol hooked her arm in Callies, "oh yes. You and I have a lot to discuss."

Jon winked at her as Carol dragged her off into the kitchen. In a way she was scared what the hell Carol was going say, or issue a warning against her son. And in the other, it was oddly nice to feel like part of a family. She just hoped it was the latter.

April 25, 2010

Chapter Fifty-Nine

Callie stretched into sunshine and smiled, she reached down covered the hand that was snaked firmly around her waist. She closed her eyes sleepily and smiled, as the steady breathing of the one behind her tickled across her shoulder. This was them, and god it felt so right. She'd mentally shelved the niggling doubts she'd had and let the good flood in, she loved him. And that's all that mattered. She lazily stroked down his arm as he stirred, his morning groan vibrating against her ear.

"Morning," she whispered still content just to lie and enjoy the comfort and warmth between them.

"Hey--what time is it? I can't even remember falling asleep," he mumbled lazily.

"After ten, we slept like the dead---evidently I am sure it's what you needed." Her finger traced across the tops of his knuckles.

"You're not wrong there; I could sleep for ten more of those kinda nights too sadly."

She rolled over within his grasp and smiled, "well I think you should. I have a lecture at one o'clock so stay here in bed."

He sank down further into the pillow, "that sounds like a plan. I should go and see my parents though."

"Well we could go tonight?"

Jon's eyes popped open. "We? You would want to come?"

She laughed and curled into his chest, "well I just thought....if you don't want me to, that's fine." She hadn't meant to offer so quickly, hell she didn't even know why she wanted to go with him, maybe part of it was she craved to see a family that acted normally.

He tipped her chin up, and she met his eyes. "Of course you can come, I'd be proud to drag you back to my parents."

She ran her fingers through his chest hair, "I really only met them that once, and if we're going to be together, makes sense I do again. Right?"

His lips curved into a big smile, "damn right. Mom, Dad meet my--girlfriend."

She chuckled, "They'll probably like me way more as that than your wife. Although they weren't half as bad as--" she paused and he pushed her hair back from her face and planted a kiss on her forehead.

"Shhh, I know. You can have my family Cal, they'd love you."

She blinked and looked down, she loved what she'd done, and she loved how independently fierce she now was, but everyone still needed family. It was a little ache of sadness left inside her chest that she knew would take some time to heal. She wrapped her arms around his waist and snuggled in closer to him. "You're my family now Jon."

"Baby, he'll come around. You'll see." He buried his face into the top of her hair and sighed. "I'm still so proud of you."

"I know, I love you Jon. And I'm gonna fix your mess for you." She needed to dig into those case notes tonight, with the court case only a week or so away. She needed to be on her game to get the result she needed for Doc, and for Jon.

"I know you are. I wish I could fix your mess for you."

She smiled, "you did---in a roundabout way." If Jon hadn't come into her life, would she be studying medicine? Nope. If he hadn't come back into her life would she have stood up to her father? Nope. She owed him a lot, but that's what made them work so easily, she just hadn't seen it before. "How about I fix us some eggs before I need to get up and going?"

He soothed the tips of his fingers down her back, "how about I fix us some sex instead?"

She laughed against his chest as she was rolled backwards, her legs wound around his hips by instinct as he hovered above her. She could feel his cock bump at the centre of her. "That might work? Are you going to ask me how I like my sex?" She rolled her lip under her teeth and bit back the smile.

His lips dusted hers, "oh I think I know exactly how you like it." She groaned as his hand slipped down beneath the sheets and he hooked his thumb under her hood.

"Oh god," she whispered as his he used the pad of his thumb to draw lazy circles against her. Her body quivered as the little pulses of pleasure flicked out to the tips of her toes.

He glanced down at her breasts, "I like these sunny-side up." He dipped down and flattened his tongue, dragging it over her sensitive tip.

She moaned and dug her fingers into his shoulders, "Jon," she managed. His hair spilled over her breasts as he sucked, nipped and worked his way back up to her lips. He caught her mouth in a long slow kiss.

"I love the taste of you."

She arched and kissed him back, letting herself slide into the warmth of his kiss. Their tongues danced and lathed at each others, soft moans and hiccuped breaths filled the room. He slid into her easily and seated himself deep holding them still. "And I like being inside of you."

She wound her hands around his neck and kissed his nose, “I like it too." He retracted and slid slowly back into her with a cheeky smile. "That's not nice."

"I'm not a nice person Callie."

She bucked up to feel him slide in further, anything to get him moving. "No you're not at all are you?" She teased as her hand dropped to his nipple. She rolled her thumb across the tight tip and his head tipped back exposing the long line of his neck.

He hissed and met her gaze. "You really want to start something here? You know I'll win, no matter what."

"So sure of yourself. Are you sure you didn't want to be a lawyer?" She teased as she rolled her thumb firmer across his nipple.

"I misjudged you; I thought you were a sweet innocent girl." He growled as she switched over to the other side.

"You wouldn't like me if I was sweet and innocent."

His eyes widened and then he laughed, "Oh I love how well you know me." He rolled his hips and she whimpered as the angle went deeper.

She reached out and clutched the sheet. "Please, Jon....god!" The slow painful strokes were worse than anything else, always leaving her body screaming for more. She fused her mouth against his, desperate for contact, desperate for the heat that he was holding ransom between them. Her fingers ran up into his arms and into his hair. This man could make her crazy in all the best ways a man was supposed to. She longed for him to push her, pull her, down into that sensation she was so used to losing herself in with him.

"I love you Callie." He pressed his forehead against hers and they took the moment, as they connected.

"Ditto." The kiss was warm, slow, and sweet like a hot summer's night rain. His eyes flicked down hers lips and he smiled.

"Eggs you say?" He took her hands and kissed her knuckles, wound his fingers through them and sank deep into her. The movements quickened and he focused on nothing but her. Each hiccup, each sob, he curled his hands tighter and held her gaze. The moment was there’s, no one could touch them, no over-bearing father, and no over-bearing manager. As long as they had each other, it would be ok.

Her thighs clamped around his waist as he groaned into her mouth, kissing, encouraging them to both let go. She closed her eyes finally broke his gaze and let go; her body shuddered under his, and his over hers. She held on tight, white stars bursting before her eyes while her skin sizzled. He gently rolled them over on their sides and didn't slide out of her at first; she pressed her cheek into wet warmth and laughed when his belly grumbled between them.

"Ok, so someone needs to be fed huh?" She patted his flat belly and went to roll back, but he gripped her shoulders.

"Just wait a couple of minutes." She sighed and leaned back in, closing her eyes for just a minute as contentment was heavy on her eyes. When she woke what felt like seconds later she was alone, and the faint sounds of clanging followed by a curse, floated through the door. She wrapped the sheet around her and padded out to the kitchen and laughed, as Jon battled with pans and toast.

"What on earth are you doing?"

He didn't turn around, "don't. Just sit down at the table and I'll be right there."
She laughed as he kicked closed the cupboard door with his knee. "Ok, I'm sitting down. I don't suppose there's coffee?" She asked sliding into the chair, tucking her sheet tight between her breasts. He glared at her over her shoulder and pointed to the machine bubbling in the corner.

She snorted and nodded, "Ok then. You don't cook much do you? You look like you're being sentenced to death Jonny."

He flipped the pan and fussed around for a couple of minutes before turning around, complete with a plate and cutlery in hand. He placed it down in front of her, and to her surprise, it looked edible. Good actually.

"I can't cook, but I can cook some mean eggs." He filled her mug and rested that down beside her plate. "Oh, and I can make coffee. See more than a just a pretty face." He smiled and slid into the seat opposite her.

"So I see, sheesh---we might have to keep you on, for the sex and the eggs," she winked as she scooped her fork into the eggs. It tickled down to her toes that he'd down this for her, and it was so un-Jon like.

"What's better? The sex or the eggs?" His lips curved upwards in a grin.

She looked at her fork. "These are pretty good eggs, tough call." She squealed when egg catapulted across the table and bounced off her wrist.

"Don't start something with me Bongiovi. I can play dirty when I want to, “she waved her fork in his direction.

He shrugged, "of course. You're a lawyer so of course you can."

She dropped her fork and blinked. "Right." Besides the fact he was right, lawyers did lie. That was beside the point. She wanted to wipe the self satisfying smirk right off his face. She pulled herself up out of the chair and walked to the fridge. She snagged the ketchup bottle and wondered back past him, flipping open the lid.

"You forgot the ketchup." She squeezed the bottle and laughed as he watched in horror, the gleaming river of red slide down his chest.

He lunged but she was quick on her feet, bunching up the sheet and heading for the bedroom, unable to control her laughter. She felt his arms grab her from behind and screamed when she felt the ketchup smear against her back as they tumbled onto the bed in a fit of giggles.

April 18, 2010

Chapter Fifty-Eight

His girl had got some balls.

In some ways Callie had always been more mature than he had been at times, but now—now she was his hero. He squeezed her tight until the hiccups and sobs eased. He soothed her back and then tipped her chin to meet her gaze.

“Hey there.”

She smiled and he thumbed away the tears on her cheeks, “I feel so much lighter. It’s hard to explain.”

He chuckled, “no it’s not. You let go Callie. You can finally just be you.” He’d been lucky his parents had always allowed that of him right through his teens. The situation with Doc now was about as close as he got identifying with her, but nobody should be bound to their parent’s guilt and preference. That he fully believed.

She snaked her arms up around his neck and pressed her lips against his. “Thank you Jon, for taking me as I am. For making me want who I am.”

His lips curved into a smile. “It’s all you baby. You did this. Not me. I just gave you a gentle nudge.” He brushed back her hair and dropped a kiss on her forehead. “Now, what do you say we get out of this hallway?”

Her brow arched and her hands smoothed down his chest, over the fine hair of his belly and cupped his jeans. “I think we need to celebrate.”

He lifted her from the ass, winding her legs around his waist and arrowed his tongue around her lips, tugging down on the bottom one. “I think that sounds like the best idea.” He carried back into the apartment and kicked the door shut. “How about a bed? That’d be a novel idea too.” He stepped into her bedroom and lowered her onto the bed. He hit the bed on his knees and scooped her up into him with a swift kiss.

She giggled and their teeth clicked as he pushed her back. Her hair spilled out on the sheets as he hovered over her. He pushed open her shirt, “this needs to go.” Jon dipped down and kissed between her breasts, “and so does this…” He flicked open the bra clasp and nosed off the cups of her bra. Her nipple hardened the instant he drew it into his mouth.

She murmured and arched up and fisted the sheets in her hands. She tasted sweet and sinful. Each groan, each whimper shot straight to his cock. He was tired as hell but when he was with her she had an uncanny way of being able to put him at peace and give him exactly what he needed.

He palmed down her belly, over the sweet dip of her thighs as he tugged the skirt down. He peeled off the stockings down the lovely long line of her legs. Her skin was creamy and soft against his lips as he skimmed down over her calves.

He hooked his finger in the band of her lace, “pretty.” He kissed down into the apex of her thighs tasting the very centre of her. She was like a guitar, and deserved to be played with same perfect emotion and precision. His tongue flashed out and down her lips lapping up the sweet juice that was his girl.

Her breath hitched and she choked on a sob as he pushed her deeper, sliding two fingers inside her. He pumped with a gentle ease as she wriggled above him. “Let go Callie.” He kissed the inside of her thigh as her cheeks flushed and she rolled her lip under her teeth. He saw hundreds of pretty girls day to day but none, none compared to her.

She screamed and he held the pressure as she shuddered under his spell. He traced his thumb in lazy circles on her flat belly as she settled under him. He crawled back up and grinned at the dishevelled girl under him. He brushed back hair that was slicked to her cheekbones, “let go more.” He kissed her softly and brought her hands up on either side of her head. The connection between them was something he’d never felt before and he could feel her slowly giving more and more to him each time they were together.

His gaze rested on her lips and then her gorgeous eyes, “I’m so tired Callie.” Every bone in his bone ached down to the marrow from long nights and never-ending weeks on the road.

She lifted her hands and cupped his cheeks, “then you lose yourself in me.”

He traced the outline of his lips with his index finger watching it slide from one side to the other. “I want to,” he flicked his eyes up to hers. “Maybe I’m scared to let go too.”

The marriage had started as a joke, and inch by inch it had turned into something greater. Something that he didn’t understand until this moment, he knew he loved her but what he didn’t understand was that the love for someone was so much more than just loving them. He wanted to lose himself in her, he wanted to become one with her and the very thought of that scared him down to his very soul.

It all his life, he’d never looked for the trust and companionship that was lying right under him now. In his world that was so crazy, she really was his constant and he’d do anything from this moment to make sure she stayed that way.

“I’m not anymore.” She ran her finger lightly down his cheek as the watersoft skin of her breasts pressed against his chest.

He closed his eyes and lost himself in her heat as they kissed, each stroke of his tongue against hers intensified their connection. Could he let go? Everything was already spinning out of control outside this room, and he was so tired and weary.

His lips slid down the curve of her neck and he buried his face into her shoulder knowing the one thing he needed to escape all this, was her.


Callie weaved her fingers up into his hair and dragged him down for a kiss. “Forget what’s outside, forget everything. Except me.” Her skin was charged and she wanted him like she’d never wanted someone before. Boyfriends had come and gone in her life, she’d never really had the tie to someone like she felt with Jon. He could frustrate her down to her toes but at the same make her feel like she was walking on air.

“Ok.” She hooked her lip over his hip and rolled him over till his back hit the bed. She licked and tasted down the arch of her neck, the scent of sweet spice filled her as she shifted down to his chest. Her fingers raked through springy chest hair her fingers found his nipples.

His eyes amused watched her as she licked and sucked down hard on one tight bud. His cock pressed into her inner thigh, heavy and hard as she continued along the journey of Jon. His fingers dusted over her shoulders encouragingly as she angled lower down into the dip of his stomach. She grinned into skin as he groaned appreciatively as she reached down and curled her fingers around his shaft.

Slowly she pumped as she scraped teeth along the defined edge of his v. Her thumb massaged the tip, swiping across the precum. He growled as her nails dug into fleshy skin.

“Fuck Callie.”

She chuckled as she sank down between his legs, gripped and took a long lick down to the base.

“Oh crap.”
Her tongue traced along the thick under vein. “You know the best thing about learning medicine.”

He buckled and slammed his hand down on the bed. “What? You get free condoms? Fuck!”

“Nope,” she teased her teeth along the sensitive skin. “I know where all your sensitive parts are.” She pressed her thumb lightly into his sac and grinned when he grunted.
He lifted his head and narrowed his eyes, “oh you’re evil.”

“Yup.” She took licked him again and took him fully keeping the rhythm off slow and firm. Stroke by stroke she had him arching up off the bed into her until she felt him break and collapse in a heap of limbs back on the bed.

She crawled back up into his chest and placed a kiss at the base of his neck.

“Pleased with yourself huh?” He smirked and ran his hands down her arms and cupped her hips.

“A little.” The sweat on her skin had started to chill. She rested her chin on his chest and looked up. “I love you.”

“Aww, hell. C’mere.” He pulled her down and flipped her back onto the bed and drove himself into her. The fluid movement of his hips slapped their skin together as he pushed deep.

She blinked and he lifted her knee up to his hip taking the angle deeper. The rush of skin and Jon overwhelmed her but she curled herself around him, completely. The first orgasm blasted through them and he kept the rhythm moving. They danced their own dance, tangled inside of each other and rose and fell within each other.

She cried out and he covered her mouth in a kiss that was as blinding as the orgasm that ripped right through her. The taste of sex and sweat mingled in their months as she fluttered back down. Holy fucking Christ.

She opened her eyes to blue ones staring right back through her soul. “Wow.”

He smiled and lightly ran his lips over hers. “You’re mine now.”

He rolled off her and pulled her in so her cheek rested on the side of his chest. The sweat had cooled so she pulled up the sheet around them. “Guess I am.” She snuggled down into his warmth, being someone’s didn’t seem too bad at all. Infact she kind of liked it.

April 11, 2010

Chapter Fifty-Seven

Callie leaned in and paused, their eyes met and neither of them said a word. She knew this was it, and she knew what Jon was asking of her. He’d been so patient over the last couple of weeks and given her the space but at the same time, they’d fallen back to how they used to be, best friends. It hadn’t really dawned on her until now that’s exactly what their relationship was, in the very best way. Who did you tell your deep dark secrets to in the middle of the night when you could tell no one else? And you supported you in anything that you wanted to do, no questions asked.

It was calculated risk giving her heart back over fully to Jon, but in some ways she knew she already had. She cupped his jaw and nodded, “I want you Jon. Against all odds in my life, between finally being able to study medicine, this is only other thing that has felt right.”

He smiled until the corner of his eyes creased. “It is right. I have never depended on anyone in my life Callie, but god if my life doesn’t depend on you right now.”

“In the best ways?” she asked as she pushed his hair back from his face, god those eyes were clouded with exhaustion.

He laughed and pulled her in close, “in the best way.” He covered her mouth with his letting his heat flood into hers. His hands found her buttons and started to pop them open one by one. She lurched herself forward leaving behind any reservations she may have had left. She wanted him that had to be enough. Between both of their careers in the upcoming months it was insane to try and do this, but she couldn’t bear knowing she’d never tried. That was the old Callie.

And so the age of new Callie had truly begun she thought proudly as she tumbled down against the cushions. His hand hiked up her skirt and his fingers teased along the line of her panties as she arched back and let his mouth dive down her neck to the valley of her breasts. She pawed at the ripped tee-shirt he was wearing and tugged it up over his head.

He nosed her shirt open and sucked his way across the lace till he closed his mouth hard around her nipple. She dug her heels into the couch as he sucked and nipped her into a puddle of sex.

“Jonny...”she breathed as he moved to the other breast, “bedroom...” He looked up and grinned, before scooping her up, wrapping her legs around his waist.

“Bedroom...it is.” He punctuated the sentence with a kiss and squeezed her ass. He was two steps across the room with her when the rap of the door stopped them in their tracks.

“Expecting anyone?”

She shook her head, she seldom got visitors at her apartment apart from her family.

“Callie? Are in you in there?”

“Oh God, its Dad.”

“Shhhh, just pretend you’re not home.” The crash of the lamp behind him blew that idea and made him curse. “Shit...”

“Callie—you ok?”

“He’s got a key Jon and he’ll unlock it if I don’t.” He released her back down to the ground.

“Crap—ok I’ll wait in the bedroom.” He left her there standing half naked, scrambling to button up her shirt and straighten her skirt.

“Coming Dad won’t be a second.” She collected her shoes, tossed them to the side before recomposing herself and opening the door.

“Hi—sorry, I was just starting to get ready for bed.”

Pierce Richards stood there rugged up in cashmere and his face stayed like stone. “I just wanted the files from today. How did you go in court honey?”

Callie raised her brow and stood back letting him in, funny how he only ever used endearments when it was something of his approval. “Fine, as expected. It’s all tidied up now. So I’m done.” She reached over the table for the documents and handed them to him.

“Great, I’ve got the next one lined up for you.”

“Dad, you said that was the last---I’ve got end of year exams just around the corner.”

Pierce held his hand up, “I know, I’m sorry. But the doctor still wants me to slow down, my blood pressure is still up and I need to close out these cases Cal, everyone else is so busy.”

She slapped her hands on her side, “I’m busy Dad. These exams are important. I have to get more than eighty-percent to pass.” Jesus Christ she couldn’t get over him sometimes.

“But you said these were easy cases for you.”

“They are but when I’m not already stressed out six ways to Sunday—“she stopped following her father’s gaze to Jon’s bag sitting squarely at the end of the couch. Complete with two battered cowboy boots beside it.

Damn it.

“Whose are those?”

Callie rolled her lip under her teeth, “Jon’s.” Damn it if she was lying to him, she had to start somewhere.

His brow raised, “I see and what precisely is he doing here?”

“Well I was about to have sex with your daughter when you arrived.” Callie closed her eyes and wished for death as he strode out in just his jeans. He reached over and snagged the top she’d ripped off him earlier that was now draped over the armchair.

“Sir.” Jon held his hand out to him once he’d pulled his top back over his head.

Pierce took his hand and shook it. “I didn’t know you were back in town. Congratulations on your success I read in the papers, I’d enjoy that while it lasts.”

“Oh I will, I plan on enjoying it for about twenty years or so actually.” He said as he perched himself on the arm of the couch.

“Likely.” Was all Pierce commented.

“Jon, can you put the kettle on please?” She asked pleadingly. Jon nodded and shifted up off the couch into the kitchen with a tentative eye still on them.

Her father grabbed her arm and hissed. “What are you doing?”

“Living my life Dad. Jon and I have worked out our differences.”

He chuckled, “till the next girl he screws behind your back,” he whispered.

“Dad, I can handle this.”

“Can you really Callie? Your mother won’t at all be pleased.”

“This isn’t about what my mother thinks, it’s about what you think. It always is. From me trying to become a doctor, you’ve always thought everything I have ever done, if it wasn’t in a courtroom was a joke.”

“Well is it any wonder Callie? We spent thousands of dollars on you becoming a lawyer, and you had the makings of a fine lawyer at that. Then you go off into the sunset and marry this cowboy---who manipulated you to stay married to him to benefit his situation. Finally you get some sense and get rid of him and then you go to medical school---and you won’t be a doctor until at least you’re thirty. It’s insanity! And now........” He motioned towards the kitchen, “he’s back for five minutes and you’re all over him.” He dropped his hands to his side. “Where did I go wrong Callie? Where?”

The bubbling in her gut had started since he walked in the door, the way he looked at her when she said she didn’t want any more work, the way he looked at Jon when he walked into the room like he was nothing more than a bum off the street. It was rising up into her throat so she curled her fingers into fists to stop her from bursting.

“Callie are you ok?” Jon asked.

She held her hand up towards the kitchen. “Take your files Dad, just give me the other files now. I won’t guarantee when I’ll get them done though.”

Pierce reached into his brief. “The court dates due for the 15th so they’ll have to be done then.” He handed her the files and then she opened the door.

“I guess I’ll have that tea another time then.” He wrapped up his coat and strode out the door, stopping to turn looking over her shoulder at Jon and then to her. “I’m disappointed Callie,” and then he closed the door behind him. Callie leaned forward pressed her forehead into the door, she swallowed the angry tears that threatened to burst.

She felt firm hands grip shoulders from behind and a kiss on the top of her head. “Are you ok?” She could have crumbled, right then and there into him and he would have held her. She knew that, but it was a different sensation she felt tingling down her spine. She looked up at the plain door and wrenched it open, files still firmly in her hand.

“Dad!” She called out to the empty stair case. She walked out into the dimly lit landing and stood at the top of the stairs. “Dad!”

“What? Jesus Callie.” Her father appeared at the bottom of the stairs and slowly climbed back up one by one. “What’s wrong?”

“Here.” She handed them out to him and he looked blankly before he took them off her.

“What’s this?”

“You know what Dad? It wasn’t where you went wrong, it was where I went wrong.”

The shock sheeted on his face, “I’m not sure I understand.”

“You have manipulated me for years, ever since you bullied me into being a lawyer just because everyone else was. I was different Dad, I didn’t want to do this but you made it impossible for me not to.”

“Now Callie, that’s not true—“

“Yes it is. I remember the day I told you I didn’t want to be a lawyer and I wanted to study medicine. You nodded, and never said a word. Then all that summer I watched as you ignored me, made me feel excluded in my own family. Chelsea, Michaela and Daryl were your golden children.”

“Now come on, you’re really talking about something that happened years ago? I would have never made you feel like that. You’re my daughter Callie.”

She held her hand up, “no you did. So I went along with it. I went and wasted years of my life, doing something I was good at but I had no heart for it.” She pointed back into her apartment. “Then I met that man, yes it was ridiculous what we happened and I should have never married him like that. It was a huge mistake but my god it was the best thing I have ever done, you know why?”

“Callie, you’re getting all emotional. You need to just calm down and you should not be speaking to me like this. Where is your respect?”

She shook her head and laughed, “No—you’re not making me feel guilty. He was the best thing that happened to me. Watching him do what he loves inspired me, reignited my passion and made me believe in me. When was the last time you believed in me Dad? Or made me believe in myself?”

“Callie, I don’t know what the hell bullshit he’s spinning to you but in my family we don’t talk to our elders like this.”

“You’re not even listening to me!”

“Oh I’m listening, you’re just lucky enough you don’t live under my roof anymore.”

“That makes two of us. I’m done. I can’t do this anymore Dad. I can’t keep working for your approval and your love like this. My medical career is what matters, he—is what matters because he loves me for what I am and what I want to do.” Her hands were shaking so she wiped her cheeks unaware even she had been crying. “I’m going to make a damn good doctor and if you don’t support that, then that’s fine but stop punishing me for it and just be my father.”

He stood there, and Callie knew the look well. It didn’t happen very often, but Pierce Richards had lost this court case. “Very well then.” He turned and walked down the stairs, and didn’t look back. She felt the smile spread on her face, god she wanted to fall apart and cry but she’d done it. She turned around and there standing in her doorway was Jon smiling, his face and his eyes glistened with unshed tears.

She shrugged and smiled, “I did it.”

He took a step towards her, “I’m so proud of you.” He swept her up in a hug and the rush of emotion spilled over as she held on tight pressing her cheek against his shoulder. The tears came and she let them take over, letting her guilt wash away with them.

“I freaking did it.” She murmured holding on tighter as she laughed into his shoulder.

April 5, 2010

Chapter Fifty-Six

Jon slid his sunglasses up his nose, and pushed them into his face to block out as much daylight as possible. His corneas were burning and his throat felt like someone had scraped sandpaper down it. Thank god that they had a break coming up, even if it was only two weeks and they had a court case in-between. Anything, which meant he was not on a stage night after night, was a blessing at this point.

It had been two weeks since Callie had left and Jon couldn’t remember the last time he’d spoken to someone on the phone nearly every day since his crushes in high school. He didn’t realize how much he’d missed hearing her voice until it had gone. And how much more grounded he felt in the midst of this fucking whirlwind of a tour by just talking to her, his constant.

Now more than ever, Jon had finally realized this and wasn’t prepared to accept anything less from her. She was so good for him, and he was good for her and he would spend the time that he had with her proving it. The bus-ride back to Jersey was uneventful, bland snowflakes began to fall on the shore and the chill picked up. He should have been going back to his parents place, or hell renting an apartment.

Callie hadn’t offered, and he didn’t want to just assume he was just welcome back there in case he pushed her too far, too soon.

Part of him hoped she would, being away from the band would be a godsend right now, he was sick of every asshole, even Richie was starting to get on his nerves. Doc stood at the front of the bus and drummed the top of the seat, “Jonny—am I dropping you at home?”

Jon rubbed his chin, “I’ll drop in and see Callie.”

“Sure thing Jonny, you only spoke to her less than twelve hours ago.”

Jon slapped the top of the seat as he moved into the isle, “hey—she’s saving your ass now. You lost the right to have a say in that relationship when you decided to deal in drugs.”

Doc stood silent, and Richie came up behind Jon, patted his shoulder and chuckled. “Say hi to her for me.” Jon reached up and grabbed his hand momentarily, “I will bro. Try and have a break from the booze and drugs Rich.” It was no secret that all of them had been over indulgent in the benefits that were coming with their success. He kept away from the drug shit, he hated the stuff after some fucked up shit when he was younger. He was pretty sure lager and wine seeped through his pores these days and not sweat.

“You know me, I’m all good Jonny,” Richie laughed it off like he always did. He didn’t want to deal with any of it right now, he needed a little space and a little perspective, and he was ever loving thankful Callie was around to give it to him.

Jon made his way to her apartment, god it’d been such a long time since he’d stood at the steps of the small apartment building. Their relationship had hardly got a chance to even start. He rapped his knuckles against her door but there was no answer, it was just after five so she probably was still studying. He dumped his bags down in the hallway and sat on the stairs looking down into the foyer. She was on the first floor of the four levelled apartment building, he rubbed his eyes and leaned in against the battered wooden banister, the edges of the carpet were frayed and the wallpaper was peeling. So it wasn’t the Ritz, but it felt like home more than anywhere else right now.

He wasn’t even aware until the jingle of the door downstairs, that he’d closed his eyes. A pair of killer heels with a pair of creamy shaped legs melted into view as they climbed the stairs. His cock jumped as blue eyes met his and she spoke.

“Why hello there.” A coy smile played on her lips as she took the next couple of steps. She looked amazing, like something out of lawyer of the week. Her suit was navy blue, with a white shiny looking shirt underneath, it was snug and shaped her body perfectly. Her hair was rolled up off her face all neat and nice. He flexed his fingers, already itching to mess her up.

“Hello there yourself –legs,” he stood to meet her and held out his hand for her case.

“Thank you sir.” She hovered in front of him on the step below his, he could smell her hair, god it smelled like clean girls. “What do I owe this fine pleasure?” She glanced at his bag and then back at him.

“I just got back, I thought I’d drop in before going home....” he tucked the one loose wisp of hair back from her face. “Or....”

She chuckled, “we’ll see about that or—why don’t you come in, you look like crap Jon.”

He snorted. “Gee and here I was about to tell you, you look amazing and you go and say that?” He picked up his bag and stepped up to the landing by her doorway.

She fished her keys from her pocket and unlocked the door, pushing it open. “You do though, and you smell like a brewery or a distillery, I haven’t decided which one yet.”

Jon gestured for her to walk in and followed her, mesmerized by the sway of her hips from behind. God love women. His woman. He dropped his bag and her case, “that’s too bad as I was going to do this.” He hooked his arm around her waist and dragged her in, the sweet intoxication of her perfume was enough to make him snap in two. He cupped her jaw and pressed his lips against hers, letting her sweet taste flow into his mouth.

She moaned and he lifted her up, holding her close to him. He broke the kiss and smiled, “Good to see you. You have no idea.”

She laughed and pushed back his hair and stroked his forehead. “I think I do. Go and
have a shower and I’ll get some dinner organized.”

“I’m that bad huh?” He dropped her down on her feet and let her go, “I have some money for takeout---my shout?” He went for his bag but she stopped him.

“Nope, I’ll cook. You look like could use some real food.” She kicked off her heels and padded towards her little kitchen. “You know where everything is.”

He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “Thank you.”

“I haven’t said yes to you staying yet.”

“I know, this is for the shower and dinner. I’ll charm you for that.” He left her and glanced back over his shoulder before he left the room. Never in twenty years would he think coming home to a woman cooking him dinner was something to be treasured. Maybe he was just tired, sick of the road but this simple pleasure relieved his heavy heart. He showered for a good twenty minutes letting the spray pound out all the stresses of the last couple of weeks. He washed his hair, his father would have had a fit if he saw how ratty he’d let it become. He dried off and pulled on a fresh pair of jeans. He tidied himself up and padded back into the lounge tugging a sweater over his head. The smell of sweet potato and gravy made his belly rumble as he watched her work effortlessly at the stove.

He slipped into the chair at the table and rubbed his eyes, the table was piled with dusty worn medical journals and law papers. “How much law work are you still doing?”

“Oh, you’re back. Good shower?” She glanced over her shoulder and smiled.

“Yea—the best. Do you want me to move all this? Or are we going to eat in the couch?”

“We can eat on the couch, saves moving it all---I have it all in order, it just may
not look like it.”

He chuckled, “no kidding.” She still had avoided the law question, he could see from the papers she was still doing something to do with law, and he bet it was her father was grasping to the last straw of control he had over her as long as he could. He was still proud of her though, she’d come so far in such a short time. Maybe being away from him had helped that, like she had said earlier.

“Alright, what do you want to drink?”

His nose screwed up, “honestly anything non alcoholic—for now.”

She laughed and reached for the cola. “We can have a glass of wine later.”

She served up the most amazing chicken and vegetable dinner, and they both sat on the couch in a comfortable silence. Jon didn’t realize till he ate it, how much he’d missed real food. Good fucking god. She took his plate and he leaned back patting his stomach.

“That was amazing Callie—I had no idea you could cook like that.” His pants felt two sizes too small and his belly was full and content.

“I haven’t cooked properly for anyone in a long time. Dessert?” She asked pulling out a couple of bowls.

He sat up, “trying to make me fat woman?“

She snorted, “You’re way too skinny as it is. It’s fruit salad and ice-cream, nothing spectacular.”

“I won’t say not to that, but first come here.” He patted the side of the couch and waited for her to join him. Now just in her silky shirt and skirt, and pantyhose feet. He reached behind her head and pulled out the clips, letting her hair tumble around her shoulders. She was so beautiful, he just hadn’t seen it before the way he’d seen it before.

His hand slid up her neck and cupped her head, her hair falling around his hands. Her hands slid up his chest and to his shoulders as she leaned in with him. The kiss was long, slow and seductive. He ended the kiss and slid his cheek against hers. “I want you to be mine Callie.” Patience warred with need. He needed to know she wanted him in her life for good as he couldn’t stand any other option. This woman cared about him, the man and his life. She was extraordinary.

She parted her lips to speak, his eyes searching hers for any hint of acceptance. His hand smoothed down her shirt, cupped her breast and she moaned into his mouth.

“Mine.” He reaffirmed as she let his tongue in tasting every corner of her mouth, his thumb grazing over her nipple.

He held her close, barely millimetres apart from him waiting for the words he so wanted to hear, the words he hoped once and for all she would say to him.